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2003, Translation

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  1. Jan. 26th, 2003 - "Monterey"
    [RATING: 21 | VOTES: 48]

    "Let me tell you about Monterey, California. You'll hear people talk about how great, how beautiful, how expensive it is. I think it's almost a rite of passage for the rich to say they've attended some conference there, based on what you hear about the place."

  2. Feb. 2nd, 2003 - "Groundhog's Day"
    [RATING: 12 | VOTES: 20]

    About my birthday and how it commingles with the history behind Groundhog's Day.

  3. Feb. 16th, 2003 - "Beauty: An Episode"
    [RATING: 11 | VOTES: 41]

    "While the boy probably distractedly and goofily prattled something to her father about "Chinese imperialist monkeys and the capitalist Coke bottles that ensnare them", he heard her eyes seducing him with a soft susurrus, "I love you, I respect you, and I KNOW you.""

  4. May. 11th, 2003 - "The Atkins Diet"
    [RATING: 24 | VOTES: 40]

    "The fruits of our labors are already paying off. Just yesterday, I had my door open and I heard two people talking down the hall. "Why does it smell like bacon in here all the time?" "I don't know, but it smelled like salmon this morning!""

  5. Jul. 6th, 2003 - "Surf: Dropping In"
    [RATING: 29 | VOTES: 23]

    "When I talk about surfing, people always express their desire to pick it up too. But they never end up going. You can't resist the feeling of having a huge wave catch your board and hurtle you down and out, gliding you across the water before you slide up to your feet. It's an addictive sport. A sport full of dickheads, to be sure, but still a great sport. And one that changes your perspective on life. =P"

  6. Jul. 13th, 2003 - "The Hans Wehr Dictionary Arabic Fortune-Telling Game"
    [RATING: 45 | VOTES: 115]

    "But one day while sitting in class waiting for our tests to be graded, I came upon a foolproof method for authentic Arabic fortune-telling."

  7. Sep. 21st, 2003 - "Mini Bull Market"
    [RATING: 17 | VOTES: 18]

    "My position is still bearish. I think we just had a relief rally. I have no confidence in the real estate market. It's ridiculous. Car prices are up, gas prices are up, productivity is up, debt is up. Someone care to explain to me how all this shit is being paid for? Oh, right, on credit. That's gonna work out REAL well."

  8. Nov. 23rd, 2003 - "Next Wave of Tech Stocks"
    [RATING: 13 | VOTES: 21]

    "What I tend to look for for new stocks is low-level consumer growth. The number of decent competitors is a factor too. I don't like companies with low growth, like many of the Dow components. But if I see a product selling like hotcakes among sysadmins or at electronics stores, or if that company is one of the few companies competing in a brand new arena, like, for example, cellular markets in Africa, then I'm going to be interested. I believe very much in Warren Buffett's and other long-term investors' maxim that you have to just get a feel for what people want by watching their consumer trends and staying in touch with the community. That is, invest in what you use. That's how you pick winners, especially if you're very open-minded and share similar concerns and desires for product satisfaction with other consumers."  click here to start at the beginning
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