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"She Walks Towards Me"

She glides towards me.

Her accent is as beau'iful an' geníle as the Bri'ish moors,
Indulging my ears with a voice as lovely as a robin's.
Is it any wonder why Adam did what he did, eating the Apple to the core?

She floats towards me like a goddess.

She carries all the sensual and
Sophisticated power that Adam first loved.
Her walk is purposeful yet graceful,
Her hair wavy and seductively dark by the gods' wills above.

She rushes towards me on a cushion of air!

Her face radiates with the glow of happiness as she sees her lover again.
Nothing is sweeter than all the exquisite joy and unadulturated innocence
Beaming from her sweet, entrancing smile as she nears her man.

And then...she strides right past me and wraps herself in the warm arms of her lover behind me.

-Ben Turner, September 1996

"I'll spend all my summer in Greece with my family whom i've missed a lot. I'll be in Athens almost all the time. My fiance might come some time in june; if he does i'll probably take a trip with him around Greece. He's never been to a greek island and he has to see how beautiful evrything there is, the landscape, the Mediterranean Sea, the houses, the people, everything."

-hot Greek chick, April 2000

"Good to hear from you again! i am actually at my parents in Houston for the weekend, I had to take my boyfriend from Australia who has been staying with me for the past five months to the aeroport. He flew to London yesterday afternoon. Very sad to see him go...but c'est la vie, non?"

-hot Aussie chick, April 2001


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