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"Muzak for America"

Everywhere I go, or anything I listen to or watch, I have to put up with some cheesy advertisement for God blessing America or how strong America is and how proud we should all be for America.

I don't have a problem with this per se, but if it's supposed to be propaganda, or rallying cries by those who have money to spend, it's a poor effort. I mean, does it really make you prouder to be American? Does it convince you to support America more?

Here's what's wrong. First of all, the music is all cheesy. I know the people who approve commercials and whatnot are desk fools who want to live in a world of calm, where every day is filled with the backdrop of elevator muzak, or that muzak you hear when you're put on hold with customer support, or the muzak you hear at sporting events, but it's just so bad it's unbearable. Do we really need to hear a synth keyboard version of a Michael Bolton song?

Give us some GOOD music. There was just some big charity event in NYC with all sorts of musicians and actors and stuff and it was pretty good, even though most of the music seemed to be for older people. I didn't watch it. But at least The Who and Mick Jagger and whatnot know what good music is.

Too bad most of the crap we have to watch is video footage that looks like stock footage of families hugging each other and children chasing puppies with some cheap stock library music dubbed into the tape.

Second of all, why do they show "regular" Americans in the park and playing with their kids and having picnics and stuff? Is this something only Americans do? Does this sum up what it means to be an American? Is Osama bin Laden out to destroy Sunday picnics in grassy fields? Does he want to end the tyrannical rule of plastic sporks and flimsy napkins with Snoopy patterns on them?

No. Such images are images that any reasonable society gets to enjoy, regardless of whether they're pure democracies or not. Do people in other countries not love their family, or want to go do fun things on weekends, or cherish safety for their children? How about showing things that made America great? Things like the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the abolition of slavery, the ERA, the freeing of Paris, humanitarian aid, and so on?

I know religious organizations and political organizations and companies all with too much money to spare are behind these propaganda commercials, but if you're going to fork over so much cash, why not make your message logically clear? I watch these ads and just want to gag, because it comes off as sappy American crap that other countries point at to prove Americans just don't get it when it comes to world politics. If I see Rudy doing his job, I'm filled with pride. If I see the firefighters saluting their own, I feel proud. But hoakey shit like the stuff filling every communications medium known to man right now does nothing for me.

Watch those 1940's black and white military films. Or the Desert Storm footage. Now that stuff was created by people with brains.

And those people knew how to motivate our hearts.

Let's show some self-respect, America. Let's be fair, stern, and firm. Please. :P


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