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"Triumph of the Dragon!@#"

[written October 12, 2001]

Guess what I found? :P

A comic I drew as a kid. Yes, that's right. I'm actually going to post this embarrassment. The funny thing is it's exactly the type of shit I find hilarious now. Well, okay, really the funny thing is that at the time I drew them, when I was like in 4th grade or something, I meant them to be completely serious. Well, overall.

I always wanted to draw a badass ninja, but I always sucked at drawing so it ended up being this hodgepodge of shit I saw on TV or in comics or whatever. I think it ended up being loosely based on that ninja from GI Joe.

I think I took Dr. Eggs Benedict and Noodles Stroganoff from some library book I checked out way back when, but I'm not sure.

Some of the inner monologue is so damn stupid it's hilarious.

Anyway, here we go. :P



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