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2001, Inflection

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  1. Jan. 7th, 2001 - "New Millennium and Xmas Excitement"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 12]

    It's the new millennium, so here are my resolutions, plus some crazy shit that happened around the holiday season.

  2. Jan. 14th, 2001 - "Best Albums of 2000 Recap"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 12]

    I have a problem with the best album lists that magazines put out at the end of every year. Here's why.

  3. Jan. 21st, 2001 - "Paris 2000"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 11]

    Details of my trip to Paris.

  4. Jan. 28th, 2001 - "Alan Greenspan Drinking Game"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 10]

    Why not combine a dynamic pop diva like Fed chief Alan Greenspan with the popular fad of drinking contests? Take a swig while you follow Greenie's riotous antics in front of the Senate House Committee!

  5. Feb. 4th, 2001 - "23rd Birthday"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 13]

    For my birthday I did two things I'd never done before: bungee jumping (and other air activities) and firing a gun. Thanks to Slavek and Cara for taking me!

  6. Feb. 11th, 2001 - "Italy 2000"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 11]

    Details of my trip to Italy.

  7. Feb. 18th, 2001 - ""<ScuZzy160> ska is what happens when something goes terribly wrong with your mix""
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 11]

    I want to get into skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding, but I guess I'll start off with skateboarding.

  8. Feb. 25th, 2001 - "Company X Proudly Announces Record Levels of Lies and Deceit in 01Y"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 12]

    Tech companies routinely predicted outrageous 300% growth in the next few years guaranteed, then all the sudden they didn't see business slow down to a halt and all the way down, they pumped their stock up, only to later disappoint further. It's 3AM, do you know where your money is?

  9. Mar. 4th, 2001 - "Media Hating"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 16]

    A list of things that bother me endlessly about the media, plus justifications for muh hate.

  10. Mar. 11th, 2001 - "Hawai'i 2001"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 11]

    Details of my trip to Hawai'i.

  11. Mar. 18th, 2001 - "On Being Nondescript"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 12]

    When I was younger I used to think I was special, as most kids do. Reality sets in eventually.

  12. Mar. 25th, 2001 - "Quick Thoughts on Customer Service and the Economy"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 13]

    Somehow I think the sharp decline in the quality of customer service will impact the broader economy. Come on now, you know you want to spray paint "Fuck You" on the corporate sign outside AT&T HQ.

  13. Apr. 1st, 2001 - "Corpus and Other Shit"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 12]

    Me and a bunch of friends went to Corpus Christi for the weekend, plus some other stuff. Bodyboarding fun!

  14. Apr. 8th, 2001 - "Survivor Application"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 10]

    Yes, I did it. I applied to get on Survivor. Will I get on? I highly doubt it, but the effort was a blast.

  15. Apr. 15th, 2001 - "Online Atrophy"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 12]

    Everything is disappearing online! All the companies are folding, people are getting disinterested. You have to be creative to find information online sometimes these days.

  16. Apr. 22nd, 2001 - "Force and Intimidation"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 12]

    I need to learn to use what I was given naturally more to my advantage. Who's going to stop me

  17. Apr. 29th, 2001 - "Post-Matrix"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 14]

    Swordfish was like a movie that I'd try to write: grand plans but fizzling product.

  18. May. 6th, 2001 - "Privacy: Get Over It"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 14]

    Scott McNealy once told people to get over it, with regards to privacy. The theme now? Our privacy has already been lost. Now, what do we do once we realize this?

  19. May. 13th, 2001 - "Authenticity"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 14]

    Authenticity is crucial in the coming age. You can't conduct commerce or communication if you can't verify peoples' identities. But doesn't this go against the anonymous nature of the Internet?

  20. May. 20th, 2001 - "Mihi Insolentia"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 14]

    When a stranger insults you, it doesn't mean much. When a friend does, IT does.

  21. May. 27th, 2001 - "Inoffensive Pop Music"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 16]

    Music is saturated with pop, with no edge and all fluff. It wouldn't be so bad if there were more variety...

  22. Jun. 3rd, 2001 - "Leading Indicators"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 14]

    Looking for those small emergent patterns in what is otherwise chaos leads to beating people to the punch.

  23. Jun. 10th, 2001 - "Estella"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 9]

    The girl I've loved is my Estella.

  24. Jun. 17th, 2001 - "Tales from Tejjjas"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 12]

    In the wake of the terrorist attack, talking to people around Dallas and Fort Worth has gotten some interesting, and scary, responses.

  25. Jun. 24th, 2001 - "No Bell Rings at the Bottom"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 13]

    Stock market psychology has people thinking things can only get better from here. The truth is, in terms of the whole market, it didn't start getting really bad until just lately. Things could easily get much much worse.

  26. Jul. 1st, 2001 - "Irresponsibility"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 13]

    From a failed patriotic stock market rally after 9/11 to punkass bitch basketball players, irresponsibility is a sign of the times.

  27. Jul. 8th, 2001 - "Soapbox #300!"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 14]

    300 Soapboxes. Whew! Since the last 100, I've lost everything I had from before, but I'm still doing okay. A list of things that are better now and worse now.

  28. Jul. 15th, 2001 - "Asshole Sending Hate Mail"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 11]

    I'm an "asshole" who sent "hate mail" to someone who posted her views ONLINE. Sound ridiculous? Yeah, I know.

  29. Jul. 22nd, 2001 - "Last Mile"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 12]

    A major problem in broadband is getting bandwidth to all the individual homes and neighborhoods that vary greatly in distance and accessibility to the bandwidth providers. How can we get around this?

  30. Jul. 29th, 2001 - "Hella Angstful Blogger!!!"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 13]

    Blogs suck. They just suck. A total waste of space. See if you can tell the real blog entries from the ones I made up! I bet you can't!

  31. Aug. 5th, 2001 - "Packing Up and Moving"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 14]

    After a long time, I'm leaving Digiweb. On to greener pastures that offer better services and less hassle. PHP, mySQL, subdomains, yay!

  32. Aug. 12th, 2001 - "I'd Like to Thank..."
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 16]

    Well, I've figured out what I'm going to say should I ever give a prominent acceptance speech... And I remember every last fucking one of you.

  33. Aug. 19th, 2001 - "Defeating Fanatics"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 12]

    So the media is trying to convince us that we're fighting an impossible war, I guess. Here's some constructive thoughts on what you can do against religious fanatics bent on destruction.

  34. Aug. 26th, 2001 - "Destiny, Males, and Heroes"
    [RATING: 8 | VOTES: 11]

    Men have lost their traditional role in society. My generation grew up only reading about heroes, having none of our own to look up to, really.

  35. Sep. 2nd, 2001 - "Visiting the NYSE"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 13]

    Got my chance to take the tour of the New York Stock Exchange. I loved it, seeing people doing what I like to do, and it reaffirmed my love for this bizness.

  36. Sep. 9th, 2001 - "Counter-Terrorism"
    [RATING: 8 | VOTES: 18]

    Thoughts about the terrorist attack on the WTC and Pentagon. For instance, about how the military still approaches terrorism with 20th century tactics, while terrorists are well on their way to using 21st century techniques.

  37. Sep. 16th, 2001 - "A Sleeping Giant"
    [RATING: 7 | VOTES: 14]

    Admiral Yamamoto once called the US a sleeping giant. He was right. In the wake of the latest terrorist attack, could we once again awaken to rebuild ourselves for a new era?

  38. Sep. 23rd, 2001 - "Triumph of the Dragon!@#"
    [RATING: 2 | VOTES: 15]

    I managed to unearth a short series of comics I drew as a young kid. Now I've scanned them and put them online. It's so ridiculously bad.

  39. Sep. 30th, 2001 - "Muzak for America"
    [RATING: 4 | VOTES: 14]

    Would they stop with the cheesy music set to cheesy "American" family scenes? It's making me nauseous!

  40. Oct. 7th, 2001 - "The Pentagon Requests Ideas"
    [RATING: 6 | VOTES: 11]

    Some military tactic ideas for the Pentagon's request for BAAISEOAILKAHFALKH submissions.

  41. Oct. 14th, 2001 - "Thinking About the Army"
    [RATING: 14 | VOTES: 19]

    I've been giving some thought to joining the army, for a host of reasons like how basic training would be a blast and how I feel the need to be in an environment with lots of other people and to be dutiful and responsible.

  42. Oct. 21st, 2001 - "Estonian Gangsta Slammin'"
    [RATING: 9 | VOTES: 28] is proud to present its newest recording artist, Macky Mac, the phattest most lowdown Estonian hiphop G bling bling you ain't nevah seen before.

  43. Oct. 28th, 2001 - "Sports Blackouts"
    [RATING: 38 | VOTES: 28]

    It infuriates me that the TV networks hoard their NBA broadcasts from people who weren't even going to watch/see the game anyway because they live too far away!

  44. Nov. 4th, 2001 - "You Could Win!"
    [RATING: 9 | VOTES: 15]

    Know anyone who's EVER won one of those big company promotional contests? Me neither, hmmmm...

  45. Nov. 11th, 2001 - "She Walks Towards Me"
    [RATING: 5 | VOTES: 17]

    A short poem I wrote a long time ago, and a couple e-mails from girls sent later that made it feel so much more relevant.

  46. Nov. 18th, 2001 - "Big (Tech) Business at Work"
    [RATING: 6 | VOTES: 14]

    A perspective from a lowly consumer on why TV, movies, phone service, and all that other big business tech shit blows so hard.

  47. Nov. 25th, 2001 - "ERISED"
    [RATING: 13 | VOTES: 16]

    Many people these days are made up of bullshit images they have created to make themselves look better. The rare moments when you see what's under those images are when you see the true human character. But don't you need to deceive others, as well as yourself, in today's world?

  48. Dec. 2nd, 2001 - "Remembering Nina"
    [RATING: 21 | VOTES: 22]

    Saying goodbye to a woman who served as my mentor for many years, teaching me how to be productive and showing me the Internet back when it was still uncool.

  49. Dec. 9th, 2001 - "Everything's Okay!"
    [RATING: 12 | VOTES: 16]

    Don't believe those reports that say the American economy, will, and livelihood are weak. There is overwhelming evidence contrary to such lies!

  50. Dec. 16th, 2001 - "Accountability"
    [RATING: 11 | VOTES: 15]

    Let's see some apologies from all the people who said the US couldn't do what it did in four months. Let's see people admitting that the reason they see the government as being fucked up is because they're fucked up themselves...since the American people ARE our government. Hah, fat chance...

  51. Dec. 23rd, 2001 - "Artists and Patrons"
    [RATING: 17 | VOTES: 17]

    I have yearnings for the days of old where artists had patrons who supported them so the artists only had to think about creating great art, and not putting food in their bellies first and foremost.

  52. Dec. 30th, 2001 - "Inflection to Militarization"
    [RATING: 6 | VOTES: 12]

    As the year's digits tick by, it's time once again to analyze how the past year transforms into the new year, and what is in store. 2002 seems to be the year for military training.  click here to start at the beginning
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