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"Thoughts on Cysts"

[written Feb. 12, 2001]

Remember when I wrote about my infamous one-car accident? Well, it was funny because as a result of my head injury from my cabeza slamming against the steering wheel, I got to get my first MRI, which was later repeated after the first scan came back unclear. The second time they located a cyst which I didn't know I had. The cyst was from my very early years.

The doctor suspected perhaps the cyst caused me to have a seizure or something, causing me to wreck into the pole. Well, I don't think I had a seizure since I've never had one before and haven't had one since, yet I can't explain why the whole thing happened. I don't know if I should even speculate on why; I'm bound to make an incorrect presumption. But perhaps that's the point of it happening. Or the benefit of it happening. Whatever.

Anyway, so, among other stories, my near-death experience as a baby is one of my parents' favorites for telling me as though they'd never revealed it to me before. Just kidding... But it goes something like this.

Apparently I suffered from some sort of fever and I was so hot that I passed out or something. One of my parents' friends noticed (where were my parents you ask? good question! maybe I can sue? naww...I wouldn't do that) and they picked me up and put me outside in the snow to cool me down. Apparently, somehow I recovered from the incident, but during the chaos part of my brain must've died and turned into (we now know) the benign cyst that I have in my head. I have no doubt that this missing tissue is the tissue that would've made me a fluent speaker in 20 languages as well as a renowned breakthrough scientist in nanotechnology, thus advancing the world 50 years overnight. C'est la vie.

I must have had it in early for my parents, subjecting them to such a scare early on my life. From what they say though (to me anyway) it doesn't sound like the early warning didn't lead to much worse treatment. About the same, perhaps. :)

We've long lived in the same house, since 1986 in fact. We were the second house in our neighborhood. Now the whole area is full of houses and apartments, and at the nearest major intersection is where the big Cisco campus is being built, right at the epicenter of the Richardson Telecom Corridor. Near us we've got all sorts of tech firms, including Micromuse and Accelerated Networks, two companies I only know because I've probably traded their stocks. Pretty wild. Nortel, MCI, and Ericsson have major presences in this area, right up the street. What this place could look like in five years is just boggling.

But what I find funny is that I sort of broke ground on the Cisco campus. For the longest time, it was just empty land with a wavy road running through it. This was where I had my solo car accident. I put a big dent in a lightpole and totalled my car. And that was the only thing to happen on that land for years. And now there's going to be a huge crop of Cisco buildings there, feeding the lust for bandwidth all over the world. I claimed the land first! They'll build over what my parents call the Ben Turner Memorial Lightpole. Fuckin' corporate suits stealing my childhood memories, man.

Now that I think about it, I also used that handy little shortcut road as a teen, when we'd ride our bikes up to the 7-11 and buy baseball cards with what little money we'd managed to forage for ourselves, in search of special Jose Canseco or Barry Larkin cards. Now that road is gone, and what replaces it is a company, Cisco, whose presence allows me to do what I do online every day and was almost entirely California-based in the past, but now whose stock is dragging down other stocks, like Redback, Sycamore, and Applied Micro Circuits, which has made them nice shorts lately.

Do all things come back to each other eventually or what? It's uncanny.

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