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"Confessions of an Online Writer"

While a delay in the posting of new Soapboxes has become somewhat of a regular event at benturner.com (although nowhere near as bad as other sites), I AM aware that I have been particularly tardy as of late.

I imagine for anyone who would have been voyeuristic and tasteless enough to read this site with any sort of dedication or regularity, they would notice the marked slowdown in activity on the site, and wonder about the reasons for it.

Well, it's quite simple. I write online about myself and about my feelings. In the end, if they were interesting enough to examine, one would be able to decipher a chain of events that led to the next stage of me. It would all make sense in a twisted chronological developmental fashion. And I have always maintained that most online writers write about the least important aspects about themselves, aspects that no one else could relate to, but only look in at as a casual observer, thus not getting any sense of connection to the writer. I think it's important to describe one's innermost feelings and thoughts.

But let's be realistic. What sacrifice does it take to completely open oneself up online? What you might consider too much information, I consider a necessity for getting to know me personally. I do not fear letting you in on certain parts of my life, because they really aren't all that important to keep hidden anyway.

But I won't kid myself. The reason I have had fewer things to write about is not because I do not think about things as much as I used to, but because the things I want to talk about, I'm not comfortable writing them down and publishing them. I'm sure even the women who thrust their pubes into webcams on a daily basis have things they would never post on their site, and that's the problem I'm having. Not thrusting my pubes into a webcam, I mean (who would want to see that!), but having things that are so personal that I won't share them online.

So that's what's up. Might as well be honest about it, it's not like I can conceal my writing patterns.

And just as a reminder, it is true with all people that no matter how honest they come across, how forthcoming they are, there is always something they're hiding, and what you see is only the representation they want you to see, unless of course you have the talent to be able to see peoples' true purposes. :) I say this only because I have seen a lot of online writers come and go and rarely do I see the person they portray themselves to be, and that's probably why I would hate to ever have to meet them in person.

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