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"A Call for Sports Fans to Lighten Up"

It's just gone too far. We cannot have our sports heroes and icons being criticized and ridiculed for their opinions and actions. Over the past few months, players from various sports have come under fire from vicious, vindictive sports fans and critics. Why must they be so nasty? What we have here are hard-working adult sports figures who can't even do their job without snide remarks or suspensions. I say we must stop this senseless and destructive wave of terror.

Take for example Ricky Williams, a veritable demigod running back from the University of Texas. He broke all sorts of school and collegiate records for rushing and then decided to quit school to be drafted by the New Orleans Saints under Mike Ditka, a scumbag and loser of a coach. He quit at the height of his collegiate career! I don't think I would be able to do that, being so popular and successful at the college level and then quitting to go to the pro's.

Then he played horribly and got injured in his rookie season. Fans made fun of him, critics chided him. His offensive line didn't apologize to him when they let a defender get by and sack him in the backfield. At UT Austin, his offensive line would ALWAYS apologize afterwards. What schmucks the pro's can be. They're not much of a team, are they?

Then Ricky Williams decided to go back to college to finish up his last year. He said he would go back to studying since he couldn't train due to his injury anyway. He verbally attacked the fans and people in New Orleans for never giving him a chance to show his talents. They were too quick to judge him. It was tough going to the pro's. No one cared about him. But as soon as he got back to UT, everyone was supportive and nice to him again. He's now happy to just go to classes and not have anything to do in the afternoon like work out or train. Remember in the pre-season when he was overweight and didn't work out? Hey man, it's TOUGH to be in his position.

Some people say that he went back home to UT Austin because no one gives a shit about him outside of Austin. I say they're just jealous of his abilities. The abilities he didn't show in his rookie season because it was tough for him.

And what about John Rocker? Now THIS guy has been crucified. And for what? Saying that New York is a terrible place to raise a kid because of all the non-English speaking immigrants who are rotting NYC from the inside? Because he can walk a whole block without hearing English because none of those people are willing to learn it? I see nothing harmful about these comments.

So Rocker, who had to defend himself at Yankees games by spitting and verbally shouting at the fans, got suspended for a bit and then tried to go back to his Atlanta Braves. His teammates wouldn't acknowledge him and he almost cried because they wouldn't give him a chance. The poor guy was targeted by the MLBA and its hidden agenda against white Southerners. Obviously. Can't a good ol' white boy find a place in a country infested with foreigner parasites unlike himself?

Juan Gonzalez was forced to lash out at his former team, the Texas Rangers. He was traded to the Tigers after the Rangers refused to pay him top dollar to hit a baseball out of the park. Never mind the fact that he's one of the biggest sluggers in the game. The fact that he struck out and failed to hit well at all in the playoffs must have something to do with the fact that he wasn't being paid enough. Otherwise he wouldn't have played so pitifully and let all Rangers fans down as they got eliminated in unexciting fashion.

He stated that the Rangers had no chance of winning this year. And he's right. Now he's on the Tigers, a team that plays in "Paradise". The Tigers are historically a powerful, winning ballclub. Ty Cobb and fellows really showed people how to play the game. Gonzalez showed no love for his former teammates who didn't appreciate him enough. Hell, the guy even had to skip the all star game because they wouldn't let a man of his skill play as a starter. No respect for him at all!

Furthermore, the conditions in Arlington were atrocious. Gonzalez revealed just how terrible the Rangers are to Latinos. He said they weren't understanding of him enough and they definitely wouldn't treat him nicely. And his turncoat teammates like Rafael Palmeiro and Ivan Rodriguez wouldn't support him and instead lied; they said the management had been great to them. Hah, and the Rangers facilities that let Latinos learn English in their spare time? Just a front for the racist Texas regime. Gonzalez was clearly discriminated against. Up in Detroit they're far more understanding of Latino culture unlike Texas. Sure, Texas may be right next to Mexico, but that doesn't mean anything. Personally I think Gonzalez's treatment by the Rangers helped lead to his four divorces and "petulant" behavior. He should take the Rangers to civil court for punitive damages! Fucking Rangers. Think of all those other Latinos who suffered racism in Texas while they played out their contracts and tried their best...Julio Franco, Ruben Sierra, etc. etc.

Finally, what about the Swiss Miss, Martina Hingis? Oh sure, she's found some relief for a short while, but hey, it was off-season, wasn't it? Who can forget the tasteless booing she received at the French Open final when Steffi Graf came back from behind to beat her? They booed when Hingis crossed the court to check a line call, they booed when she served underhanded, they booed when she threw tantrums. Come on, she's only a kid! So what if she was the #1 tennis player and was told to show some class and manners on the court? It's tough for Martina too.

Then she left her coach, her mom, for a bit, lost in the first round of Wimbledon to some upstart named Dokic, then returned to her mom, then proceeded to lose her cool on numerous other occasions. Color this with comments made throughout her career degrading Wimbledon and other rivals and there's only one conclusion: Hingis isn't being treated like the #1 player in the world that she is. Show some respect, you ingrates!

Personally I think they're just jealous of her stunning good looks. Anna Kournikova's long blonde hair and hard abs and long legs and...uh, oh yes, don't even compete with Hingis's beauty. Hingis can speak multiple languages, you know. It's not like she's dumb. To say that she wouldn't have learned them had she not been forced to in school is just outright mean!

So here it is. It's an unfair world where these people who are paid millions of bucks just can't shake the spectre of nastiness from the media and fans. What do these people to deserve what they get? All they do is share their opinions and the world won't allow them to have any. Terrible. We need our idols to speak up on politics and civil rights and salary and ethnicity and fairness because who else will? Everyone else just sits down and takes it, as if they ignore all this bad stuff that goes on every day. It just revolts me.

Hey guys, Ben's behind you! I say you should retire with your accumulated wealth and go live in privacy so no one will bother you any more! Peace of mind is worth it! You don't need this harassment!

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