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2000, the Graduation

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  1. Jan. 2nd, 2000 - "The Year I Graduated"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 13]

    This is the year of graduation for me. Everything begins anew.

  2. Jan. 9th, 2000 - "A Call for Sports Fans to Lighten Up"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 14]

    Hold on, people! Who said you could bash the sports personalities we look up to as role models? How dare you criticize these people who are put under so much stress that they have to lash out!

  3. Jan. 16th, 2000 - "Voluntary Gun Control"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 11]

    What do you get when you cross Bill Clinton, hundreds of millions of people, and the NRA? A load of bullshit that equates to brats having their toys taken away from them.

  4. Jan. 23rd, 2000 - "Why Intel Sucks"
    [RATING: 7 | VOTES: 14]

    Intel has single-handedly derailed the supply chains for computers. AMD is the hero. Dell is the latest victim.

  5. Jan. 30th, 2000 - "It Feels Right"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 14]

    There are sacrifices to made in life decisions, even if there is no question as to what the decision should be.

  6. Feb. 6th, 2000 - "Due Diligence"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 14]

    I have to write about what I enjoy most. So it's going to be stock-related for a while. Here are some of the companies I like and why. Let those other personal sites write about the same mundane crap.

  7. Feb. 13th, 2000 - "Learning the Bottom Line"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 13]

    There is a bottom line, and most startup companies aren't going to be able to cut it. My condolences to those trapped in them. Also, a personal reflection.

  8. Feb. 20th, 2000 - "Breaking Point"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 10]

    Everyone has their extremes when they just can't handle it anymore and they lose all the fake crap they put around themselves, if only for an instant. That's all it takes.

  9. Feb. 27th, 2000 - "Metallica, Greedy Capitalist Pigs"
    [RATING: 14 | VOTES: 7]

    Metallica's on the offensive, and this time it's really serious about it! Die MP3, die Napster, die...uh...what is its name again? Where's my lawyer?

  10. Mar. 5th, 2000 - "On Love"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 26]

    They say that it's better to have loved and lost than to have never loved before. While that may be true, it sure ain't easy to be in between relationships.

  11. Mar. 12th, 2000 - "Dr. Laura Sucks"
    [RATING: 7 | VOTES: 14]

    Dr. Laura still makes the news for being a gays-basher; watch as her defenders make a mockery of the First Amendment!

  12. Mar. 19th, 2000 - "My Few Nocturnal Dreams"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 15]

    I don't dream much, but when I do, they're important dreams in the larger workings of my life. Here are some of the ones I've had and what they meant to me.

  13. Mar. 26th, 2000 - "The University Days Wind Down"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 17]

    Just a month and a half until I graduate. I figured I'd give a little summary of what's happening in my classes and where my thoughts are while in class.

  14. Apr. 2nd, 2000 - "Market Divergence (Again)"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 12]

    Just a little while ago people were proclaiming the Dow dead and the NASDAQ alive and well. Now the tables have turned, and the weak hands are getting skinned alive.

  15. Apr. 9th, 2000 - "Catabatic Ecphrasis"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 9]

    Underneath our world is a completely different one. This was actually a paper I had to write for my parageography class. Can you tell why I disliked the class so much?

  16. Apr. 16th, 2000 - "Anatomy of a Vicious Correction"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 15]

    The Nasdaq does what most consider the unthinkable! It CORRECTS! Out with the weak, in with the strong. I'm getting ready to buy while everyone else is selling. As long as we don't crash, I'll be buying my favorites.

  17. Apr. 23rd, 2000 - "The Internet in the Near Future"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 16]

    Envision what the Internet will be like in the future and how we will interact with it.

  18. Apr. 30th, 2000 - "Trader in Securities"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 14]

    Rambling about the life and style of being a 'trader in securities'.

  19. May. 7th, 2000 - "The Human Drive"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 15]

    The impetus that drives every single person on this planet to keep living is impressive indeed. It's a wonder this genetic work of genius has yet to backfire.

  20. May. 14th, 2000 - "Merry Bear Markets!"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 13]

    The Nasdaq doesn't seem so hot, and people are getting more skeptical that this market will ever come back. It still has some amateur optimists to convert, but the bottom must be soon. Also, I get serious about doing this for a living.

  21. May. 21st, 2000 - "My High School Yearbook! (Four Years Later)"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 15]

    Now that I've graduated from college, it's time to take a look at some of the messages I received in my high school yearbook four years ago.

  22. May. 28th, 2000 - "First Amendment File Sharing"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 11]

    A logical extension of the file sharing ideas brought forth via Napster and Gnutella is one that would protect whistle blowers and authors: FANning with a First Amendment Network.

  23. Jun. 4th, 2000 - "CNBC's Trading Pit Survivor?"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 9]

    In the spirit of reality-based programming, why doesn't CNBC let loose a bunch of inexperienced 18-22 year olds into a trading pit?

  24. Jun. 11th, 2000 - "Quest for a Court in Crowley Park"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 13]

    I tried to get a basketball court for my neighborhood park. The result...

  25. Jun. 18th, 2000 - "Foreign Chicks"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 11]

    I love foreign chicks. I love their accents, their clothes, their minds, their bodies. Come on American chicks, meet their challenge!

  26. Jun. 25th, 2000 - "Italy at Last!"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 14]

    I'm fresh out of college with a Latin degree and a classical civ minor. Now it's time to go to Italy and savor the sweetness of my studies!

  27. Jul. 2nd, 2000 - "Ma Faiblesse"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 10]

    Sometimes all your insecurities and problems all roll into one big thing that smashes you, combined with little annoying things that tend to occur with more frequency. One must resolve.

  28. Jul. 9th, 2000 - "Queasy Market Sentiment"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 13]

    The market is groping for a bottom right now. The result is that bulls and bears fight, and the market whipsaws, tanks, and rallies. Messy, but ultimately resolved for the better. Ultimately.

  29. Jul. 16th, 2000 - "Review of My Summer Trading"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 15]

    Now that summer is over, it's time to review my trading results.

  30. Jul. 23rd, 2000 - "The Last Days"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 12]

    I was overcome by a crush days before my last finals at school. Ugh, this girl had me powerless and weak. She wasn't of this earth. And what she said was what I've gotten used to hearing.

  31. Jul. 30th, 2000 - "Camfederacy of Blogging Dunces"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 33]

    Cameron Ignatius Reilly encounters inept people everywhere: movie theaters, online mailing lists, web sites, Microsoft.

  32. Aug. 6th, 2000 - "Brevity is the Soul of Wit"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 9]

    I realized that perhaps all that constructive criticism regarding my writing was right: I need to stick to my points and not get into long-winded summary essays. These ARE Soapboxes after all.

  33. Aug. 13th, 2000 - "East Coast Clubbing"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 14]

    A couple weeks ago I went clubbing in Philadelphia and NYC. It rocked me hardcore. Here's what happened.

  34. Aug. 20th, 2000 - "Internet Arms Race"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 10]

    The future of the Internet is going to be cutthroat. The hackers will keep upgrading their kits and modding their equipment, the Feds will keep upgrading theirs, and the hapless consumers will be easy targets for aspiring soldier kiddies in the big Internet arms race.

  35. Aug. 27th, 2000 - "Biofeedback"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 16]

    Thoughts on how cool listening to music at a club could be if it could integrate more personalized, physiologically-affecting sounds.

  36. Sep. 3rd, 2000 - "A Trending Life"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 12]

    Likening my life to a stock's pattern makes things not only more understandable, but more predictable. And let's be honest, we all want to know where we're going...don't we?

  37. Sep. 10th, 2000 - "Dreams and Hopes"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 15]

    Elaboration on life, career, hobby, and love, from my point of view. Including: how they all fit together to make one happy.

  38. Sep. 17th, 2000 - "Confessions of an Online Writer"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 10]

    Why have I been quiet lately? The things I want to think about aloud are things that I can't put online.

  39. Sep. 24th, 2000 - "Napster and MP3s, Digital Crack"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 13]

    Napster and MP3s are hitting the news everyday. What's going to happen next? Will the big money stop the infinite number of end users? Will music die off as starving rock stars find the business unprofitable?

  40. Oct. 1st, 2000 - "It Has Yet to Play Itself Out"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 14]

    The Christmas season reminds me how much there is to family, friends, and all those things you used to only be able to read about the books...and I realize that it's all happening to others, not me.

  41. Oct. 8th, 2000 - "The Rise and Fall of a Sheeple Guru"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 35]

    Where the sheeple gather, the sheeple guru triumphantly arrives with promises of stock market rallies and lots of money to be made.

  42. Oct. 15th, 2000 - "Moulting and Metamorphosis"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 13]

    Right now I'm not capitalizing on my position or falling backwards; instead, I'm in a coccoon and looking to emerge after everything I've learned this summer.

  43. Oct. 22nd, 2000 - "Feminine Mystique"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 12]

    Pop culture's representation of the feminist movement is perplexing. Who's right? Who's wrong? Who's just playing it up for media attention?

  44. Oct. 29th, 2000 - "Pass the Rock, Yo!"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 15]

    Who says the NBA is dying? I LOVE THIS GAME! The exciting players like Iverson, Carter, Bryant...constant thrills and spills.

  45. Nov. 5th, 2000 - "Thoughts on Cysts"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 14]

    I almost died as a child. I totalled my car when I was 17 or so. The biggest tech companies in the world are moving in next door. How does it all relate?

  46. Nov. 12th, 2000 - "The United States Goes to Pot"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 12]

    The presidential election is in gridlock and it's causing people to be far more annoying than they're capable of normally. UGH!

  47. Nov. 19th, 2000 - "Off!; Off! Again"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 15]

    Back when I was a little kid I did something dumb with bug repellent.

  48. Nov. 26th, 2000 - "New York City"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 11]

    A rundown of my trip to NYC and the fun shit that went down while I was there.

  49. Dec. 3rd, 2000 - "Tattoo"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 17]

    Finally got a tattoo after a long wait. I love it! It's the Chinese character for the snake.

  50. Dec. 10th, 2000 - "How I'd Greet Gwyneth Paltrow"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 13]

    I have a boycrush on Gwyneth Paltrow. Isn't she gorgeous, sweet, cute, and sexy all at the same time? I figure one day I'll run into her (yeah right) so I have it planned on what I'd say to her if I did.

  51. Dec. 17th, 2000 - "The Bear!"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 13]

    Tech refuses to bottom, paying for its excesses from last year? Plus, thoughts on whether it could extend to other parts of the economy and bring about the ugly 'R' word.

  52. Dec. 24th, 2000 - "Astray in Suburbia"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 14]

    I try to return a stray dog and what thanks do I get? What a jerk!

  53. Dec. 31st, 2000 - "Review of the Best Game Evar!!"
    [RATING: 0 | VOTES: 14]

    A review of Minesweeper, a satirical look at the current state of gaming reviews.  click here to start at the beginning
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