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"She Would"

She would be curious about him. She would know that his life could not be explained in minutes.

She would understand the reasons for his every move, catch every one of his subtle advances and intents. She would share his motivations for such advances and intents. She would go after him.

She would have an uncontrollable desire to know more about him, to hear him speak. She would forget about herself for a little while in talking to him. She would pine while he was gone, brag to friends without provocation.

She would test him in a battle of wits. She would be inspired to write and read and sing and create because of him.

She would be her own person. She would be a conjoined entity with him, too.

She would always be in love with him.

All as he would her.

She would not be pure fantasy or faded memory. She would BE.

She could be. Couldn't she?

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