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"The Nodal Point"

Written Feb. 19. Not on the date shown for this 'Box. The last system I put together was finished like in August or September '98. The quest for a full-fledged computer room continues. The plan so far:

* denotes 'new'.

Gaming Machine Work Machine
* AMD Athlon 550@850MHz Intel Celeron 266@448MHz
* 256MB Micron 133MHz RAM 256MB Micron 100MHz RAM
* Asus K7M mobo Abit BH6 mobo
Guillemot Xentor 32 TNT2 Ultra * Matrox G400MAX dual-head & Matrox Millennium 2
* 300W power supply & tower case 300W power supply & tower case
* Maxtor 40GB 5400RPM IBM 8.4GB & IBM 10.1GB
* Hitachi 19" Hitachi 19", * Hitachi 17", Vivitron 15"
* Sound Blaster Live Value Turtle Beach Montego
* undecided speaker system Labtec LCS-2612
3com 905B-TX NIC 3com 905B-TX NIC
Palm V cradle, Xerox printer, * Pioneer 6x slot-loading DVD-ROM USB Microtek Slimscan C6, Wacom Tablet, * Adaptec SCSI card, * Panasonic 7502B CD-R
Win98SE Win98SE

The gaming machine is fairly stripped down. The less crap on it (as it will be my preferred machine), the better. I didn't include some of those less important components in the table. The second one I'm kind of concerned about because it uses the BH6 mobo, which has always had IRQ sharing problems. If worse comes to worst I can put the scanner on the gaming machine and pass files over the network.

The three monitors on the work machine are for trading and for work. Having more room to put things is always good.

What I'm looking for is to make sure I have the resources to do whatever I need to get done. And besides, I need new shit. :p DVD and CD-R are so cheap now it's ridiculous. You can buy the latest DVDs and pay virtually nothing. High quality shit too.

Last time I checked, this hardware would cost about $2800. Memory has dropped quite a bit since then, as have CPU prices (AMD is going to do some mad price cuts on Feb. 28), so I expect that to probably get to around $2400 by the time I actually buy. Where am I going to get the cash?

I have to get network shit too. Going to network it all together onto a DSL modem, preferably. No Win2k until a service pack or two are released. No Linux because no need.

Think I'm gonna have to wait until I graduate though. I already have two surge protectors and the other slots in the room only have two prongs. So ghetto here.

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