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"Stuck Around St. Petersburg"

I used to travel a lot more when I was younger. I suppose I still travel more than most people, particularly those my age, but I'm hardly content with that. I've been to the island where the minotaur demanded its sacrifices. I've been to that French city of love which keeled over upon the slightest push of the Hitlers. I've been near where history was shattered on the Yucatan. I've even seen Hell on Earth, New York City. And, oh wow, I've seen the beauty that Scandinavia can produce.

I can't tell you what I'll be doing the rest of my life, what I'll be creating for a living. I just don't know. I'll probably have a better idea after being out of college for a year or so. I just know that creation is fated for my future. I can't change that. I'm not a fixer, or a repeater. My work is uncertain, but my life is not -- whatever I end up doing, I feel the Juvenalian cacoethes to travel.

In my lifetime, I'll most likely be stuck on this planet. The free will given to us by Prometheus has done little for us but given us power to decide to remain on Earth, content with scrooging our money and staying alive for the present. Human achievement and enlightenment have taken a back seat to our greed for money. The space program's hobbling and unlikely to recover rapidly unless something happens to either threaten our existence (like miscalculated meteors) or strengthens our belief in outer space. There's so much out there, and the ignorance of humankind keeps us from it.

So I might as well discover the secrets behind this planet. Again, it's money that keeps people from leaving their homelands -- sometimes it's greed, sometimes it's poverty -- in either case, neither should exist when it comes to enjoying one's life.

I'm talking about exploring that seclusive grotto at Capri, navigating the dictator-born speedway of Europe, following the pilgrimage to Canterbury, climbing the steps of Aztec temples, inhabiting that amazing outback once set aside for wretched "convicts" (those poor souls), getting caught up in the glitz and glamor of Los Angeles, traversing the Flaminian Way, attending the Olympics in Athens... That's what life's about.

How can you truly live unless you've explored the world? Our lives are contained and our existences are naive if we don't experience how other humans have lived their lives. Cultures are different, food is different, architecture is different...even the drinking water, soil compositions, climate, and atmosphere taste, feel, smell, look, and sound different... The four elements, the five senses. If you break down life into those smaller blocks, and count how many variants of them you've experienced, you'll find yourself with a short list unless you've travelled.

Why be content with getting up, going to work, coming home, and so on and so on until you die, when there are millions upon millions of your same species out there living different lives day to day? This planet is so beautiful, yet I know so many people who have absolutely no desire to travel the world. How can this be? Nothing is more freeing than travelling the world.

I have a great lust to become successful, both in money and reputation, but even if I can't accomplish that, I'll still not consider myself worthy of life unless I continue to travel until the end of my days. Is it really a surprise that, being a supporter of world-encompassing informational mediums, I wish not to take advantage of the wonders of the world by visiting them? Hardly.

I follow good parental and literary examples, and I really can't swallow leaving all the beauties cooped up in books and magazines. Treasures are not found through staying up late remembering inane details for exams and tests. Information and perspective are two things definitely gained from studies, but it absolutely must be reinforced by actual experience in order for it to solidify.

Which means my going home to Dallas in a week is a step in the right direction. ;) Staying in one place for too long is not healthy.

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