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Dear you, for 'you' is no longer me, but instead is you (and has to some degree become us),

Less than two weeks of my freshman year in college remain. Goddamn am I glad. I never cease to find things that piss me off. A new city and new home gave me new things to be pissed off about. At least, after this year, it'll all be old news, and I can move on to more important things.

So the year started off with its ups and downs, my getting adjusted to the new life -- picky suitemates, Christian evangelists, lecture courses, mindless students, superficial blondes, my own domain name, a Drag that lives up to its name, dorm food, and so on -- but I made it through. I'm even stronger than I was before. My progress towards that radically unique fate I have in store for me continues successfully.

My angst has been thrown into a world where it can thrive at even higher degrees. Yeah, the rage builds up inside, but no one cares to hear it. That's how I like it, man, and I'll not have it told to me any differently...

You have to see this campus. It's quite the model of an excellent university. 'Quite' for intensification. I was talking with my suitemate (no, one of the ones I like) and he agreed with me -- he would not leave this university by his own choice. This is a true learning institution, as you learn and absorb what you choose to. Nothing is held from you and no possibilities are out of your reach. Can't beat that cheap price for what has to be the best public education you can get in the country. The computer, recreational, and educational facilities are top notch and the university is just aesthetically pleasing. The varieties of architecture, the individual personalities of each area of campus, the verdant lawns strewn with relaxing students, the history behind it all that makes it so prestigious and timeless.

Sitting on the lawn really isn't an experience you spend alone...

I was extremely pleased with the intelligence and enthusiasm found in my professors, save for one or two. I wanted to learn about the origins and development of language. I wanted to explore the birth of the Medieval Ages, and not the complete disintegration of the Roman empire, which didn't really happen in the first place. And translating Caesar! Alexander! Thucydides! I could go on and on about how much my passion for learning only grew stronger, but you know this already and the details, I believe, deserve to be told in your presence, and not in a letter.

And there isn't a shortage of people to argue with and exchange unpleasantries with, either. Oh, it is like physically exercising, carrying on long and embittered disputes with people over subjects which aren't even important... How I wanted to strengthen my debating skills! No doubt my further exposure to the 'Net has thrown me into fascinating critiques and flames as well. Ah, you know how I love the mind games.

Getting that sort of stoic feeling about arguing...it's all simply good for me to experience... Damn, I must remind myself to keep myself in the ranting sort of style, and not degrade myself to political rhetoric. Especially in the sort of arena I fight in, which won't be able to use the "oh, no wonder, you're just a freshman" argument anymore after this year. Yeh, like that makes any difference, especially considering this freshman just disarmed your sophist babble with a whip of his tongue...

The year ends most well for me -- I have the confidence to say without a doubt that I want to stay at UT Austin, for in doing so, I'm becoming stronger and more intelligent, two things I lust for like a lover lusts for attention. I know that my teachers aren't fakes and that they believe in what they're doing. How could one avoid falling into the trap of contempt and ignorance of education in a better way? I got the classes I wanted before most others had the chance to fill them up, so next year will be even better, and I will continue to blossom.

I will be back where I am most comfortable in two weeks, and it will take me some time to grow fond of daily morning classes again, but I can assure you I will be pushed on by interest by the time fall classes begin.

And that leaves a lot of time in between for me to tell you of the details I did not express in this short letter, while you tell me the details of your own personal awakenings as well.

New hope and optimism... They have indeed made themselves present as this school year concludes.


Remnomniscing as best I can,

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