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"Stop Killing the Dang Visionaries!"

King Arthur got shafted big time. It wasn't bad enough that he had to hide his son, Mordred, in order to keep his reputation clean. No, his most glorious knight, Lancelot, has to go copulating with his wife. Because of this, Arthur loses his invincibility and Mordred attacks Camelot, reducing everything to a chaotic rubble. Love reeks, eh?

I can't watch the movie "First Knight" with Sean Connery and Richard Gere. Arthur is screwed over so much that it's painful to watch. And with your favorite actor as Arthur, it just pulls your heart strings even more.

I guess I'm the type who hates to see the guy with the master plan die. Arthur had this grand plan for Camelot and its ideals. Arthur gets to talk to all sorts of animals and learns the lessons needed to become a great king. He sets up a Round Table, which allows all of Arthur's best men to vote equally. He builds a gorgeous city which is world-renowned.

And like all dreams, it just takes a small sound to wake you up and the dream is no more. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. Once the visionary dies or leaves, the corrupt people move in and destroy what may have been a pure and successful idea.

You see, few people possess that ability to imagine the unimaginable and actually turn those ideas into actual things. Yet there are plenty of crooks and people who see life as nothing more as a justification to get women/themselves pregnant.

Besides, having babies is extremely overrated. Especially if that's your only ambition in life. I find it so hard to talk to people who care not to feed their imaginations or increase their intelligence. Why wouldn't you want that intellectual curiosity to make a mark in this world? People should just try to test themselves a little. Everyone can have sex (even lowly wild animals), but not everyone can become a famous scholar. I guess people think reproducing is most important because it actually produces something tangible, like a baby, whereas an education doesn't seem to do anything. But most people will tell you that with an education, you can help more people than you could by just having a baby.

Maybe all dreamers and visionaries should be protected with motorcades. Heck, they're probably more important than those politicians who just feed off what the Constitution gave them to work with. But dreamers make things happen. Dreamers are the people who push humanity even further. If someone like Steve Jobs or Robin Hood is next to you (cough) and a psycho draws a gun, jump in front and take the bullet!

It'll do more for humanity than having a baby will.

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