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"Suthun Relijun"

What is up with the South these days? The Southern Baptists are crying about Disney's giving health care to homosexuals (out of charity!), Ku Klux Klan members are burning predominantly black churches, and the Black Panthers have threatened the Dallas City Council board into cancelling a meeting!

The below takes generalizations for feasibility, not because I think ALL people in one group think exactly the same.

To put it very bluntly, I'm sick and tired of this shit. Disney is such an easy target that everyone takes a shot so they can get publicity. Disney does more for this planet than the Southern Baptists ever have. It widens the imaginations of children and is very much a part of our society now. So when it wanted to do something nice like give money away for health care for homosexual families stricken with AIDS, the Southern Baptists whined. Apparently their religion (or whatever it is, since "love thy neighbor" obviously doesn't apply to them) decrees that gay people are not human and do not deserve any aid from the disease that strikes not only gays, but many Southern Baptists, I'm sure! Please notify me when the Southern Baptists come back from fantasyland and realize what they're doing is more destructive than constructive.

Many churches are being burned down right now. Heck, they aren't all predominantly black churches either. Even white churches are being arsoned. Assuming it is the Ku Klux Klan and groups with similar viewpoints, these folks need to get with it already. By resorting to immature acts of arson, spitting hateful words towards people who they've never even seen, and being all-around asses, these supremacists are lowering themselves below the level of man. It's sad that they can't cope with their insecurities like real men and women. America isn't the white man's country. It's the Native American country, technically, and even they supposedly came across the Bering Strait. So if you're going to play finders-keepers, maybe you should start urging people to improve living conditions on reservations. Proper politics is a game for the intelligent so the Ku Klux Klan'd better come up with more powerful arguments than the toddler's rules they hide behind so cowardly.

Remember the Black Panthers from the Vietnam War? They're back in Dallas and they've caused general fright by promising to attend council meetings with weapons. I have nothing to say about this one, except stupid stupid stupid. First they copy a notorious name and then they expect firearms will get their views across. Probably didn't care about education enough to study hard in government class, huh? I hate no specific people except those who always think they're being persecuted.

Insecurity abound!

Everyone thinks he's right. Everyone else is wrong. That's the mentality these days. "Quarrels would not last so long if the fault were just on one side." People need to go on with their lives and worry about doing their jobs and charity work well. THAT is how people improve the world. Leave miracles and revolution to the big boys.

And please oh please, stop the nonsense so I don't have to spend a whole week's soapbox again giving credibility to racist twits by simply acknowledging their presence.

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