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"Michael Jordan"

Recently, I've been watching more basketball than anything else. And what team do I like to watch? The Bulls, of course! Not just Michael Jordan, but the rest of the team. Even little Steve Kerr!

I don't claim to be the Bulls' biggest fan. I will admit that the reason I like them is because they're fun to watch, not because I'm loyal. They have the best chemistry ever in the game (no one will stop them in the finals), yet I am not loyal to them. So don't call me a bandwagon-hopping basketball junkie.

Michael Jordan has single-handedly brought the Bulls back from below-average to the best team in basketball. Sure, he has people like Kukoc and Pippen, but look how they did without Jordan. Jordan's come through when the other players haven't, and has scored big when they HAVE.

Not only can Jordan shoot, he can handle the ball (one handed, most of the time), dribble, steal, block, and defend with the best of them. His marketing exposure has turned NBA back into perhaps THE most entertaining US sport besides football. Magic Johnson didn't even come close to this guy.

So when Jordan requested that large amount of money from the Bulls or else he'd go to another team for $10 million less, how shocked were you? I kind of lost some respect for Jordan. He doesn't fit on any other team besides the Bulls. He can't go to another team "on principle". I think he's just being selfish. But then, does he deserve all that money? What's his pricetag? Heck, it's as much as the Bulls can give him. He's done so much for the team and brings all that talent and skill into one big team. Jordan deserves every million he gets. He's the best player there's ever been, making him, well, priceless.

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