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"Happy Mother's Day"

Today I take my mother out to dinner for Mother's Day. Why exactly?

My mom has put up with me for eighteen years now. She must constantly put up with my clothing, sports, and entertainment expenses. She also has to endure my sarcasm, which gets on everyone's nerves eventually. Sometimes she comes home and the dishwasher hasn't been emptied. She has to stop herself from buying a shotgun then.

My mom's always there for me, whether I have a baseball game, meeting, or need to buy a book on a late Sunday night. And her care has helped me infinitely! I'm graduating 37th in my class of about 830 students and I think she assisted me in becoming an intelligent person. She's raised me well, somehow getting me to do my homework without question and keeping me from raising trouble in the neighborhood.

This Mother's Day is also probably one of the few times my mom and me will be able to spend time together, as I'm leaving for college in a few months. Sure, I'll only be in Austin, but we still won't be able to see each other very much. I suppose she thinks it's a two-edged sword: she finally gets rid of me (!), but she won't be able to see me often. *chuckle*

For all she's done, m'mumsy deserves thanks. Thank you, Mom! Love ya!

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