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"Media Frenzy"

At this very moment, dozens of news teams are flying to Tasmania, Australia to cover the massacre that happened yesterday. I believe authorities finally caught the man who killed 33 people. Now, even though this is a horrid event, I must address the ravenous nature of the media.

Whether it is a war, a massacre, or a heroic event, the media is there faster than you can say, "Damn, the CNN truck's here." In their effort to cover the event, the media stops at nothing to get the dirt, even if it means harassing the victims involved. In Dunblane, Scotland, news teams badgered the town's citizens, turning a small town into an encampment for reporters. These poor people, in a time of grief, had to deal with people trying to make a buck. The same happened in the Unabomber's brother's hometown. Reporters walked up and down the street, knocking on doors, trying to get interviews. Like a neighbor living three houses away has any story to tell.

Perhaps what's worse is that channels like CNN provide such comprehensive information on any occasion, even a war. Would it surprise you to find out that countries use CNN to get military intelligence and US troop positions? There is an issue of national security when the reporters say where troops are moving or what they're up to. Several movies have identified this problem of abuse by the vultures/media, including Speed and The Chase. Can you see a trait here? The media has no cares about what it's doing. All it wants to do is drive other channels out of business.

Bring in daytime talk shows like Ricki Lake and Montel Williams. These shows exploit the public in the worst way, degrading themselves to show the scum of society, and then glorifying them. Of course, there is a huge demand for these types of shows. And the people who want to SEE these shows are sometimes the same ones who are against trash TV! People, if you want to see less violence and sex on TV and the Internet, then don't demand it. Don't watch it. Let it die.

Because of the demand, more channels try to tap in on the movement, creating a need for better reporters. Amateur or new reporters try to get a good job in journalism by, guess what? Finding the sleaze that'll get them ratings. So we see that the competition is also part of the problem of the sleazy media. TV channels need to start hiring objective reporters. They have no reason to, as they won't get great ratings, but they have to start somewhere. At least I'd respect the channel more if it had more selective shows.

I am so tired of seeing the media find the most unintelligent and uninformed people to exploit. They find the brother's sister's dog's daughter to interview about a celebrity's drug abuse. And people watch it!

This is typical of society: people choose to blame the effects, not the causes. Bad TV and porn on the Internet are there because people demand them. Nothing more.

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