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Some people have really begun to annoy me. Not only are these people near impossible to argue with, but you really question their happiness and success in the future. They're cynics.

I've already been through my mandatory teenage years of cynicism, and when I use it now, I use it in humor. But some folks live by the misery of cynicism. To them, it's "cool", a little like atheism.

One person I was talking to online (I'll not mention his hypocrisy and changing his views as the argument progressed) said he was a nihilist. His only reason for living was that he wanted to see the United States destroy itself. Furthermore, he said his family was a perfect atheist group, unfettered by the bindings of religion. An "open mind" he claimed to have. But in fact he was just as closed-minded as many of the Christian nuts I've run into. Anyway, he had no hope for mankind, and certainly didn't give man any credit for all the achievements he's earned. The person was paranoid, saying our government was gradually stealing our rights. Poor thing.

Other people said the world would destroy itself in 2000. They went on to say that technology has ruined our society, and we'll eventually destroy ourselves with it. What the heck is this?! Don't tell me the Unabomber has followers now. You can harp and whine all you want about how technology has ruined us as a race, but you wouldn't even be alive if it weren't for the advancements (through the World Wars) in medical procedures and equipment. Chances are, you'd die before you were ten. Without technology, we wouldn't have made it out of the Dark Ages, we wouldn't have knowledge of diseases like AIDs, we wouldn't have such the high standard of living that we do, and I sure wouldn't be on the Internet listening to anti-technology assholes! Sure, technology has led to hazardous things like nuclear weapons and cloning, but that's part of the discovery. How we handle the discoveries is what is still in question. I'd take technology and nuclear weapons over being illiterate, sick, and hopeless, any day.

We as humans, especially now, are the most healthiest ever to have existed. We have a world trying to shed the husk of militarism, and the wealth of ideas between all religions is amazing. Now if you choose to discredit the success of mankind, then you deserve to wallow in your own cynicism.

Come on, folks. As Prometheus Bound showed us, the metaphorical Prometheus gave us the gift of blind hope to keep trying and trying, no matter how bleak things seemed to be. Humans as a whole are better off than they've ever been and we certainly have more freedom than we did in, say, the Middle Ages. Grow up: atheism, anarchism, and cynicism aren't cool if that's the only reason you believe in them. Think for yourself, come to a conclusion, and then make sure you can justify those views to yourself. Because frankly, I'm tired of having the feeling that I'm talking to a hollow, paranoid article in Wired magazine.

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