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"Getting Rid of the Robin Hood Image?!"

No, I'm not. But guess who is? Nottingham, of all places! Being the watchful crimedog and fan of Mr. Hood that I am, I stumbled across an article in March 30's Dallas Morning News which was called "No merry men here: business leaders want to shed Robin Hood image."

The full article along with the picture is included onsite.

The article starts off on a humorous note, comparing the business leaders of Nottingham to the Sheriff of Robin Hood lore -- both aren't fond of Robin Hood.

"People don't come to look at Nottingham's business world," Sheriff Roy Greensmith says. Even I could have told you that. People go because Nottingham's related to the legend of Robin Hood. A London firm took a poll of why people come to Nottingham. Everyone said they came for Robin Hood, and "not much else." What of this "business world"? Last time I checked, tourism is something to be embraced and not scorned. And sheesh, when was the last time you scheduled a trip to a small city just to see its "business world"?!

Thankfully, the traditionalists oppose the idea of shedding the Robin Hood image. They call it an ad pitch. I think Nottingham has nothing better than Robin Hood to promote, for the moment. Don't get rid of Robin Hood! Just strengthen other areas of your city to encourage different types of people. Shouldn't you be more concerned with the real money makers, like computer assembly and building factories?

Getting rid of Robin Hood is perhaps one of the worst things Nottingham can do. There are other ways to settle this problem, and 'either/or' won't do it.

Perhaps one of the best lines I've heard in awhile, Mr. Greensmith says, "There is a need in this country today for a social conscience. And if Robin Hood is not the personification of social conscience, I don't know what is." Classic!

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