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"Truthful Charity"

High school students who seek to get into good colleges are always worrying about grades, GPA, attendance, and what school clubs they're in. But most students aren't in school clubs these days because they want to better their organizations...

I have been witness to what's been going on in school. Since 6th or 7th grade, I've seen friends join clubs like National Honor Society and STOP, for the reason of "It will look good on my college applications." Students don't join these clubs because they want to do good things! They want to get into college!

I have been in the highest classes, along with my peer students, but I have always shunned away from school clubs. I was once in National Honor Society, but we never did anything worthwhile (except for a smidgeon of community service). Everyone was in there to look good. The next year I dropped NHS, never to return. I have more important things to do than do nothing.

Okay, so even though kids are joining these clubs for the wrong reasons, they STILL are doing some community service. It's better than nothing. I just wish the requirements for each club could be raised so that only the people who really wanted to do good things would stay in.

As for me, I plan to do charity work (probably for children) when I graduate. Right now I have to worry about graduating from high school, and then I'll be free to help others. I'll be doing this for others, getting no NHS credit in return. That's the real reason people should be doing community service.

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