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"Unsung Heroes on the Dallas Cowboys"

As almost all of us know, Dallas's very own football team, the Cowboys, has won three out of the last four Superbowls. From all of this, the Cowboys have gained fame, and both fans and booers. Everyone thinks of Troy Aikman or Emmitt Smith or Michael Irvin or Deion Sanders first, but what about the other people? They definitely deserve some credit for the job they do...

The two people I am mainly referring to are Bill Bates and Jay Novacek. Both Bates and Novacek have been instrumental in the Cowboys' success, simply because they get the job done.

While the playmakers do their magic, Bill Bates is on special teams, pressuring the punter and making key tackles. Jay Novacek is crossing the middle of the field, ready to catch the ball and run for a first down.

I watch a lot of Cowboys games, and I can't count how many times I've seen Novacek save a drive by catching the ball for a first down. He's the man who keeps things rolling for the other guys.

Bill Bates not only has been on the Cowboys for about ten years or so, but he also sponsors a Cowboys pep rally on his own ranch. Thousands attend each year, regardless of the weather, to support their team before the Superbowl games... He gives back to his fans, and although Emmitt Smith may contribute to United Way, I think Bill Bates is more devoted to charity..

Both Bates and Novacek receive little for what they do except for the satisfaction of doing their jobs. They don't get five million a year like Aikman does, and they don't get much exposure in the media. They certainly don't do Pizza Hut commercials. Yet, I believe that they deserve as much credit as the hotshots do, since they work hard and have been loyal members of the Cowboys for a long time.

So instead of rooting for Sanders or Irvin, watch Bates, Novacek, and the rest of the Cowboys. They are the ones who make our star players look good. Without the veterans, the Cowboys wouldn't be so unstoppable. And besides, the hotshots already get enough attention. Now if only the damn off-season would end...

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