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"Celebrating the Dallas Cowboys..."

I'm from Dallas. Our football team, the Dallas Cowboys, just won the Superbowl, perhaps one of the most entertaining annual sports events in the world. So naturally, I, as a Dallas resident and Cowboys fan, should be able to show my appreciation by attending the Cowboys' parade downtown, right? That's not what Dallas officials think.

It is customary to hold a parade for a city's team after it has succeeded in a recently-ended season. Dallas held a parade for its Dallas Cowboys last week, allowing its fans to come out, enjoy the parade, and see the football players that make the city proud. However, guess when the parade was scheduled? Not on a weekend. Not in the evening. The officials of Dallas scheduled the parade on a weekday at about noon. What were they thinking?

I attend Plano East Senior High School. That means I could not attend the Cowboys parade because I was forced to stay in school that day. About 100 students were picked up downtown by police for truancy, just because they wanted to attend the parade. These students just wanted to take the day off and enjoy their football team. The rest of us stayed in school to avoid having an unexcused absence.

Now correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't a weekday parade a little inconvenient for...everyone? The parade required that a few of the main roads in downtown Dallas be closed. At lunchtime on a weekday, businessmen and people with jobs must leave their office, have lunch, run a few errands, and get back to work before the hour is up. With a parade running, you can't go anywhere. Also, most of the city is too busy at work or at school (students make up a very large percentage of Cowboy fans) to attend the parade. Is this any way to celebrate the city's pride and joy?

I'm not saying skipping school to attend a parade is right. I'm simply stating that having a parade on a weekday is stupid and pretty much useless. Who has time to watch a parade when they're busy trying to make a living? The Cowboys have won the Superbowl three times in the past four years, and each year, we have a parade on a weekday? Will they never learn?

Please point out the error in my thinking, officials of Dallas, that holding a parade at the most inconvenient time of the week is wasteful and disrespectful towards the players of the Dallas Cowboys football team.

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