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"Bandwidth in the Future"

(Go here for a hilarious story (anonymous author) about snow...)

Ever had to wait forever for a download with a 14.4k modem or less, or even a 28.8k modem? Doesn't it get extremely annoying very quickly? Well, an article in January's Wired says that problem will soon be over.

Coaxial cables are already being tested in some areas in the United States. Almost everyone uses these cables, but what are they? They're the lines TCI or TeleCable uses to beam television channels into your home without any delay. These lines offer a baud rate of *10 Mbps*! Imagine that -- getting information 700 times faster than you would on a 14.4k modem. And it's possible, if you just splice the coaxial cable so that one half is for the television and the other serves as an Internet connection.

At 10 Mbps, so many more options are opened to us. Virtual art galleries don't work very well at all right now, but with coaxial cables, art galleries will work like a dream. Web pages will be able to be more interactive, as people won't have to worry about big video files, pictures, and animations increasing download time. Online chat, video conferencing, and even television programs could be passed through the Internet.

Perhaps the greatest news is that this technology could possibly be available very soon. Some people say that these Internet connections will be available by the end of the year, for only about $30 a month. Dang, I'd pay a little extra for a connection THAT fast (I'm still on a 14.4k, but might be getting a 28.8k for my birthday on Friday).

Hehe, have you noticed that telephone companies, ISPs, and the Big Three Networks are getting a little nervous? This technology will blow them out of the water -- they'll no longer be effective connections to the Internet. In the next year, businesses could fail everywhere and only the big boys will be able to afford the upgrade. Serves them right, those damn opportunists (mainly the Big Three)... What do you think will happen?

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