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"Government Shutdown"

The citizens of the U.S. have had to put up with the bickering in the government about the national budget for the past two weeks. What has happened is that the government has shut down because no budget has been approved. National monuments and parks have been closed to tourists. What effects will all of this have?

All non-essential government jobs have been furloughed, leaving many people in the U.S. without a job until further notice. Why? Politicians up in Washington D.C. are whining about others' budget proposals and refuse to put their differences aside and compromise. Look, you guys, you're being so petty that people are out of jobs during the winter season. I thought politicians were concerned about their images and that they'd always be looking for opportunities to get votes. I can vote this year, and with the immature behavior I've seen, I'm going to have a hard time choosing the right person. It's sad that we have to follow the saying "pick the lesser of two evils" when we vote...

I was watching some political show on CNN with my parents and the people were referring to the government shutdown as if it was a game. Senators were "jockeying for position," "fighting for votes," etc. etc. It was disgusting to watch. The people in question are those who we elect to keep our nation stable and running, yet they can't even do that. They're too busy worrying about their image, votes, and winning the battle between Republicans and Democrats. And guess what, we the people are FED UP (no pun intended).

Workers are losing money, tourists can't see important attractions in our beloved U.S, and most importantly, the people in the States are picking up a volatile message... In the United States of America, even when the government is shut down, the nation still runs normally in most cases.

A large number of government workers are out of a job right now, yes, but people can still buy goods, stores can still replenish goods, and citizens can live without even knowing the government is shut down. Perhaps this is just a strength of democracy -- that the country can run without an essential part of it operational. But we're getting the message that maybe we don't need those senators and politicians in order to get things done. All the senators have shown is that they are completely out of touch with the real United States (censorship of the Internet, obscene music lyrics, etc.) and that they only care about their own political advancement.

Some people may think that we should get rid of our government and start over, weeding out the bureaucratic programs and useless junk. It's true that every nation needs a revolution every once in a while to get rid of the fluff, but does the United States need something this extreme right now?

In my opinion, no, we don't need a revolution. But I think we as the voters in the U.S. should come together this election year and vote out the silly federally-funded programs and senators who misuse their positions. Congress and the executive branch have become accustomed to speaking out on things that they have no control over in order to look good. Dan Quayle speaking out against Murphy Brown? It's a TV show. Senator Exon for Internet censorship? Does he even know how to turn a computer on? Bad words for "Beavis and Butthead" and "Money Train?" Leave that for the critics...

So what do you think about this whole government shutdown? Shouldn't we be worrying about this a little more than we are about Bosnia?

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