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"My Christmas Wishlist"

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you all have a great Christmas Eve and get all the gifts you wanted. This week's commentary contains a list of things I'd like to see on the Internet. Some things are being worked on already, but I'll mention them anyway. Sorry this week's commentary is a little short; my brother and dad are arriving today.

  • First of all, I'd like to see faster links, using telecable links. I know this is available in some areas, but I want to see it easy to use and affordable. All the technology found in television should be used for the Internet; we all know there's more valuable information on the Internet than there is on television. :P
  • NO censorship, period. If parents feel that they need to restrict the viewing priviledges of their children, then there's adequate software out there (you won't be able to screen out everything, but easy-to-find places like Playboy will be restricted). If the parents are too lazy to restrict their children, that's their fault, not everyone's.
  • This is done in some coffeehouses, but I'd like to see Internet hookups everywhere for curious and on-the-go people. Imagine getting a cappucino while perusing your favorite sites...
  • Better ways for small-time sites like mine to get attention. There are a lot of wonderful pages out there that no one can find because they have no exposure.
  • An easy-to-use network where people can meet and decide if they want to play a game, talk, or meet somewhere else. IRC and MUDs are not easy to get started on.
  • Newsgroups which are moderated only to weed out junk advertisements and articles posted out of context with the group's topic.
  • An easier way to screen out junk e-mail.
  • Freeware/shareware programs which check all the links on your page for any dead links.
  • More creative projects on the 'Net. We must make sure that the Internet doesn't turn into a blob of useless information with no creativity.
  • Easier ways for sysadmins to find people who have been harassing/hacking their systems.
  • More standardized systems for fingering, pinging, etc... Every place has a different method...

Guess that's it. Right now the Internet is chaotic, and only experienced people have any clue what they're doing. :P I remember how hard it was for me to get started on the Internet, but once I figured a little out, the rest was easy.

Merry Christmas, and if you have any suggestions for making the Internet better, send e-mail to me.

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