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"My Gift to You"

It's almost Christmas time, and people are racing to finish their shopping, complete business work, and prepare houses for relatives. And you thought Christmas was supposed to be stress-free?

I don't want to give away things that are too personal, so I'll just retell a couple Christmas experiences I've had in the past. Both experiences happened at my grandma's house, a frequent reunion place for our family. It was about two or three years ago when we last went there, and my immediate family, grandma, uncle's family, and aunt's family were there. It was a fun Christmas, as we went shopping in the city, had some snowball fights, and played Strike Commander on a 486. *grin* We even played a game where everyone walked about in the dark, and the preassigned murderer would tap someone on the shoulder (killing him), and the rest of us would try to figure out who the murderer was. A lot of fun. My most memorable Christmas experience was a long time ago, and everyone was there, including my cousins. I was extremely young, and I remember the thrill of pulling a GI Joe plane out of its box in front of everyone. I was more easily entertained then, so I guess that's why I remember that year so well. *grin* In short, that's it... I hope your Christmas experiences will be as good as mine.

Now, here's some ASCII art, as my gift to you. Please leave the credits on it. Nothing's more tacky than stolen art.

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