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"Police at School: Earning Their Pay?"

At Plano East Senior High School (PESH), the school I attend, it is normal to see police roaming the grounds. I imagine every high school and perhaps middle school has officers who check in on the school daily. This is a result of increased illegal activities at schools around the country.

Now, for those of us who own cars, we must purchase a parking permit which costs *$25*. The cost goes down as the year progresses, of course, but these permits are supposedly used to increase school security. The money is also used to pay the police to keep officers on the campus. This seems like a great idea, and we have a liaison officer and a couple officers in the parking lots. Safe, huh?

Actually, this security has been proven useless. Cars have been keyed (someone keyed my car right in front of me!), stereos have been stolen, cars have been broken into, car accidents are common, and people smoke and drink in the parking lot. We're all familiar with the disrespect many people have these days with others, when it comes to things like favors, the corporate ladder, etc. The disrespect finds its way into the school, as some people I've seen find no problem with leaving trash around, mouthing off to teachers, and causing trouble in the parking lot.

Now, what about the people like me who don't care for this disrespect and demand to get the security we pay for? At PESH, there is a low grumble about how the police are doing their jobs. All the police do in the parking lot is sit around and talk to students, not minding the people smoking behind their cars. The police should patrol the rows of cars regularly, thus hindering anyone's attempts to smoke, drink, or drive off if they back into something. This way, the students will be satisfied with their $25, as they know their cars will be in the shape they left them in. As it is now, it is not an uncommon sight to see when some poor person walks in crying because her stereo was stolen. We don't need such distractions as we attend school, the place where the seed of knowledge and learning is planted in the students at PESH.

Police protection cannot ensure complete safety against theft or illegal drugs. The other part of the blame goes to the disrespect found in people these days. Most people I know do things because they're "cool" or popular, or because it suits their needs. Selfish. Without touching too much on another issue, I'd just like to conclude that people should stop thinking about themselves and consider how their actions will affect others. The police in the parking lot should think about this too, for the students they don't catch smoking a cigarette or breaking into a car will continue to do it until someone stops them, in most cases.

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