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"Abortion: Not a Simple Issue at All"

Abortion's been a heated debate for many, many years now. Still no compromise has been made on it. So we should just agree to disagree and let it go, right? Not that easy...

First off, let me start by saying that I don't practice any form of religion, I don't go to church, and I believe that it's a couple's choice to have an abortion, not someone else's. The reason I write this article this week is because on Thursday, a Christian girl wore an anti-abortion t-shirt to *school*, which I don't really have a problem with. It's just that no school officials made her take it off or anything. Funny how anti-abortion t-shirts are allowed and books like Huck Finn aren't. That's another story, however...

Anti-abortionists claim that we are killing babies every time an abortion is done. Well, yes, this is true, but consider all the factors which would motivate a couple towards having an abortion. Wouldn't it be better to have an abortion than to have a baby which was unplanned and not particularly wanted? What if a family cannot support another baby financially? I don't consider abortion to be murder, as the baby won't lose much if it's aborted early in its development.

What if a woman has been raped and she doesn't want to have the rapist's baby? Should she have a forced child just because some other people think abortion is murder? Is it okay to not have an abortion but start an illegitimate family line?

How about if a baby was going to be born without a brain and the mother and father didn't want to have to watch it die in front of them? Is someone else's opinion worth it to have to endure the grueling death of their deformed baby?

So many questions, yet so few definite answers. It's all based on religion and one's opinion, right? So let the couple decide whether to have an abortion or not. It is no one else's choice whether a mother should have a baby or not. People have no right to tell a woman what to do with her body, especially if they don't even know the woman.

I'm sick and tired of strongly religious people and strongly opinionated people telling others what they should be doing. People need to butt out of others' lives and let them make their own decisions. If someone doesn't worship the same religion as you do, don't force yours upon them just because you think your religion is superior. When it comes to religion, each different philosophy thinks it is the correct one. So what if the one true religion is Buddhism and you've been worshipping Christianity all this time? You're screwed when you die, eh? You're better off accepting people for who they are and accept their views and opinions as simply differing, nothing more.

It seems to me that people who consider abortion an option are not as fanatical about it as the anti-abortionists. Pro-choice folks aren't often seen banging the doors down and killing people as they work. Yet *some* pro-lifers think it's okay to harass abortion doctors and even kill them. I see, so someone who aborts babies deserves to be victim of the sin of murder? Kinda hypocritical on the part of these few anti-abortionists, eh?

Abortion doctors are closing shop all over the country because they're being harassed by anti-abortionists who think their opinion is the only one. Not only are the doctors' lives put in danger, but think about all the women who need to have abortions but can't. What do some of these women resort to? They must either have the unwanted baby, use a coathanger, or go to Mexico and have a doctor (who may not be a professional) abort the baby. The woman is highly in danger, for she may get severe body injury trying to get rid of the baby. Such a situation is too cruel; I don't see how anyone could think they're doing a good thing by forcing women to do dangerous things to their bodies.

The girl who wore her anti-abortionist t-shirt to school said that if our parents had believed in abortion, we may not have been standing there to tell her what we thought. Maybe so, but I was a planned baby. Think about all those unwanted children who now either don't have fathers or who can't rely on their parents to give them food, shelter, and clothing. Is all the suffering necessary?

Anti-abortionists should be more concerned with teaching how NOT to get into the situation in the first place. After a woman becomes pregnant, she must deal with it with her husband or boyfriend, and they must make the decision themselves, based on how well they'll be able to support the baby once it enters the world. Anti-abortionists should inform people about contraception, yet stay cautious when discussing premarital sex. Many people find premarital sex okay, but those people must be aware of how it may affect their lives if the woman becomes pregnant. They should be aware of venereal diseases, finance, living conditions, school plans for themselves, and what they want to do with the rest of their lives. If they are ready for what may happen with premarital sex, then it is their decision to have premarital sex, not some stranger's decision. Married couples should have the same concerns and undergo the same planning as unmarried couples. In short, before doing anything which may have a huge impact on one's life, that person should make himself well aware of the benefits and drawbacks.

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