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My homepages have always been loyal to me. I work on them, feed them, trim them, make them beautiful, and they're always there for me. Can't say the same about most people. But anyway, you might want to explore the inner workings of benturner.com, what makes it tick, and how I made it be.


what's new

benturner.com changes extremely often, sometimes even daily. And none of you would be concerned enough with this site to check back regularly, right? So this page lists the major changes I make, chronologically.



Contribute to the benturner.com forums if you have something to say about how stupid or brilliant my ideas are, or for whatever else that's on your mind.


about the site

benturner.com was in existence long before its domain name was registered. It had a history, a past, filled with memories it wanted to forget and stories it wanted to bask itself in. The site is a living being. Don't you forget that.



Many people, ideas, and objects made this site possible. This site required the nourishment of all the experiences in my life and all of the truly captivating people who passed on bits of ideas to me. And it grew up well, don't you think? See who helped me out on this big behemoth.



Just threw this in for people who weren't sure how big this site was, or for those obsessive enough to want to look at every page here. Lists every document and work I have on the site that I want to show to the public.


random page on site

Why not throw in another CGI script? If you've been around the site a bit, you might want to try a random jump to see where you end up... You might find something that interests...or offends...you.


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