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The Hood's Hut.

This is the Hood's Hut. You're probably wondering what the heck this section of the Robin Hood site is. Well, basically, I wanted to add an interactive part to this site, and I figured story-telling was the most apt way of doing it.

So what the Hood's Hut is is a continuing story-telling session, with writing contributed by you, the reader. You read what other people have already added to the story, then you continue the story with your own few lines. Each story has a loosely stated ending, the details dependent on how the contributors strive to lead the story.

The Hood's Hut basically centers around one night of telling stories in the camp of the outlaws, with all the Merry Men and Robin and all the rescued families. They are collected in one room, any one of them may speak, and the only restriction is that nothing may happen outside the hut. Given the adventurous lifestyle of the bandits, there should be no limit to the number of small vignettes and memories the characters can have as they tell them. So be imaginative, and contribute!

You can also contribute full stories if you would like. Just send them to me.


To this date, two stories have been completed. At the time they were being built upon, I did not choose to leave markers giving credit to the authors who wrote them. I am strongly considering doing it from now on, though. If you send me something, you CAN choose whether to receive credit here for it or not, of course.

  1. Story 1 : "Rescue from the Sheriff's Castle"
    This tale, told by good old Robin, recounts the adventures the Merry Men had sneaking into the Sheriff's grounds and rescuing a poor peasant's kidnapped daughter.

  2. Story 2 : "Faith in the Absent"
    Marian describes a childhood journey she underwent with some of her friends, a trek with the goal of finding a mysterious woman who disappeared long ago and survived only in the imaginations of children like Marian.


The night of storytelling had come alive with quite an astonishing story told in a captivating fashion by Marian herself. But nay, no one was disappointed, because this night was only the first of many in a long string of celebratory nights of song, dance, merriment, and, of course, more telling stories in the Hut.

After everyone had gotten a good rest, taken part in more festivities, and settled down to listen to more of the elders' tales, Friar Tuck took the initiative to begin a story of his own.

"I am here to tell you of a tale of dragons, magic, the unexplainable, love, reverence, and even more dragons!" Tuck said, gleefully. The children's ears perked up immediately upon hearing such key terms as "dragons" and "magic." They would not later be disappointed by this rousing episode.

"Look at wee Robin there, for the most part content and secure, except for that bane we call the Sheriff. I remember when he was a vivacious little lad who always got into trouble and never stayed out of anyone's hair!"

Friar Tuck had a natural charisma about him, perhaps enhanced by the jolly nature his countenance took through a few too many drinks. But his voice was strong and convincing, as one would expect a man of religious advocation to be.

"So now I begin..."

Instructions: Send in a few lines for the next part of the story. If you need more than a few lines, just try to stop as soon as possible without starting another scene.

I am looking for this tale to develop into one which ends up with some sort of relevance to Robin's reverence towards the Virgin Mary, how he would try never to lay a hand on a woman, fit within the context of mystical creatures supposedly non-existent. (or not supposed to be existent)

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