ben turner's résumé, updated may 2006
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Professional Summary:

Application Engineer at Vimeo. Product feature development for user collections (albums, channels, etc.), brand channels, categories. PHP/MemcacheDB/MySQL.

Web Developer at The Barbarian Group. Drupal/PHP for GE Transportation, node.js-based crossover Instagram-steganography application Cryptstagram, YouTube/Rails app for Bacardi promotion, Rails maintenance for Hornitas, Sauza, redesign of Cinder site in Django/Python, PHP Slim API for Clinique mobile app, IBM BlueMix demo using Sifteo API, Wordpress for Projects for All.

Engineer intern at ChatID. Built a Python-based web scraper to check brand and retailer companies' sites for web-based third-party chat systems. Python, scrapy, MongoDB, Pattern with Flask front-end, node.js front-end. Implemented front-end tests with Casper.js across multiple VMs for browser compatibility.

Coding intern at The Colbert Report. Set up new Ubuntu server for Github-cloned Etherpad custom code using node.js, Less. Managed code updates and administrative maintenance for three testing servers. Pushed code fixes and features for custom Etherpad-based scriptwriting software, using jQuery, node, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and some CoffeeScript.

Founder & Discoverer, Online reputation management system for persistent global identity. Uses two-way transparency along with quantifiable and qualifiable data collection about your life so that you can build reputation and credit, as well as perform regressions on your lifestream. Read the research blog.

Operations analyst focusing on social media and social networking for Gov 2.0 projects which improve transparency, responsiveness, and communication among the government, citizenry, and public safety organizations.

Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran with five years Army experience. Military intel/Arabic linguistic support for special forces unit. TS/SCI cleared.

Over 10 years of experience in design, programming, and database integration in a web site environment.

Six years experience trading equities in the U.S. stock market and a strong background in languages including varying degrees of study in Arabic, Latin, ancient Greek, French, Spanish, and some Swedish.

Proven ability to diversify my skills competently and change settings, adapt to new information, and motivate others to become more productive than they thought possible. Track record of distilling ideas and energy into products clients love.

Selected Skills & Accomplishments:

2008-2009 Yahoo! Junior Fellow for Yahoo! And Georgetown University's Institute for the Study of Diplomacy, studying privacy and identity and international values affecting social networking in different countries. Final research paper and blog.

Honor student selectee, 2008 Academy of Achievement Summit. One of two representatives sent from the Georgetown MSFS program. About 100 honor students attending.

After developing a reputation and portfolio, attracted new clients to parent web design company as head designer for original designs, database infrastructure, and advertising for fabGORGON (a New York/Philadelphia advertising firm), a Philips Electronics cell phone promotion, Blue Ball Philadelphia, Flash Flood Productions (radio promotion production), and the Austin Powers Official Collector's Club.

Managed 700% increase in equity trading portfolio during two-year stint as daytrader.

Served in Iraq as an Army paratrooper and Arabic linguist in the U.S. Army. Deployment, responsibility for, and maintenance of hundred-thousand dollar computer equipment.

Maintain an award-winning, well-trafficked web site with over 350 essays, and extensive underlying mySQL database integration via PHP, dHTML, Ajax, and external APIs, linking over ten years of over 300MB of data together.

For winner of the Project Cool Site of the Day. (10/98) Reviewed in The Net magazine. (6/97)

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Portrait of Ben Turner BEN TURNER
male, 42 years old
living in n.y.c.
u.s. & u.k. citizenship
6'0", 195lb


Application Engineer, Vimeo. (June 2014 - Present)

Web Developer, The Barbarian Group. (June 2013 - May 2014)

Founder, (2006 - Present)

Engineer intern, ChatID. (May 2012 - May 2013)

Coding intern, The Colbert Report. (October 2011 - May 2012)

Social media operations analyst. (June 2009 - July 2011)

TS/SCI Arabic linguist/paratrooper, U.S. Army. (2002 - 2007)

Trader in securities. (1999 - 2002)

Web designer. (1995-1999) Senior designer @ WebMasters, Inc.



New York University, New York, NY. (2011-2013, expected). MPS, Interactive Telecommunications Program.


Georgetown University, Washington, DC. (2007-2009). 3.62 GPA. MS, Foreign Service, international development.


University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas (1996-2000). 3.2 GPA. BA, Latin. Minors: Business Foundations Program, classical civilization.


Defense Language Institute, Monterey, California (2002-2003). 3.0 GPA. AA, Modern Standard Arabic.

Languages, Etc.:

Modern Standard Arabic, 2+/3 DLPT score, 7 years. Latin, 6 years. Ancient Greek, French, 1 year. Spanish, 1 semester. HTML, PHP, mySQL, MongoDB, Redis, AWS, jQuery, jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile, Processing, node.js/express, Ruby/Sinatra, PhoneGap, JavaScript, AJAX, Python, R, Java.


Foreign policy, global economies, alternative energy technologies, social networking, socio-economic statistics, international security, counter-terrorism, investment, entrepreneurship, emerging technology, social phenomena, community volunteering (Relay for Life for cancer awareness, Christmas in April house repair), writing, running.

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