"I'm sure they have an 'Independent Thought Warning Button' somewhere at school to take care of problem students..." -B.T.


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IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: In light of the Colorado school shooting, I felt it was important to place this disclaimer online. First of all, this page was created 3 1/2 years ago (so please excuse the horrid design -- the rest of my site looks much better these days), when I was just out of high school.

The "Trenchcoat Gang Mafia" was a name generally accepted at PESH describing these supposedly loser AD&D-playing kids at school who talked to themselves, bore antisocial attitudes, and wore trenchcoats, no matter how unbearable the Dallas heat was. THIS WAS JUST A NAME LIKE ANY OTHER. This "gang" is in no way related to the Trenchcoat Mafia in that Colorado school. They did not assign themselves this name, nor do I think did they have any idea they were being called a name. These guys never caused any problems at all. And no, I was NEVER involved with this group of kids. Where do you guys GET this stuff?

Nevertheless, I have received e-mails from many different people, including big-time newspapers' reporters, so I would really appreciate it if you would e-mail me and let me know you came here looking for information. Don't ask me what I know, though, because in all honesty, I don't know anything about these shootings. To date, I have been contacted by curious folks from the NY Times, Time Magazine, Dallas Morning News, KTVT in Dallas, FOX in Dallas, the San Francisco Examiner, the Plano police department, and about 100 other curious individuals. If you want, you can read this non-news article quoting me in the Dallas Morning News, in which I do my best surfer impression. Like, no way...

Please do NOT burden the Plano police department with calls -- I can assure you there is no connection regarding Plano. I have talked to the Plano police department regarding this incident and people have been calling over there. If you read this disclaimer, you will understand that there is no link -- if you read anything or hear anything from any media organizations up there, they should make it clear that this page is only a victim of a misunderstanding.

Here is my write-up of the incident thus far, as of late Tuesday night. It includes the supposed URLs of the suspects' web sites, since so many people have been asking me for them. Good luck finding what you want to find, folks.

If you're looking for info about the school shooting and the warning the Trenchcoat Mafia gave, please go to the Drudge Report for raw speculation.

Final note: although the "Trenchcoat Gang Mafia" at my school was not involved, they should probably be investigated on grounds of kookiness. I am not making light of the school shooting -- I am thankful to make it through high school without anything crazy like this. I even missed all the Plano heroin overdoses that came shortly after I graduated.



Two years we went to that school. Five days a week we went to that school. Approximately seven hours a day we went to that school. And we still didn't figure everything out.

This page asks mostly questions but has just one obvious answer: we never figured that big tan commune out.

Have any more questions about Plano East? Send them to me.

  • Did anyone find it odd they gave you credit for taking a fishing class, when the only place you ever fished was the mucky school pond?
  • Why did they buy that "spirit rock" and throw it in the school lawn? Why don't they just set up graffiti walls?
  • Why did they build the softball field in the middle of the parking lot?
  • What was with Dr. Anderson? We didn't sign up for physics 598, dammit!
  • Is it too great a feat of thermodynamics to have the building warm when it's cold outside and cold when it's warm outside? Or just leave it cold so we don't fall asleep in class?
  • Why was the school newspaper so durn lousy?
  • How did Robert Allen get on the school newspaper staff?
  • Why were the walls painted red, green, blue, etc. until the '95-'96 school year?
  • Was Archie McAfee the stunt double in the Naked Gun movies?
  • Why did Coach Rasor teach every class available at PESH? (contributed by Daniel Chen!)
  • Did anyone actually use the brand-spanking new computers at PESH?
  • Did anyone find it strange that we were forced to play Word Attack (the game with that enigmatic little dude who had the fetish for hats) in our senior years of high school?
  • Where was the parking lot security?
  • Did anyone else sweat as profusely as we did at graduation? And would anyone consider the black graduation gowns to be a design error based on typical Dallas summer weather statistics?
  • Did the PESH newspaper writing staff work with local elementary schools on the editing of their articles?
  • How far away from PESH could you be and still spot Daniel Chen's neon-green Neon in the parking lot?
  • Using your knowledge of chemical and biological evolution, would it be possible for anything to thrive in the pond outside school? (besides Enoch Au, some speculate)
  • For those who regularly parked in the east parking lot, did you detect the sweet-smelling scent wafting from the nearby bovine entities? Did you enjoy it?
  • Using permutation and combination, how many theoretical varieties of meals could the lunchladies produce in a school year from the existing leftovers? (Lunchlady Becky, you're cool)
  • How many people were victimized by murderous ducks out by the pond?
  • What was the real story behind those Ghostbusters packs the custodians carried after school?
  • Could the J.J. Pearce tennis coach have been any more of a jerk in the '95-'96 season?
  • Jeremy Hui?
  • How many squirrels could possibly get run over in the vicinity of Plano East? (They are harmless compared to UT-bred squirrels -- PESH squirrels don't steal your car and take off.)
  • What really went on behind the doors of the teacher's lounges?
  • Was anyone afraid of the T.G.M.? (Trenchcoat Gang Mafia)
  • Did Mrs. Dale and Mrs. Boots work secretly together to undermine our GPAs? (we really love you two!)
  • Could the science hallway smell any worse after the bathroom overflowed? (all three times)
  • Did you personally thank all the people who blocked up twenty feet of hallway every morning?
  • What did Student Government do?
  • Why were the servers 286s and all the other computers brand new 486s?
  • Are band members family, or are they "family"?
  • Jeremy Hui?
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The logo and other official pictures have been borrowed from Plano East Senior High School, and all credit goes to it. The rest of the images have been created by Ben Turner and cannot be used without his consent.

Also keep in mind that this web site is all in good fun. No grades or exams will be given for covering this material.


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