"Most teens say they leave high school with plenty of stories. I left with volumes." -B.T.



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PESH Stories

This page will publish stories relating to PESH, written by former students. The purpose is to share experiences we've all been through in our long two years at PESH, because that's basically what the whole social aspect of school is about -- memories.

I encourage you to send any stories you've written to me which relate to PESH. Even if the stories only tangentially relate to PESH, I'll accept them. Some good topics might be school issues, those durn ducks, class projects, graduation, lunch period, etc. Forget writing papers for school -- write a story for PESH Online!


This is the first story published on PESH Online, and I think it's fitting since it represents the last time most everyone was together -- graduation. I, in my state of zombie-like pseudo-existence over the summer, watched graduation a few times on that cheesy channel on Telecable. You know what channel I'm talking about: it's the one which usually has blurry PISD messages in beautiful shades of neon green text on fire-engine red backgrounds. Reminds me of Wired's web site. Both have no substance, mind you, so they must rely on the barbaric ravaging of our eyes to get our attention.

So anyway, I was talking about graduation, right? Well besides the generic speeches and the usual comparisons of our lives to those of squirrels', graduation was weird. I got the feeling no one really knew what to do there -- asking people what was going on, where to go, etc. usually gave me the responses a stoned college student would give you. "Hey, uhh, man, beats me...so, like, how does my cap look and stuff?" Everyone was stumbling around like dazed deer and the heat was tearing with its hoary claws at the doors of the auditorium.

My mom
saw me
from the
other side
of the

But I will not take the time right now to discuss everything which happened that long, sweltering day. Instead I will talk about what I guess was the strangest thing of all: the benediction. I'm not talking about Rahul's speech -- Rahul was actually pretty good up there on that little makeshift stage. But did you notice that it started to thunder and rain when the benediction began? Now I'm no heavy-duty advocate of religion (thank God...or someone up there), but I thought it was creepy. Had we been cursed or blessed for the remainders of our little lives? Or both? I'd like to think it was a bit of both. The rain was a bad omen, signalling rough weather for our early years until we establish ourselves in the world. But the rain also cleansed our souls so that we may begin college with life anew. It would be too optimistic or pessimistic to just think of the rain as meaning one thing. I subscribe to the Yin-Yang philosophy and believe duality is present in everything. The gods are up there, ready to strike us down if we're not careful or ambitious about our futures.

Or I could just be completely wrong and Rahul could have created something which allowed him to control the weather for effect to jazz up his speech -- I would not put it past him, the little punning devil.

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