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[10/05/01: I just added forums to my site. If you'd like to see if anyone else sent anything to the PESH forum, go here. Feel free to share any info you have about your life or attempt to find old friends!]

Why bother looking at those horrible pages the Plano school district sets up? All you want to do is find your friends, see what they're up to at college, and maybe try to chat with them online, right?

Yeah, bragging about Plano East (although we have the right to in some respects) gets tiring after awhile, especially when the big cheeses throw around credentials more than the students. Plano East is just another high school which thinks it's great because it's got this wonderful student body which is using technology to the fullest extent. Sure. We all know what we really use the 'Net for!

This page was set up by Ben Turner for the most part, which many ideas and creative work being contributed by his roommate at UT Austin, Daniel Chen. The page exists primarily so that former Plano East students can get together on the 'Net and tell each other college horror stories. Keep in mind that this site should be taken in good fun and reflects only the opinions of those who write here. Any attempts to persuade people that this site speaks for PESH itself will be laughed off heartily.

In this effort to round up old friends, we will discuss how to get onto the IRC channels, we'll list student e-mail addresses and homepage URLs, and we'll post Plano East-related articles.

If you're a student at PESH right now, or you graduated before 1996, that's fine. We encourage you to come visit and contribute your own thoughts. But most of the people in this circle are graduates of the class of 1996 and we've known each other since we woke up early on weekends.

Having problems? E-mail me.

Now, what do you want to see?

* The student list. See what all your friends online are up to. Write them e-mail or visit their homepages if they have them. Then contribute your own to add to the experience.
* IRC chatting. Find out how to log in to IRC and chat with the rest of the folks!
* Why...? We don't know about you, but when we graduated, we had a lot of damn questions to ask about why things were the way they were at Plano East. See if you noticed the same things we did.
* Storytime. Got an interesting story to tell about the administrators or school in general? Send them in and we'll post them (gawd, if Archie finds out about this...)
[ The Student List ]

[ Chatting on IRC ]

[ Why...? ]

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The logo and other official pictures have been borrowed from Plano East Senior High School, and all credit goes to it. The rest of the images have been created by Ben Turner and cannot be used without his consent.

Also keep in mind that this web site is all in good fun. No grades or exams will be given for covering this material.


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