old battle .plans for world domination.

For the most part, Ben knows best. But some ideas just didn't fly. He must have humility.

It's not explicitly stated here, but yes, I am no longer updating these .plan files. The last file is November 19th.

08/17/97Exponible Rationale.
08/18/97A Philanthropic and Entropic Something.
08/19/97Inextricable Talents.
08/20/97Ecstasies of Raw Cookie Dough.
08/21/97Rapt in Limerance and More.
08/22/97Innocuous Timestamp.
08/23/97Uh. (just a note)
08/26/97Revision of Said Goals.
08/28/97This .plan, My Flue for Misease.
08/30/97Deliberation and Rumination.
09/01/97The Lachrymatory State of the Domicile.
09/02/97Dreams of Her Mellifluous Voice.
09/03/97The Importance of Celerity.
09/05/97A Latin Salve.
09/08/97Semblable to a Spark's E-mail.
09/08/97The Filament of Comfort...
09/13/97An Eddying Pool of Creativity. (I misplaced it)
09/17/97Id Intellego.
09/20/97Discontentment, a Waif to Me.
09/22/97Simple Trigonometry.
09/24/97At Home in the Ethereal Void.
09/30/97Whineding Down, a Continuation.
10/05/97Subcutaneous Feelings.
10/09/97Brunching with a Squid.
10/11/97Cognizant of Cognizance.
10/13/97Tantamount to Cultism.
10/19/97Wondrous Momentlets Approacheth.
10/22/97Incalescent, Love-Struck Teen...
10/28/97Diurnal Divarication.
10/31/97Pestilence and E-mail.
11/2/97Flagrant Harakiri.
11/18/97Stagnans Scriptura.
11/19/97Abort All Acceptance.