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The Mood Pattern Watch for December

a distant view into the mind of an Internet entity, serving no apparent purpose in particular but to show how one is affected by the Christmas spirit, in metaphorical weather jargon...

[the moods are swift to change, malicious yet completely normal]


just imagine a goofy looking weather announcer reading the reports, would you kind sir/ma'am?


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Mood Patterns Day 1/31: Slightly detached from reality. 90% chance of cheerfulness.

Mood Patterns Day 2/31: Scattered thoughts from semi-interesting classes. Perception cloudy as others' views of Ben are revealed to him.

Mood Patterns Day 3/31: Clear and alive. Good day to download software and try it out.

Mood Patterns Day 4/31: Brain moist with absorbing ideas and thoughts today. Expect strong moodiness in near future.

Mood Patterns Day 5/31: Cold front moves in quickly. Ben has little time to get everything done with!

Mood Patterns Day 6/31: Bleah. Stay inside, folks. Stay inside.

Mood Patterns Day 7/31: Precipitation with mixture of uneasiness and external votes of confidence. Warm and cold fronts colliding means more strange weather this week.

Mood Patterns Day 8/31: A large storm of panic has snuck in. Finals are here? But I have so many things I need to write!

Mood Patterns Day 9/31: The storm abates and denial sets in. Bah, finals aren't coming up. It's a joke...right? Must be. Besides, I have a soapbox essay to write. Who has time to worry about finals?

Mood Patterns Day 10/31: It couldn't be nicer outside, folks. No wind, no precipitation, no clouds, just a Zen-like state in Ben's mind. Yes, that's right, he's re-translated all of De Bello Gallico and is ready for his first final. What's he doing up past midnight? And will that girl write back? Uh oh, some clouds are moving in...

Mood Patterns Day 11/31: The clouds took awhile to clear out, so Ben didn't have time to write about his mood for the 11th. 50% chance of over-confidence, could lead Ben to assign himself even more projects to complete.

Mood Patterns Day 12/31: The weather's about as dull as you can get. Chalk this one up as 'braindead'. Bio final tomorrow. No problem!

Mood Patterns Day 13/31: Too much mental snow today! It all built up and shut me inside a state of being busy. So I was unable to drive out and update the Moodwatch. Sorry.

Mood Patterns Day 14/31: Hehe, nothing but earthQuakes today. It's a completely different experience when played online. Oh yes, and I relearned what it's like to start out in a completely new environment when I helped a friend today. Time not only heals wounds, it also erases memories.

Mood Patterns Day 15/31: In the real world, horrible weather and the chaotic end of finals drive fellow college students and friends back to their homes for the holidays. In my world, the temperature's only just a little brisk as I explore the wonderful and beautiful moors of information in an otherwise perfect mindset.

Mood Patterns Day 16/31: 78% chance of nerves as Ben's last two finals are just around the corner. 90% chance of studying enough for these two finals. 150% chance of spending too much time thinking about going home for the holidays. Maybe it's not a great idea to let college students go home for Thanksgiving and then come back to take finals.

Mood Patterns Day 17/31: Flurries of finals hit Ben Turner today, but they did not accumulate. It all ended in the afternoon, and everything was peaceful as Ben returned home. Good weather expected from here until next semester.

Mood Patterns Day 18/31: So calm in the realm of Ben Turner that you could, well, sleep half a day. Like Ben did. Watch out, world, here Ben com...oh fuck, Christmas shopping! Okay, maybe the bad weather's still lingering about.

Mood Patterns Day 19/31: Finally getting things done. Too busy to worry about the weather.

Mood Patterns Day 20/31: The weather can't make up its mind. Buy this! No no, they want that! Oooh ooh, don't forget to wish this person a Merry Christmas! Ugh. It's just like weather in Dallas.

Mood Patterns Day 21/31: We have a tree now. The indecisiveness which is so common at this time of year is swept up with the succulent scent of pine sap. It's so nice to be home.

Mood Patterns Day 22/31: Even the forecaster's gone home for Christmas. No one, including Ben, knows what the mood patterns look like today. Better wait until the holiday season passes... Rumors have it that everything's peachy keen and Ben is happy, though.

Mood Patterns Day 23/31: We're still in the dark on this one. I think Ben is waiting to see what happens in the next few days. Weather most assuredly uncertain.

Mood Patterns Day 24/31: Sort of pissed off for some reason. Time for the loud, cathartic rock music.

Mood Patterns Day 25/31: Today was private. Sorry!

Mood Patterns Day 26/31: Things look optimistic. Ben is learning Java and should increase his marketability twofold in the next few months. Destined for Internet moguldom? We'll see.

Mood Patterns Day 27/31: "Somewhere a man awakens from his nocturnal slumber, / Harshly is he slammed with angst as a tree by thunder. / His claustrophobic mind consumes itself, compelled. / Thoughts causing harm, he tries to escape this Hell." (dramatized for effect)

Mood Patterns Day 28/31: The skies look much better now. Some people may find removing "Achtung Baby" from the CD player gets rid of foul moods. Nine out of ten angst-ridden people agree!

Mood Patterns Day 29/31: Gettin' up late, doin' some entertainin' work, goin' to be early in the mornin'. Yeah. It's almost over, though. Like a storm, school sleeping schedules are quick to return. I'll have to wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed soon so I can prepare for next semester... Just the thought makes me gag.

Mood Patterns Day 30/31: One more project completed. That means more time to work on learning Java. Will Ben ever finish reading The Diamond Age? He still has to read Idoru!! Sigh...

Mood Patterns Day 31/31: Last day of this mood pattern watch, last day of December, last day of 1996! Too bad I have nothing profound to say. Let's just kick back and enjoy this, folks, regardless of the bloody weather.


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