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Exercises in Circumlocution


Do you recognize these sayings in verbal attire not so well known? See how many you can restate in more common language.

Stumped? You'll have to ask me for answers!

  1. Pulchritude appears in the epidermis only.
  2. On the alternate side of the enclosure the herbage is always more verdant.
  3. Infringement of judicial principles does not compensate the malefactor.
  4. A plethora of chefs de cuisine impairs the culinary product.
  5. To preserve the smallest monetary coin is tantamount to laboring for it.
  6. A single decayed edible fruit can contaminate the remaining fruit in the cylindrical vessel.
  7. It is impossible to disseminate, to a carnivorous domesticated animal of the Canidae family, knowledge of unprecedented stratagem or maneuvers.
  8. Residents of abodes with primarily vitreous transparency should refrain from hurling mineralite projectiles.
  9. Every device is equitable in ardent affection as well as in a state of violence between two or more nations.
  10. A single pass of a needle through a fabric will prevent nine passes of said needle through said fabric.
  11. When the nebulae choose to emit their humidity, an effusion of condensed vapor pellets terra firma.
  12. Grasp the horny protuberances of the gentleman cow.
  13. It behooves one to make his appearance at the rendezvous one full cycle of the chronometer before the foreappointed time rather than to procrastinate for one-sixtieth of the cycle.
  14. To the sagacious, a single verbal utterance suffices.
  15. Be chary in using the ferule and impair the progeny.
  16. Assume the conjugal vows in too great celerity and rue the day in indolence.
  17. Aves similarly pennated gregariously assemble.
  18. If, at first, fiasco is your fate, endeavor and attempt anew.
  19. Devour, imbibe and be convivial, for in a twenty-four hour span ye occupy six feet of earth.
  20. It is possible to induce an equine creature to aquatic enclosures, but all compulsion to imbibing will prove fruitless.
  21. Avarice of lucre is the radical element of all malefaction.
  22. One of virile nature is recognized by those he eats bread with.
  23. A respected appelation excels in value enormous affluence.
  24. A pair offers a possibility of companionship, while tripe identities considered as an aggregate assume the overpowering characteristics of a multitude.
  25. A warm-blooded, plumed vertebrate which activates its energies quickly from a state of nocturnal hibernation is able to seize by force of stratagem the slender, soft-bodied, segmented creature that lives by burrowing underground.
  26. All substances which exhibit a reflection of light particles emanating dazzling profusion are not necessarily composed of a dense, metallic, chemical element that possesses a high degree of ductility and malleability.
  27. It is not considered prudent to enumerate an individual's stock of domestic fowl in advance of the termination of the period of gestation.
  28. Lavation is in proximity to a state of piety.
  29. It is not judicious for an individual to engage in lachrymation concerning an unintentional overflow of lacteous substances.
  30. Vermillion-hued cumulus formation observed during matinal hours cause considerable agitation of mariners, while the appearance of visible garnet mass of vapor during nocturnal periods produces euphoria among those who traverse aqueous bodies.
  31. The art of combining vocal or instrumental sounds or tones in varying melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre in order to form structurally complete expressive compositions mollifies the uncultivated primitive.
  32. A nonmetallic mineral substance of definite density which is in the process of periodical revolution in orbit does not assemble quantities of lichenous material.
  33. A group of three mus musculi, afflicted with the distressing malady of being unable to perceive with their ocular organs, has been witnessed to demonstrate unusual powers of locomotion and extreme agility. This triumvirate pursued the spouse of an agrarian developer who severed the beasts' caudal appendages with a sharp utensil used in the slaughter and dressing of animals, and it has been observed by onlookers that a spectacle of this particular rarity exceeded any experience they had ever encountered by its sheer singularity.

A Compendium of Unabridged Excuses:

  1. The ordinarily carnivorous domestic canine under by husbandry luxuriated in unprecedented masticatory privileges with my unobserved project.
  2. Indefeasible difficulties necessitate a reassessment of allotted time parameters vis-a-vis the restructuring of predesignated completion goals.
  3. The random medley of chance momentarily overcame my ordinarily trenchant vigilance over my beloved athletic habiliments while languishing aboard the institutionary conveyance.
  4. Because of an avouched preponderance for somnolent indulgence, I unilaterally miscalculated the foreordained commencement of this scholastic exercise.
  5. Attractive as is the imminent prospect of an amorous interlude, and not unsympathetic to the solicitous parlance of your request, I nevertheless deem it emotionally incumbent to more realistically confine my courtship practices to members of the immediate human species.


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