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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Stanislav Petrov Knew Better and Didn't Pull the Trigger
"'I just couldn’t believe that just like that, all of a sudden, someone would hurl five missiles at us. Five missiles wouldn’t wipe us out. The U.S. had not five, but a thousand missiles in battle readiness.' It just didn’t seem like any scenario considered by military intelligence before."

Yahoo is the New Google, Google is the New Yahoo
from John Battelle
"Google, it seems, has jumped the shark. It has been overtaken, left standing, and not by some new startup of ultra smart MIT alumni or by the gazillions in the Microsoft development budget, but by the deeply unhip and previously discounted Yahoo."

Bill Kristol Pie-ing: The Zapruder Tapes
Awesome photo frames of Kristol getting pie'd in the face!

Bill Cosby Fun Game
"Lure people into your cave by using your pudding and camera."

Anarchist Contacted by FBI to Narc on Users
The replies to the topic crack me up.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

"DoD Announces Plan to Improve Foreign Language Expertise"
A lot of mumbo jumbo Army-speak, but sometimes good new things (and bad new things) can come of it. There's rumors that we linguists are supposed to get a huge increase in foreign language proficiency pay, but it hasn't been approved yet.

Writing Killer Resumes
"It is a mistake to think of your resume as a history of your past, as a personal statement or as some sort of self expression. Sure, most of the content of any resume is focused on your job history. But write from the intention to create interest, to persuade the employer to call you."

Random Shiavo Protestor Pic
Sometimes I feeeeel like I'm beating a dead horse.

Budget Deficit Charts
This chart of the budget deficit puts things in perspective, going back to the 60's.

The Next Version of MySQL
from slashdot
MySQL is great for me. But evidently the pedants love to pick on it.

Which Napoleon Dynamite Character Are You?
I was Lafawnduh. =P

Decennial Theory
Every year ending in 5 going back to the 19th century has been a big rally year for the Dow. Interestingly, a lot of key bottoms occurred in March.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Joe Scarborough Gets Called Out by a Neurologist
"And you're asking me if a CAT scan was done? How could you possibly be so stupid?"

"Wanted: Spies Unlike Us"
"The CIA must cultivate foreign sources, reward service overseas, and tap America’s top students to once again get good information on enemies of the United States."

"More Bang for the Buck"
A brief article suggesting how money should be re-allocated in the military. Nothing new I guess.

The Phoenix Suns' 12th Man's Blog
Hahahaha this shit is great. =P "I play for (I use the term loosely; play for/cheer for—same thing) arguably the best basketball team in the world. My responsibilities include: 1. Showing up for buses, practices, games, etc. on time. 2. Refraining from causing undue stress to anyone by misbehaving on road trips or wading into the stands to attack fans. 3. Practicing hard when given the opportunity. 4. Entering games when my team is up by an insurmountable margin and attempting to break the shots-per-minute record."

The Fed Taming the Real Estate Bubble?
"Or so opines Ed Yardeni in his latest missive to clients. The chief investment strategist at Oak Associates writes that the Fed's hiking interest rates these days because of worries of a "speculative bubble" in real estate. Inflation per se, by contrast, isn't the trigger this time around in the tightening of the monetary screws."

InfoSpace's Dot-Con
from Jason Kottke
A look at how InfoSpace left its investors holding the bag.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Look Up More
from Jason Kottke
A cool stunt held above a Whole Foods Market involving choreographed dancers. OMG SI TEH FEDS RUN!

Area Code List
A list of area codes and their corresponding coverage areas.

Figuring Out the Social Security Number Format
You can learn a lot about a person from the numbers in their social security number.

PBS's "The First Measured Century"
A bunch of charts looking at the economic numbers for the U.S. in the 20th century. While poverty had a massive dip among minorities, look at the debt situation.

Man Ladder
Advanced technique from a spy manual: the man ladder. All aboard the man train!

Che Griffin
If Peter Griffin was a socialist revolutionary. =P

Best Format for Music EVAR
Things which I will do for love: Anything. Things which I will not do for love: That.

Speeding Up Firefox on Broadband
Some config changes to speed up Firefox for broadband. Oldie, but goodie for reference.

"Stairway to Heaven" Played Backwards
Listen to "Stairway to Heaven" forwards and backwards, with lyrics. Plus other songs from Britney and Pokemon.

mIRC SystemInfo Script
Post specs of your computer through mIRC like CPU speed, memory usage, HD space, etc.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Curse Your Site with a Disaster!
from Waxy.org
Barrage your site with meteors, submerge it in floods.

Army Life at the Defense Language Institute
A little outdated, but a fairly detailed description of what life is like at DLI, the joint military language school.

Jeremy Zawodny Praises Flickr
"Flickr has been on my radar for a while now, but I only recently began to start playing with it. I'm impressed as hell. After my first 10 minutes of playing with it, I found myself thinking "why don't we build stuff like this at Yahoo?" In other words, I realized that we could probably learn a lot from this when it comes to building next generation applications at Yahoo."

"Take Your Porn on the Road"
Regina Lynn says we're all just dying to view porn on our PSPs while on the subway!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2005

"A Coder in Courierland"
from Jason Kottke
"There are a number of reasons why the courier life was particularly attractive to this budding young programmer. Part of it was of course standard Office Space fantasy. But there was more. Gibson and Stephenson had taught me that the messenger, the mailman, was a vital romantic figure. The soldier of the information age." While I joined the Army.

Banksy Installs Own Art at Museums
from Jason Kottke
"Dressed as a British pensioner, over the last few days Banksy entered each of the galleries and attached one of his own works, complete with authorative name plaque and explanation."

The Guns'n'Roses Album That Never Happened
from Jason Kottke
A look inside the failed attempt to bring out one last Guns'n'Roses album, at great expense and stress. God I love this band. =P

"Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an All-Night Runner"
I think I read an article about Dean Karnazes in "Esquire". He ran 262 miles straight once.

The Samsung SCH-V770
Hmmm... A 7MPixel cameraphone? Oh, that'll only cost about $100, right? I'm dying for the next generation of affordable cameraphones to come out so I can moblog decent photos.

Yahoo! Next
Similar to Google Labs. Yahoo! seems to be catching its stride again, with useable products.

Pirates DO exist! I've seen them!
I'm thinking "Life Aquatic" drummed up interest in this article, which talks about modern-day pirates.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

My Grandfather's Wiki Entry
Found this recently. My grandfather, Victor Turner, for whom I was named, was a famous anthropologist.

Sign up for REXKWANDO!
I'm training to be a cage fighter. "The shocking story of how the U.S. military, the feds, and every martial art school on the planet is trying to prevent you from getting this elite combat training."

A list of Merrill Lynch's HOLDRs, similar to SPDRs or tradeable index tracker stocks.

Morse Code Alphabet
Just in case you might need it.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Iraq Geocaches
One of them says, "Don't confuse the cache with the black 'poison do not touch boxes.' They are what they say and part of the vector borne disease control team's tools." Uhh, right.

Battlefield 2 Preview
Having generals down to squad leaders for team management seems cool. The models look nice too.

"Microsoft: Built From Scratch, The Interface Migrates to the Web"
I find that most of the stuff I work on is online. Will thin client theory finally realize its hype?

"Net Worth", The Knowledge Economy
"Still, the trend is unmistakable; in the words of Martin and Moldoveanu, the 'talent class has declared war on shareholder capitalists.'"

"Peeking into Google"
A good look at Google's internal database and querying architecture.

"Worst Data Loss Story Evar"
So a guy posts a story of his dad finding out about his sexuality, to win a flash drive?

"The Armageddon Foil"
The senior economist at Morgan Stanley is extremely bearish.

Warren Buffett and the Market
Warren Buffett is shorting the dollar and can't find good value plays to put cash into.

Download PBS Frontline Episodes
from Jason Kottke
PBS Frontline has interesting topics, and it's nice to be able to stream the episodes.

Ken Jennings, Master Pimp on Jeopardy
from Jason Kottke
"What's a ho?"

China Accuses U.S. of Monopolizing the Internet
Oh ya? How is the U.S. managing THAT? Not by having a national filtering proxy mentality, that's for sure.


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