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Wednesday, April 27th, 2005

nukeit1's Flickr Photos from Iraq
A lot of photos from a Marine in Iraq from perspectives/places we haven't seen before.

Swedish Torrent Site Responds to Apple
The laws don't apply overseas.

"Americans Pay Off Credit Card Debt!"
This slate.com article says Americans are paying their debt down, and it's hurting credit card companies.

Site Readability Test
My Soapbox frontpage rated in the 8's -- and I always thought I was a fairly sophisticated writer. =(

ifuckedanncoulterintheasshard Blog
The Time cover pissed off a lot of people I think.

Wednesday, April 20th, 2005

Indie Tits
A cartoon strip with a cynical view of music.

A Video for Beck's "Que Onda Guero"
Probably my favorite song off the album, along with "Hell Yes".

Angelina Jolie is a Home Wrecker
The hottest woman on the planet?

NBA Players and Taxes
Shouldn't teams compile information on tax laws for their players?

Will Wright's "Spore"
A look at a pretty neat little game that emphasizes user customizability and uniqueness within an adaptable world.

Tuesday, April 12th, 2005

Chris Shelton Arrested
Hahaha. I hate this guy on The Apprentice. He really needs to get fired. Once every show, he does the "NO SIR, I AM THE BEST AT SO AND SO". He's out of control.

Rare Timepiece

Unitarian Jihad
A different take on jihads. Get your acts together or we will blow you all up.

Bad Ex Stories Face Off!
I wouldn't have said the hooker was worse than the girl whose boyfriend's brother got her pregnant.

Japanese Car Companies Rule
Man, the U.S. car manufacturers are just getting destroyed by the Japanese.

"The Shift Away from Thrift"
Declining savings rates, aggressive rich investors, and their consequences. I save maybe 25-35% of my income a year right now!

Friday, April 8, 2005

Ven Cap Money Back into Techs
from Jason Kottke
I guess this Web 2.0 thing is attracting fresh attention. There's a lot of cool new services and software out there -- and some big names looking to absorb them.

The White House Google Map from Our View

Interesting Google Maps
from Waxy.org
A blog for tracking the cool satellite maps people find.

Montreal's Metro Art
I really like the photos from Place Des Arts Station.

Monday, April 4, 2005

Carpooling to Heaven!

Examples of Ajax
Ajax is the hot thing for site developers.

"The Year of the Yao"
A movie about Yao Ming? He still plays soft, like he doesn't feel he belongs on the court.

Introduction to Ajax
Google's big on using Ajax -- that's how they seem to do advanced Javascript-like things on gmail and google maps.

Money Managers Seem Bullish
The money managers polled by this chief portfolio strategist for Russell said that they wanted money in large cap growth.

Federer Beats Nadal
Holy cow! How did Federer come back to win this? I saw him slam his racket down, then go into a third set tiebreak, after being down two sets to zero. Amazing!

"Rock School"
A documentary that seems just like "School of Rock" but serious and with Bobby Knight as the teacher.

Jung Typology Test
I test as an INTJ, mastermind, strategist.

CAP Alert for Sin City
Sin City scores 0/100 with this Christian movie review site.

Saturday, April 2, 2005

Vid of Man Recreating Scenes from Rocky
from Jason Kottke
Hitting the slab of meat behind the butcher was great.

Fun with Pennies
I usually just throw my pennies away, but these people make structures out of them.

"Fall Guy" Report Out on Spy Agencies
"Saying that the CIA's existing clandestine service is unlikely to overcome a history of poor performance, the report recommends creating a new Human Intelligence Directorate within the CIA to build a better spy service. It also urges major reshuffling of the FBI and the Justice Department." The intel community seems confused and aimless right now. The President seems to have swept most mistakes everything under the rug, and what was left fell on the intel community.


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