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Some stuff just can't be categorized easily. Some people have ambiguous personalities, some politicians have wavering platforms, and some meals in the dormatory cafeteria blur the lines between, well, edible and inedible. Well hopefully the examination of these other pages will give you more sustenance than the above examples, and hopefully you won't get sick when you depart.


web page design

Might as well make money off the Web. Doesn't everybody else? I can guarantee you one thing about my services though -- it'll hold the quality of someone who truly believes in the goals behind the Internet. I won't give you a half-baked effort. More...


other documents

Ever run across miscellaneous documents which don't fit in any category? Me too. They go here. You go here. You might find something you'll like.


stick in the mud status page

I was raised in the mudding community at Stick in the Mud, a place very friendly to those new to MUDs. Stick in the Mud is rarely down, so when it is, its players want to know why. The status page was designed just for answering players' questions about SitM's status.


pesh online

Aww, isn't Ben nice? He, along with his amazing sidekick roommate, Daniel, provided a place on IRC for students of Plano East Senior High School to come and chat. PESH Online gives you the information you need for this channel.


muds for newbies

Starting out on MUDs for the first time is an ambitious task, indeed. The MUD Help page provides the necessary commands to help get you started on Merc style MUDs.


an expression of my theory on life

Some things can't be said any better. This isn't one of them.


an random quotes

Want to see some of my favorite quotes? I find quotes both insightful and amusing, providing a quick glance into someone's head and enjoying it in the process. So...if you could say anything that would be recorded forever, what would it be?


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