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If 40% of the electorate barely picking the Democrats as the majority isn't a full mandate, I don't know what is!! =P

But seriously, today was a pivotal day. I am happy that there will be some political opposition again in this country. Yay!

I'm disappointed that Kinky Friedman lost in Texas with only 11%. =( Our state's not ready for him yet. On the other hand, some awful awful people have left the government and that's a good thing.

I am unsure of Robert Gates becoming the new SecDef. He has a long history in the CIA and as director of central intelligence, but my first impression would be that he's a cold warrior who could be much like Rumsfeld. Plus, he's an Aggie, so he's got that going against him. With General Hayden in the CIA and Gates as the SecDef, you're looking at two intelligence guys with a lot of influence upon war. That could be a potentially dangerous thing.

So, to sum up, the elections far surpassed my expectations. And that is all. =)))))


...and it's getting chillier. I miss the summer already. =(

The good thing is that my Julie is coming to visit me for Columbus Day/Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, so she'll get to see what a military base looks like! Then I'll show her Nashville, a town that I've really grown fond of. I'm glad she'll get to see this before I leave in less than half a year to go to graduate school.


Go Army Airborne Want to go to war? Want to kill some terrorists? Want to avenge 9/11? Want to directly execute American foreign policy?

Well, good news! Maximum age limits for enlisting in the Army have been increased to the age of 42!

So I have a proposal for you. I'm in the Army, and now the Army is offering $1,000 referral bonuses for soldiers who recruit new soldiers into the Army. So how's about it? Let me refer you!

And don't worry, I won't just leave you out to dry. E-mail me if you have any questions about what the life is like, or what job you should get. I'll help get you hooked up!

We need you in the fight! Come on, let's go kill some mujj! I'd be especially honored if I could get referrals for my favorite pro-war non-soldiers, Michelle Malkin and Montgomery Gentry. It's too bad Bill O'Reilly, Charles Johnson, and Neal Cavuto JUST miss the cut-off age limits. We could've used your supporting fire. =~(


So I flew home to Dallas on leave for a little over a week. My girlfriend will be coming here soon also, and I'll give her the Dallas experience and maybe we'll check out the new house my parents are closing on also!

Kinky Friedman for Governor I remembered that mid-term elections are coming up in November and that I have to get an application to vote by mail in September. Then I remembered an article I read in Esquire about Kinky Friedman, a Jewish Texan who's running for governor against the (useless) Republican incumbent Rick Perry and the wishes-she-weren't-Republican Carole Keeton Strayhorn. He's a real interesting guy, and the kind of personality that Texas should have running it.

I mean, the guy's upset that you can't play Texas Hold 'Em in TEXAS! Damn fucking right! And he's all about common sense policies and not any of that them thar' politickin'!

So if you live in Texas, consider giving him a vote. Get more info from Wikipedia.

Time for an awesome week with my darling and my family! Going to a Rangers game tomorrow night -- it's been a while since I went to the Ballpark.


My site was down all day on Wednesday because of hard drive problems on the web host end. No, I did not get in trouble again. =P But I did get a new tattoo on my upper back (members only for pics) and a Nintendo DS Lite.

I revised my résumé and am seeking employment for when I transition out of the Army.

It's the one-year anniversary of when I left for Iraq last year. Instead, this year I will hopefully be going home with Julie to see my parents!

A new arrival, my MacBook!

Today my new 2GHz Core Duo, 1GB RAM MacBook arrived. It's a beautiful, sexy machine. My first Mac. The screen is gorgeous, even if it suffers from glare under direct light and if the vertical space is limited. The keys seem just fine to me, despite hyperbole from reviews. The frame doesn't seem hotter than any other laptop to me but I'm still pondering re-applying thermal paste to it just to do it.

PhotoBooth with the built-in camera has some nifty filters like a comic book pointillist look, an X-ray one, and one that looks similar to the after-effects used in the upcoming Keanu Reeves film, "A Scanner Darkly".

FedEx tracked my new baby originating from Suzhou, China to Anchorage, AK, to Indianapolis, to Nashville, and then to where I live. All in half a week!

The Mavs just beat the Spurs in game 7. I seriously thought they'd blown another 4th quarter but somehow they fucking pulled through. This changes everything! Haven't these playoffs been fantastic? With the emergence of King James and all these game sevens, it's been intense.

Not much is going on in public at benturner.com, but if you apply, you'll see what I'm working on in private.


Well, I'm back from block leave. I spent two precious weeks in Montreal with Julie and half a week with my parents and brother in Dallas.

On the right side there is a link to MY COUNTRY, which is my political platform that I'd run on if I were nominated. I think MY COUNTRY would be something to be proud of, something to aspire to. What do you think?


Well, I've got my MP3 player full of the new Kleptones mash-up compilation 24 Hours and some books to read while on my flight up to Montreal to be with my girlfriend for a couple weeks.

I've been waiting to spend some quality time with my woman for a long time. And the time is finally here!


Have you seen the button up above to apply to join the private side of benturner.com yet?

A decoration for being home:

Ah to be home again.


Well, I'm home in the States now. It feels reaaaaaal good. I am very technologically dependent to begin with, so moving out of the vacuum that is Iraq feels like a breath of fresh air, but it also means a return to good food, smiles, family, my devoted girlfriend, modern construction, and freedom. I'm settling in and now have Vonage, a new computer, and many new ideas for my site.

I didn't quite make it home in time for my birthday, but that's okay. Another month of tax-free.

Please drop me a line if we haven't talked in a while!


When I get home (soon), I'm going to be over-hauling my web site. A lot will change for the better, offering a more distilled, pure version of benturner.com. I have a lot of new ideas for content. Most significantly, much of what comprises benturner.com will be made private; I'm building a private side and making it more personal, requiring you, my reader, to complete a questionnaire before given access. I want to know who you are. I'm not concerned about hits, or trackbacks, or the larger community. I care more about communicating with my readers. I want to build a network of creative, industrious idea people. Also, I want my privacy, my intimacy, freedom to speak, with an audience I know. No more free rides, little Johnny! But there'll still be plenty for the external version of benturner.com for new readers, don't worry.

Bill Murray from Groundhog Day.

Did you know it's Groundhog's Day on February 2nd? Well, along with James Joyce's birthday is my own! I'll be 28. I'm excited about this year's birthday! Last year I spent my birthday at JRTC, a training exercise in Bumblefuck, Shitwhere. For an idea of what this place is like (or what it became famous for), I recommend you rent Tigerland, a movie with Colin Farrell acting well in a good part (shocking!) as a role model for developing leaders and sergeants to follow in terms of leading from the front and looking out for his soldiers.

I'm on a quest, and it's not looking good. =P The quest? To find a damn Nintendo DS at the PX here before all the Joes buy them up. It's hard, let me tell you. NBA 06 on PSP is far, far better than I expected but I desire much more gaming in my dulled support-soldier state, dear reader. I check the PX daily waiting for a shipment to come in, but no luck. And it's too close to the time to go back home to order one online. Now I'm so obsessed with this I'm like Captain Ahab seeking the goddamn pixellated Nintendog, Phoenix, vampire!!!

The new American flag. (from Adbusters.org)

So yes. Birthday. Birthday birthday birthday. I've been in Iraq for a while. How about you go to my Amazon.com wishlist and get me something? If not for me, do it for what I think is a diverse, fascinating list of important books from economics to history to hacking to graffiti to cooking to traveling! And if not for that, do it for your country! Your consumption translates into a healthy economy, the promotion of good ideas, thongs, Cheez-Its, and lots of sex for everyone!

You DO want that, right? Then what are you waiting for?


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