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12M/22D/04Y: At home in Dallas for a week or so. Merry Christmas! Make a snowflake to get in the holiday spirit! I should probably write a wrap-up of the year for a Soapbox soon...
12M/11D/04Y: When Cameron was in Egypt's laaaaand...let my Cameron gooooo.
11M/23D/04Y: I posted three new essays in the soapbox section.
11M/03D/04Y: Pretty clear Republican victory. I'm disappointed, but hoping Bush will reduce the budget deficit and pull through on Iraq.
10M/18D/04Y: I went to this driving course in Florida last week. Got tasered, OC sprayed, and rammed up a bunch of cars. Awesome! ... Also, I got this coat. Bachrach seems like a good store.
10M/04D/04Y: Go see Going Upriver: The Long War of John Kerry if you can find it locally. It was incredibly moving to me. ... GOOG is rocking!
09M/20D/04Y: No net connect yet, so I'm backed up on posting new stuff. ... The Cowboys are exciting to watch! Too bad the Mavs won't be... ... I'm pissed off about the presidential election! I'm voting Kerry, and can't fathom why people would vote for Bush. Usual fence-sitter arguments are military and political experience. Bush had none when he came in, Kerry's had plenty of both. (remember? he's been a senator for a while?) The other cop-out is that we shouldn't change CICs at such a pivotal point in the operation in Iraq. Why? Because it's going so WELL? Everyone knows a guy who knows a guy in the military, and then blah-blah-blah vote for strong Republicans to support the troops. Well, I'm IN the Army right now...so now you know a soldier who's voting Kerry. Kerry wants to double the number of special forces soldiers, and that's copasetic with me. That means he UNDERSTANDS what the military is for. GO VOTE. PLEASE.
09M/07D/04Y: Get this series of the works of Chris Cunningham, Michel Gondry, and Spike Jonze! Aphex Twin's Windowlicker, Bjork's Bachelorette, the White Stripes, and Fatboy Slim with Christopher Walken. Great videos. ... Also, the Millennium DVDs are finally out -- I think Millennium's the best series ever on TV.
08M/21D/04Y: I'm sort of updating my links list again. I'm in temporary barracks and don't have Internet access yet.
08M/01D/04Y: Yeehaw! Finished airborne school, which I wrote an essay about, and now I'm on leave back home, getting ready to report to my unit. Finally I'm a full soldier! =P ... Congrats to my best friends here in Dallas on finally tying the knot!
06M/11D/04Y: Anyone in the Army is familiar with how people look when they're falling asleep...and the Clintons, Prince Charles, Dick Cheney, a bunch of people were doing the headbob at the Reagan funeral on TV! ... The NBA finals are going to give me a heart attack. ... Airborne school in a month!
05M/29D/04Y: Things learned during recent field training: "Poguey bait" is candy used to hunt pogues, or soldiers who hate MREs. Chilled, juicy fruit never tasted as good as after an extremely fast, dehydrating, foot-tingling ruck march, don't leave your buddies lying under trees on top of chigger infestations! "Poguey bait" is a rarity, it seems, but here are some other Army slang terms. ... Done with my course, airborne school is next! ... The World Series of Poker winner, Fossilman, won $5 million for a week's worth of card-playing!
05M/23D/04Y: The final event of the World Series of Poker, no-limit hold 'em, began yesterday. This is the big kahuna of poker. The coverage won't be on ESPN until June 8th though. =| Over 2500 players, each paying $10k each to play. That's a ton of money! I just finished reading "The Biggest Game in Town", detailing this event about 20 years ago.

Scene from Rounders
03M/30D/04Y: An article on ex-military contractors in Iraq from Esquire, an under-rated mag! ... The only thing that blows more than SXSW is SXSW attendees talking about how important blogs are! ARGH, GO AWAY!
03M/26D/04Y: New Soapbox about life in San Angelo.
03M/24D/04Y: Photo of the year? Palestinian bomber and Israeli soldier.

Palestinian bomber and Israeli soldier

Loving my new Pentax Optio S4, which gets comments for how small it is for a 4 megapixel camera. Also, a T-Mobile Sony Ericsson T610. Now I want a digital camcorder for when I get deployed! Any recommendations? I like the compact Sony ones.

Sony Ericsson T610

Optio and T610 side by side

Pentax Optio S4
03M/20D/04Y: I'm in read-and-research mode, reading: "Naive, Super" by Erlend Loe, "A Thousand Pieces of Gold" by Adeline Yen Mah, "The Swallows of Kabul" by Yasmina Khadra, and "Positively Fifth Street" by James McManus. I'm also learning about San Angelo for a future essay. ... Gizmodo is great for gadget/tech updates. Usurp and qHate show life in Kuwait and the Middle East. ... Currently loving my new Pentax Optio S4 digital camera. Here's a pic of a San Angelo morning in the state park.

rucking in the state park
03M/08D/04Y: World Changing is a great blog about alternative energies. ... Military translation/chat software. ... Random thought: cellphone jammers are becoming popular right now, even though the FCC bans them, but to what extent do we use this technology on HUMMVs in Iraq to thwart remote-detonated IEDs? I've seen it mentioned in some articles, but do the troops really use it? Qaddafi and other world leaders like Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf have been using this stuff for a while now. Is the military flexible enough to buy neat gizmos off the shelf?
03M/07D/04Y: I rewrote my autobio since the last time I did was like 4 years ago.
02M/01D/04Y: Watch these videos by the band, The Darkness. It's like watching Spinal Tap. =P ... My birthday tomorrow!
01M/10D/04Y: Okay, got my digital cable and internet set up here in San Angelo. Not the greatest place, but we're moving up in the military world a bit in terms of living conditions. =) Drove from Monterey, to Vegas, played lots of hold em, visited the Hoover Dam, saw the border patrols, and am back in good ol' Tecksass!


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