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12M/16D/03Y: Passed my tests, which clears the path for a great Xmas! Wheee!
12M/07D/03Y: Already took my final speaking test, and the final listening and reading tests are next week. This is for all the marbles!

Arabic tattoo

Greek tattoo
11M/22D/03Y: Gearing up for Christmas, moving back to Texas, finishing Arabic, and saying goodbye to DLI. Also got two new tattoos, one on my forearm, one along the front of my right thigh and calf.
10M/24D/03Y: Monterey looks like an impressionist painting today because the Army's doing a controlled fire over at Ft. Ord to get rid of unexploded munitions -- the bay is bright blue, the sky is full of grey, blueish smoke, white ash is falling, the sky is tinted orange, and light blue light reflects off the windows of the barracks.
10M/05D/03Y: Yay, got my orders! Airborne school, then assigned to support for Special Forces 5th Group! ... Going to see the World Cup final next weekend down in LA. =)
09M/22D/03Y: Some thoughts on the stock market in the Soapbox section.
09M/08D/03Y: Three good "Foreign Policy" articles: The Falseness of Anti-Americanism, Revisiting [Bush's] Case for War, and Can India Overtake China?
09M/06D/03Y: Going to the White Stripes concert next weekend in Berkeley, and the women's World Cup final in less than a month. ... Finished my Army airborne paperwork and almost maxed a PT test. ... Two good links: the first CD price cuts in history and SeaWaterForests.org, an organization which is irrigating the deserts of Eritrea, raising mangroves and shrimp and the freshwater table, all without creating any waste. Go donate some money towards the planting of new mangrove trees!
08M/11D/03Y: "Step Into Liquid" is a new surfing documentary by the son of the director of "Endless Summer". Can't wait to see! We met one of the surfers in it, Peter Mel, in a surfshop in Capitola near Santa Cruz -- there's a picture of him there surfing a 35-foot wave.
07M/18D/03Y: I'm reaching the stage of Arabic class where students typically tune out, which might explain why I discovered a new game involving reading fortunes from a dropped Arabic-English dictionary. =P ... I like how people criticize Malone and Payton for playing to win, and not for money. But I still hope they don't win. =P ... Reading: "Under the Black Flag" about pirates, by David Cordingly; "Into Thin Air" by Jon Krakauer; "By Way of Deception" by Victor Ostrovsky.
07M/14D/03Y: I finally compiled enough information for an essay on surfing.
06M/22D/03Y: New tattoo, on my shoulder/collarbone. ... Almost to the homestretch in my Arabic course! And I have a class break coming up so I'm going to tour Cali.

[Medusa Tattoo]
05M/30D/03Y: The Mavs choked and Nelson let them. How could the season end so disgustingly? ... In happier news, I went to Disney Land and had one of the best vacations ever.
05M/09D/03Y: I wrote an article on my experiences with the Atkins diet. Meat meat meat. ... Mavs scored 83 points by the half? Christ. =P
05M/04D/03Y: puce finally dumped her site, so another one departs from the game... ... On Friday, DLI had a language day for high school students, so of course the Marines were on the prowl for fresh meat. =P We spent our day eating gyros, hummus, and shawarma from the Arabic food stand.
04M/13D/03Y: "If someone loves you for what you can do then it's flattering, but why do you love them? If someone loves you for who you are then they have to know you, which means you have to know them." From "Bel Canto", Ann Patchett. ... To those in the Gulf, thank you.
03M/31D/03Y: Yesterday there was a cruise ship anchored in Monterey Bay, basking in warm, sunny weather and matching the glimmer of the water. On one of the sand dunes, someone had written "SUPPORT R TROOPS" using leaves and debris. ... My new goal: getting double-tabbed, Special Forces and Airborne. I just have to get through Arabic first!
03M/17D/03Y: I saw City of God, a hoodlum movie set in Rio de Janiero in the 60's and 70's, and loved it horribly. "Willard" was alluring and creepy. ... It was once said that he who writes more than he reads is truly an amateur. I can't find the source for it -- I thought it was Fitzgerald, but maybe not? Do you remember?
03M/09D/03Y: At the bookstore, my friend pulled a book off a shelf and another book fell. I caught the book, which happened to be "The Fall" by Albert Camus. Now, was I supposed to read something into this or not?! Fuck existentialism. =P ... The longest bull market in history is most likely going to be followed by the longest bear market. P/E's are still high and credit and housing are nebulous. And no one's been saving. Deflating dollar? Maybe we'll go back to the days of good ol' American hard working? Not until all the weak-hearted run away, hopefully.
02M/19D/03Y: New: an episode about beauty.
02M/14D/03Y: Aside from the over-used "the left wing was to blame for Columbia" jokes and the looming war and Force Protection Delta, school is going pretty good. ... I bought a book on pirates and F. Scott Fitzgerald's "This Side of Paradise". He must be my favorite American author. ... James Joyce was born on Groundhog's Day, and so was I!
01M/30D/03Y: School is somewhat exhausting, but an airborne training briefing this morning and my birthday coming up on the 2nd is giving me a second wind! If I go airborne, I'll gladly wear jump boots instead of my current jungle ripples. ... I wrote about Monterey, CA last weekend.
01M/25D/03Y: Got my yearly tattoo. It reads "THERSITES" in Greek. Next is one in Arabic! ... The planned US strategy of initial massive missile strikes smacks of Serbia and Desert Storm, not to mention old British archer strikes. Move in the infantry! I'm reading Richard Marcinko's first book about his forming of SEAL Team 6 and Red Cell and I have to say that now I'm desiring to do intel for squad level and not unit level. I'll have to wait... ... I just found Maddox's site, and it's superb. Bless him. =P



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