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12M/30D/02Y: Okay, so now that I'm home for the holidays (Merry Xmas and Happy New Year), I was able to get the site files off my desktop, meaning I can update the site easily again. As a result, there are two new Soapboxes: "On Happiness" and "Kelb Shaitan". ... I got a Knicks fleece, a signed copy of John MacEnroe's book, a webcam, the Koran, and some other misc. things. Ooh, and tix to the Mavs vs. Knicks and vs. Clippers! ... My parents got an Ewok/dustmop shitzoo while I was away in the Army. Oy.

Ben, webcam shot
11M/29D/02Y: Happy Thanksgiving! Random quick comments: conservatives are running amuck. Metroid Prime bites. Bin Laden is STILL dead. =P Go Mavs! I root for the Knicks still, even if that turncoat Spike Lee doesn't attend. God bless Army girls. Oh, and Arabic is a badass fucking language! =P
08M/14D/02Y: Well, I'm about a month into the DLI & I still haven't started my language. =P This is just what I wanted: learn a language in the heart of California at the best language institution in the country while meeting interesting people and getting paid to do it. The Army can suck sometimes (like at basic) but most of the time it's awesome. =P Not much time to update the site yet...but maybe once my 2GHz laptop is delivered. =)
07M/13D/02Y: Hi folks, checking in here. Right now I'm in California prepping to learn Arabic, and I just finish basic training a few days ago. I haven't been able to do much of anything until now, but now that I have public Internet access, I'll try to do some catching up...
04M/30D/02Y: Well, this is it. I'm leaving for BCT. Sorry, but I don't expect to have anything new here for at least 9 weeks. Love to friends, family. Bye!
04M/26D/02Y: I think I'm going to go see the Kids in the Hall guys live today... =P R0ck. ... Please watch the Nike commercial at nikefootball.com. It's a cool soccer ad in preparation for World Cup (which I'll miss all of, including the rest of the NBA playoffs =() directed by Terry Gilliam, with the King as music in the background. Very cool, along with the downloadable stuff!
04M/21D/02Y: Playoff faves: Lakers, Kings, Mavs, Spurs, Nets, Pistons, Celtics, Hornets. Then Lakers, Mavs, Nets, Pistons. Lakers, Pistons. Lakers. I hate the Lakers but how could it turn out any other way? I will miss the playoffs because of boot camp. =( ... Turns out a chick from my high school is one of the girls on ABC's "The Bachelor". Details in the forums. =P ... New Soapboxes: Wetware Personae and Vanishing Text.
04M/12D/02Y: From Newsweek: "'When you think Phil, you think hip-hop...and we're going to exploit that at 8 o'clock.' New MSNBC anchor Phil Donahue, on why, at 66, he thinks hes still relevant to younger viewers." ... Woohoo, my favorite time of the year! Sunny at 7PM, lots of sun, warm temperatures! And the smell of freshly mown grass! ... Soapbox on the exploitation of black stereotypes.
04M/10D/02Y: Reading Hernando de Soto's Mystery of Capital. What an important book! Please go read it! ... Louis Rukeyser now at CNBC? Do they really need ANOTHER permabull? ... How many mag covers is Moby on? Geez! 18 is more like his older albums, not as catchy as Play. ... Best spam e-mail evar: calling all time travelers!
03M/30D/02Y: Okay, so I signed a deal with the Army. I ship out to boot camp on May 1st. =P ... New Soapbox on the web being boring.
03M/26D/02Y: Well, although I can never be sure with those guys, it appears my medical waiver was approved for the Army that I got because I was disqualified by the military physician. Should be signing a contract soon, but then again I've heard that before... ... Two new Soapboxes: the CBDTPA and DMCA and blog journalists! Plus a new Soapbox rating system has been put in.
03M/22D/02Y: Back home from Madrid. Got to chill with Anna, which is always fun. ... I put up a couple lists of some CD compilations I made under the name DJ Industrial Average. Okay, so I didn't mix them or do much with them except collect them, but I liked DJIA a lot. =P (type it into a stock ticker search) And they're great tracks! ... Senator Hollings introduced his new copyright bill, which is a bunch of unconstitutional bullshit. I hope word gets out about this. ... I got disqualified in my military physical. So I have to wait for the Army to decide on my medical waiver. =/ Sucks!
03M/06D/02Y: Today CNBC's senior economist actually told people not to save, but to spend and invest as much money as possible! And that saving hurts the growth of the economy! Fucking unbelievable. Gee, we wouldn't want to create REAL wealth, would we? Nooo, let's max out our credit cards! ... Off to Madrid tomorrow! It'll give me some time to work out some new Soapboxes and flesh out some experimental ideas. In the meantime, read this new Soapbox.
03M/03D/02Y: What's with Trent Lott yelling at Tom Daschle for criticizing Bush's war strategy? Isn't that what Daschle was intended to do by the Founding Fathers? Such a public tirade against a dissenter seems like such a dead giveaway regarding his true character. ... Sum of All Fears movie trailer looks awesome even though Ben Affleck as Jack Ryan is upsetting. Couldn't they have just given Harrison Ford some botox injections? Or brought back Alec Baldwin? ... Slashdot jumped the shark. =P Subscriptions? Bahaha.
02M/28D/02Y: If sony boy you've ever bought Sony headgear, you'll have noticed the frightening Japanese anime moonbubble characters shown in the instruction illustrations. Quite frightening. SOCER PLZ 2 SND POTAL ^_^ PLZNOW !! ... It's official: I'm going to Madrid for 11 days or so in about a week. ... Oh, and lookit all the new Mavs fans! =P We got a contender now!
02M/20D/02Y: Playing: Final Fantasy X. This game makes others look pathetic. Reading: Tom Clancy's "Debt of Honor". Echoes my concern over the insecurity of the market as well as Bush's carelessness with diplomacy. Hearing: NIN - And All That Could Have Been. Live! Planning: a trip to Madrid. Waiting: on mistar smaerty doctars to clear my Army physical.
02M/11D/02Y: Awww, poor Kobe got booed in his hometown. Gee, I wonder why. Could it be because he's a bratty ballhog? ... Soapboxes: "Man with Briefcase" and the whole Enron shabang. ... I got a second tattoo the day after my birthday: this time an "SPQR" on the rear of my right calf.
02M/05D/02Y: The sweeping disease oh so cleverly named "Enronitis" (CNBC) is causing massive Enronophobia (CNN HeadlineNews)which, coinciding with El Nino and the chupucabra, IS PISSING ME THE FUCK OFF! It's not funny anymore! Jesus Christ! And CNBC had the gall, on a negative curbs-in day, to have on horribly performing analysts hyping the same stocks that just fell 50%. Sick. ... Ahem, anyway, I put a lot of new posts up in the forums so write away please. =P
02M/02D/02Y: Hurray, it's my birthday! Worship Punxatawnee Ben! Dazzle me with round after round of gifts! Just kidding... If we haven't talked lately, just write and say hi.
01M/30D/02Y: I still haven't sworn in to the Army because I have to resolve some shit for my physical first. ... The contents of my forum were dumped by someone a while ago. That sucked. =P ... New Soapbox on Subway and Jared Fogle, a conspiracy theory. ... Nash and Nowitzki get all-star reserve honors. Woo!
01M/20D/02Y: Posted new Soapboxes on the coming year and mandatory civil/military service but forgot to post an update about them until now. ... Going to the Mavs-Nets game on Monday. Woo! A weekend of basketball, football, Tony Hawk 3, and Medal of Honor is a good remedy for a strained neck muscle.
01M/13D/02Y: Geez, Shaq almost dropped Brad Miller with that huge punch... Watch Commish Stern do nothing except complain some more and drive away more fans. Boy, I wish that game was TELEVISED. How about the NBA arrange for some of its games to be SHOWN outside local areas? At least I got to watch the Mavs light up the Pacers. WOO! ... Evidence that cable co's are going to start a trend of rising prices for Internet/TV/long distance service. Then the rest of the company ducks will fall in line... Joy...
01M/08D/02Y: New Soapboxes on artists and patrons and TEH FUTARE OF THE INTARNET. ... I just had my Army physical. That was a trip, a real handful of scrotum if you will. ... Seen my Gwynnie in Royal Tenenbaums yet? You should!
01M/01D/02Y: Happy New Year. Now that it's 2002, I'll get to see if the backend code I wrote for the site will work as it should... ... Anna is gone, I have books to read and Soapboxes to write, stuff to finish up before going into the Army. Must go to a Mavs game soon!


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