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12M/28D/01Y: For Xmas, I got a ton of books I really want to read, but I also got a PlayStation 2, which would seem to impede my efforts to be all reader-like. NBA Street is indeed as good as advertised. =p ... The holidays are almost over here, and after that it'll be time to get to bidness...
12M/18D/01Y: Added two Soapboxes on remembering the woman who introduced me to the Internet and the US public blaming everyone but itself. ... Haha, this cracks me up: Cam Barrett writes a long rant about some Dave Weiner guy, then says he should be afraid cuz this is how Dave thinks. Is Cam a homophobe, or a closet gay? YOU DECIDE! ... In other, important news: Anna is here for Xmas! =)
12M/11D/01Y: Some people still complain even though the effort against terrorism is going well. First, Cam, Congress doesn't HAVE to declare war at first. PLEASE tell me you know the President has emergency powers... Or you have people who think this shouldn't be CALLED a war, or who swear John Walker didn't commit treason. (we have yet to know full details) But look, terrorists require conditions of war to be eliminated. Think you could've just asked Al-Qaeda to give up? Get the Taliban to shut down their network inside Afghanistan? Hah. And John Walker? I'm as big as anyone on civil liberties, being an Internet geek, but there's a difference between attacking a fellow countryman and merely disagreeing with him. Stop making it like the FBI is gonna bust down your door for dissenting. ... Soapbox: rebirth of American spirit!
12M/08D/01Y: I added Bruce Sterling's "Geeks and Spooks" speech and posted the Net Apocalypse article from years ago that cnet removed. The tragedy is that individuals like me end up hosting a lot of stuff because sites either remove old stuff or go out of business. I also added a page of common conversions. ... Kings beat the Lakers; are they good or what? ... Also, my Amazon.com wishlist.
12M/06D/01Y: The Kings v. Mavs rematch was the best game so far this season. ... We migrated over to AT&T's network after a couple days (not sure when it was actually first available) and I switched from Lunix to XP in a very fortuitous series of events for connection sharing. What a mess that all was! ... Soapbox on big, skeevy businesses.
12M/01D/01Y: The whole @Homeless debacle goes to show you how big business thrives even after the small insurrection of rebellious dotcoms. Microsoft and the telcos own everything; small product-line cable companies like Cox and Comcast aren't in great shape. Meanwhile, we might be losing Internet access while AT&T tells us how much it cares about us. What lies. ... I should've gone to the Kings @ Mavs game last night. So stupid, considering they're two of my favorite teams, along with the Knicks. I want a Doug Christie Kings jersey!
11M/29D/01Y: Spy Game and Harry Potter are great movies -- I wish all movies released were worth seeing like these two. ... Enron's stock is a good example of how much of a scam Wall Street can be. Investing in individual stocks can kill you in the long run. ... New Soapbox, "ERISED".
11M/22D/01Y: Happy Thanksgiving! Can you tell me, though, why Detroit and Dallas are playing on the featured NFL games, and why Creed and Enrique Igaysius are the halftime performers? Must eat more turkey to drown out music and bad football...
11M/16D/01Y: Woohoo, non-gamers bashing the X-Box! True gamers don't care about half the shit these flamebaits mention. Think these nitwits predicted the PlayStation? God no. What makes you think they'll have the reasoning right this time? ... New Soapboxes: "Thinking About the Army", "Sports Blackouts", and "You Could Win!" ... Happy b-day, Fred!
11M/13D/01Y: This is the first entry into the benturner.com news database. Hooray! ... Ghost Recon co-op kicks major butt, by the way.
10M/31D/01Y: The baseball gods swung the great bat of justice and the better team ended up winning the World Series. To all the Yanks fans who showed up to the Rangers game I went to during regular season, up yours. :P ... Mavericks are 5-1 and are on fire. Woo! I'm so happy the NBA is back. ... Davenport finished #1, since that bitch Hingis was injured. Justice reigns again! ... And finally, my attempt to install WinXP failed spectacularly. Very disappointing.
10M/30D/01Y: "Be alert for nothing in particular." "Resume your normal routine, but be alert." "Stand by to stand by." Isn't it great the human mind can handle such massive contradictory phrases? :)
10M/29D/01Y: Knicks vs. Wizards, are you ready for it? ... And all the X-Box and PS2 games coming out! And I have neither system... ... Soapbox on the Pentagon's request for ideas.
10M/26D/01Y: Soapbox poking fun at a good pal from Estonia: Estonian gangsta slammin'. ... Listening to Lennon's debut album and the Chemical Brothers advance!
10M/25D/01Y: Soapbox on muzak for America. ... NBA season is almost here, woo!
10M/15D/01Y: PLEASE, Miss Blogger, PLEASE tell us more about how you have a craving for waffles and feel like vomiting. It's all so fucking FASCINATING. Blogs are such a disease.
10M/14D/01Y: Andy Roddick is making the US Davis Cup tennis team respectable again! No thanks to our top players, of course... ... 3 Soapboxes: "Defeating Fanatics" (for constructive opinions), "Destiny, Males, and Heroes" (on being a child born in and after the late 70's), and "Triumph of the Dragon!@#". (some embarrassing comics I drew as a kid)
10M/12D/01Y: The media, anti-war rhetoricians, military critics, and even much of the intelligentsia are convincing the public the terrorists have already won. That all our efforts are futile. Ever since Vietnam, the public has been told to boo the veterans who survived Hell, to distrust the government and military, the only two organizations that can realistically stem the tide of terrorism. Don't you get it yet? What we need are constructive voices, military heroes, factual examples of hope and courage to counter the runaway bandwagon of spoiled, lazy, anti-American "Americans". And I don't mean Bush's tongue-wagging for "results" or putting flags on your fucking SUVs or running a bake sale. Have some fucking self-respect.
10M/12D/01Y: The media, anti-war rhetoricians, military critics, and even much of the intelligentsia are convincing the public the terrorists have already won. That all our efforts are futile. You watch, the public will grow even more resentful until the tide changes. Well, fuck you all, I have not given up; this country will surprise everyone yet again, and I'm interested in finding out possible ways this will occur. So you keep waving that flag on your SUV and holding car washes while you give up inside. What this country really needs are some heroes and morale boosters. Oh but hey, this is the same country that booed Vietnam vets when they came home from Hell.
10M/10D/01Y: Dammit, you monkeys, sign up and contribute to the forums. :P ... Three new Soapboxes, more coming: "I'd Like to Thank...", "Packing Up and Moving BenTurner.com", and "Asshole Sending Hate Mail".
10M/07D/01Y: Everything seems to have transferred pretty smoothly. My next task is to update the information on my site, as some areas are terribly out of date. I've fixed the philosophy survey and updated my recommended software section.
10M/04D/01Y: It's about 11:30PM right now and I just found out my domain's been moved to the new servers. I talked to a helpful guy at NetSol today who processed my record change over the phone, which expedited the process. So right now I'm going to be going through the site to see if anything's broken. I'm not sure what else will happen in the next few days, if there are any instability issues or whatnot. It might take some time for DNS servers to update their records. ... I've added a forums section for you to talk to other readers on. Feel free to register and start posting.
10M/03D/01Y: Well, as soon as Network Solutions (or should I say NetSol? marketing fools) stops blowing itself and processes my fax authorization, maybe I can change my NS servers to transfer my domain over to the new virtual host. The site is almost completely ready and has some cool new stuff like forums.
09/26D/01Y: I'm currently readying this site up for a move to a new virtual host. I don't expect any downtime except for when the domain gets moved to new NS servers. But in any case, if you can't reach benturner.com, http://sv015751.customer.interliant.com/ will work until everything's moved. Then I'll shut down the Interliant account after a week or two.
09M/22D/01Y: The Return to Wolfenstein multiplay test is elite. But it could just be because the one map is a reconstruction of Utah Beach. ... So much for the "patriotic market rally". I think the market over time will fall more, maybe with Dow 4k's and Naz under 1k. There will be sucker bounces along the way of course. ... Some more 'Boxes, including (yay) the 300th sequential Soapbox I've written (!!): irresponsibility and a sleeping giant.
09M/16D/01Y: What if Timothy McVeigh wasn't a white Christian? Would we have paid attention then, instead of writing it off as a freak event? Why do people on CNN say Tuesday happened because God loves us and had to punish us for our sins? Look, I'm not anti-Christianity, but man, I can't hit any channel without hearing how much God loves us. Thousands of miles away, terrorists are being told how much God loves them too. Yay for 30 channels running the same news feed, and half my channels turning into the Trinity Broadcasting Network. ... I changed the philosophy quiz to PHP finally, go take it and see where your views stand!
09M/15D/01Y: Soapboxes: Tales from Tejjjas, Visiting the NYSE, Counter-Terrorism. ... I've read a lot of different viewpoints about the whole situation. It leaves me with a lot of conflicting ideas and opinions. Sometimes I get confused, other times I feel like some feelings I've had over the year were confirmed by what's been going on in the last week. I mean, the whole world is slipping into recession, why won't the US? I am all cash right now, not so much a matter of luck because of the fact that I haven't actually longed a stock in ages, because of my confidence that things are only getting worse economically. Not to be insensitive, but I should have been short something, but there's no way to predict something like this. Some may think it's bad to profit off pain, but it's really not anything to do with death or terrorism, but equity overvaluing. Of course, if you knew it would happen beforehand and started shorting stock, like bin Laden is being accused of doing, that would be wholly different. ... In the meantime, Slavek helped me set up a Linux laptop for the home network, and I got to see Nancy and Trish since they came to Dallas last week. Yay! Hope the photo of me getting kissed by a naked chick comes out okay. :P
09M/16D/01Y: Soapboxes: Tales from Tejjjas, Visiting the NYSE, Counter-Terrorism. ... I've read a lot of different viewpoints about the whole situation. It leaves me with a lot of conflicting ideas and opinions. Sometimes I get confused, other times I feel like some feelings I've had over the year were confirmed by what's been going on in the last week. ... In the meantime, Slavek helped me set up a Linux laptop for the home network, and I got to see Nancy and Trish since they came to Dallas last week. Yay! Hope the photo of me getting kissed by a naked chick comes out okay. :P
09M/11D/01Y: This goes back to what I wrote about Internet security. Governments and "experts" think the way to increase security is to take away information instead of making it available to more and more people. Well LOOK people, the biggest terrorist act ever in history. THANK YOU intelligence agencies of the world! We sure do trust you to protect us! Terrorism has long been said to be the greatest threat to world peace. Time to take that seriously, finally. ... Jordan comes to Dallas December 8! I want tix.
09M/05D/01Y: Back from NYC. Had fun, saw the US Open, etc. ... Converting much of the site to PHP, and probably switching to a new host provider. Plus I'm far, far behind on Soapboxes. I'll make it up to you somehow.
08M/25D/01Y: Interesting stuff lately: paintball, running cat5 through the walls and attic of the house, a house down the alley burning down because of a dumb worker, missing Trish and Philly and Roni Size because of not being able to get plane tix. ... Recommended viewing: X-Games. Recommended listening: new Aphex Twin, old Faithless. ... DIE BLOGS DIE!
08M/09D/01Y: Going to Philly next week, NYC a couple weeks after that. Going to US Open baby!! ... I don't usually watch HBO, and I'm not hooked on any of its shows. Sex and the City is funny but I only just started watching. But that Baltimore Ravens training camp documentary series is pretty good TV. The 2nd episode is airing this week, and there are 4 more coming.
08M/04D/01Y: HOLLY SHIT GUYS! I just heard about this new thing called a CELLPHONE, and you can like, talk to people, anywhere, no matter where you are. PLUS, I swear this is not a lie, you can check your e-mail and keep up with work even while on VACATION. What the fuck! And the scariest part is that EVERYONE has them!! Did this happen overnight? WTF! And quite frankly this journalist is angry that people are using them in restaurants, their own cars, and OTHER public places! Maybe it's time to move to Europe or Japan or Canadia, where they don't use this stupid gizmo shit! OMFG!@# Someone should do a news report on this!! Soapboxes, "Last Mile" and "Hella Angstful Blogger!!!" Plus, a page of daily culled links off IRC. ... Camby gained 20lbs in off-season, Hakeem, Ewing, Mourning, and Jordan in the east. I don't know how you could think the east sucked last season (because it sure didn't), but you definitely can't say it will suck next season.
07M/28D/01Y: I finally got a chance to watch the And1 mix tape volume 3. Fucking amazing basketball shit. Go buy/rent the VHS tapes. Volume 3 is best since it's most recent and reflects the current skills of street players. Here's a couple cool clips: juke.mpg and shimmy.mpg. Two Soapboxes: authenticity and leading indicators.
07M/20D/01Y: CWebb stays in Sac. He may have played like shit in the playoffs but I think it was all injury, having seen him dominate in regular season. ... Greenspan all the sudden is disappointed with the lack of turn-around and points out that interest rates are not always influential on the market. This is similar to his irrational exuberance speeches that no one heeded. ... Cheney, please leave the lights off if you're not in the room. GEEZ. ... Listening to: AK1200 w/ MC Navigator live in SF, Timbaland, Pharoah Monch, and some Swedish hiphop. :P ... Soapbox: privacy is realistically non-existent.
07M/16D/01Y: "The Microsoft news changed everything." No, the decision was the same, the remedy will take another long period of time to settle. Nothing has changed, really. "Everyone is bearish." No, they are scared longs. Different from people who EXPECT the market to fall more. In terms of overall sentiment indicators, it is still wildly bullish. "Don't you know that Nasdaq short interest is at an all-time high?" And so is overall trading volume year to year. In a bear market, wouldn't you expect short interest to be at all-time highs? "Don't fight the Fed." The major indices are below where they were after the big January 3rd Greenspan rally, and have had trouble trying to get above that level since.
07M/12D/01Y: AI, best movie of the year. Even if it gets robbed by another Gladiator. ... Soapbox on movies, post-Matrix.
06M/25D/01Y: A cool animated trailer for Ice Age. Also, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back will be here before you know it. Go Kevin Smith! ... Soapboxes on the current market situation and force and intimidation.
06M/21D/01Y: I just got back from what was a little less than a week spent seeing family friends and attending a big family reunion in Virginia. For me the main highlight was finally seeing my cousins all grown up for the first time in many years, so I could finally talk to them. I'm the second eldest. ... While I don't own a PS2, I do think NBA Street looks like it was made for me...drooool. ... Sarcasm and cynicism rule web design these days, since the industry is still being obliterated. Look no further than this 2001 web designer checklist, an amusing take on things. I admit I've been guilty of a lot of the things on that list, so I wear my llama-ness on my coatsleeve. :P
06M/04D/01Y: Go Sixers! ... Soapbox on inoffensive pop music.
05M/31D/01Y: The NBA playoffs have been spectacular. The Sixers squeezed by tonight thanks to the Bucks screwing up. I've been rooting for the Sixers and Iverson since early this season, but the Lakers, as everyone knows, are unbeatable right now. Gosh, the season's almost over...what am I going to do over the summer? ... Soapboxes on being nondescript and on bad customer service. (surprisingly not an idea originally conceived by Interliant owning my ass)
05M/29D/01Y: So my e-mail is down again, but luckily, YAY, they're AWARE of the problem. Well now you're aware of it, too. Now we can all sit here with our thumbs in our asses. ... And in other news I was getting nuked all weekend.
05M/21D/01Y: My e-mail is down thanks to Digiweb. They are of course impossible to reach like most companies these days. Please e-mail me at infinity@mail.utexas.edu if it is urgent. UPDATE: I found an undocumented server that worked. Hooray.
05M/17D/01Y: More evidence that girls are screwed up in the head. And they wonder why they end up with men who treat them badly. :P Thus driving home the point I was trying to make in a Soapbox of old.
05M/10D/01Y: No, I didn't close my account or anything. My provider, Digiweb, lost the server my site was on or something, causing me to lose e-mail and my site for a couple days. Plus they're upgrading their servers or something. Just another day at the office. Short INIT, "We sell sanity." :P Oh wait, it's not shortable, it's under $5/share.
05M/04D/01Y: OH MY GOD, the Mavs came back to win game 5... Unbelievable game, unbelievable comeback. I saw Calvin Booth play at Reunion right after we got him, and the guy was tearing it up...so happy to see him come through for us when it counted. Now the other hard worker Najera needs a time to shine! I said earlier that the Dallas win in Utah in the regular season was one of the best games I'd ever seen, but this one just about topped it... Go Mavs!!! Second round picks: Lakers (I like Kings more though), Spurs (even though I hate Spurs and want Mavs to win), Sixers, Bucks.
04M/29D/01Y: In what has become the norm around here, I've just put up a bunch of new Soapboxes in one big clump. I think it'd be easier to just go to the main Soapbox page than list them all here. ... Nike has put up a pimp site for its new basketball commercials. Jason Williams should be and is winning the poll for who has the best moves. My 1st round picks: Lakers, Mavs (whew, we won one!), T'Wolves (fat chance, but oh well), Kings, Sixers, Bucks, Heat (doh, clearly outplayed by Charlotte, but they will lose next round), Knicks. My teams have been struggling so far against what should've been easier opponents. :/
04M/19D/01Y: Got done with everything, got a lot to write about, so I need to sit down and get it all down. ... Throw in a whole mess with putting a new mobo in my system that led to a whole slew of problems, then me getting highlights in my hair.
04M/11D/01Y: Okay, date changed. Now gonna go see the Mavs play the T'Wolves in the final home game of the season. ... Going to Corpus this weekend with friends. Should be fun! ... I'll have details on my Survivor application (yes, I gave it a shot) soon.
04M/06D/01Y: Going to see the Mavs and Kings play next Friday; hopefully I'll get to see our new Chinese player Wang play! And hopefully we can secure 2nd or 3rd seed for the playoffs. ... Here is a screaming double standard: straight pride is bad. ... If I think about it a little more, I might have a few nasty thoughts to say about women in a new Soapbox. Might. Although maybe that Greenspan drinking game demands more attention.
03M/30D/01Y: The RIAA is scary. I mean, the way they react to things is abnormally creepy. ... I was reading something about how bubbles always overreact on the downside as well, and that in order to overreact after our last rise, we'd see levels as crazy as NASDAQ 1000 and Dow 5500. Well, I'm still short Dow, but will reshort QQQ if NASDAQ loses 1800. And given that all these techs are just warning over and over again, I'm sure it'll happen eventually. And let's see if the Nikkei holds its lows now that the Japanese government no longer has to support the banks with March ending. ... Soapboxes, travel edition. My reports on Paris, Italy, and Hawai'i.
03M/28D/01Y: Oh! I almost forgot! The Mavericks are playing UNBELIEVABLE basketball right now!! That win over the Jazz was one of the best games I've ever seen the Mavs play! (and that includes over a decade ago) ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I went to see them whoop the Timberwolves by 20 points a while ago... I hope to see another regular season game and then maybe a playoff one if I can... These guys are amazing.
03M/26D/01Y: Traffic got dissed. ... Hawaii was awesome by the way, story at 11. ... It's funny because I actually know this guy from IRC, Mortin, who got busted the other day. :P The whole story sounds kind of weird -- in some ways it looked like he was asking for it, in others it seemed like someone had it in for him at his ISP.
03M/15D/01Y: The Japanese keep producing hilarious stuff, like this Tokyo Breakfast pilot. I'm not sure if it's real or fake, but it's fucking funny. ... Survivor 2 is proving that people underestimate truly dangerous people, letting them slide through because of something petty.
03M/03D/01Y: Okay, back in a week! Must come up with some Soapbox topics in the meantime. ... Bye Napster. ... The NASDAQ? Hmm! I think tech has gone through most of its selling, but the Dow will be next.
02M/24D/01Y: Going to Hawaii, in a week, for a week, to stay with my bro there. :) First time to go! ... Funny essay from Jeffrey Zeldman, but it's a couple years too late. :)
02M/19D/01Y: Haha damn, the "all your base are belong to us" shit is out of hand. All working URLs I know of have been shut down, probably because of bandwidth... I have the flash file of it, but there's no way I'm putting it on MY site, cuz I could do without some $50k bandwidth bill. :P ... Soapboxes on a childhood experience and a recent incident in my neighborhood, all topped off with a great review of the best computer game of 2000, hands-down! ... Going to Hawaii in two weeks to see my bro!! First time to ever go there! I'm psyched!
02M/14D/01Y: What's with all this NBA is dying talk? Did these journalist yahoos miss the all-star game, and all of Tuesday night's exciting play? Geez...here's my thoughts on the NBA right now. ... Susan Sarandon gives her opinion on Survivor. Who asked her? She says the show is fundamentally evil and is teaching kids to become corporate raiders. So is that why the people who got to the end only got there because of their pact? Stick to "acting". ... Soapboxes: thoughts on cysts, how I'd greet my Gwyneth (!!), a recap of the best albums of 2000, and what I did for my 23rd birthday. ... Go Napster! RIAA says it won, but Napster is still up and is getting record numbers of downloads. Yes, you guys won alright. :P Let's hear another great quote like "it's time you made money the traditional way, by asking permission". Is succumbing to coercion and oligarchic intimidation really granting one's permission?
02M/11D/01Y: Got a bunch of Soapboxes on the way (already written, just need to be linked up). Thank you to my parents and my close friends for birthday treats and wishes. Mega thanks to Slavek and Cara for providing for Ben's Mammoth Saturday on my 23rd Birthday Bash Weekend. :)
01M/29D/01Y: Couple reasons why basketball owns football. See that halftime show? OY! And what a boring game...how about the earlier 76'ers/Pacers drubbing? And the commercials... We're Cingular, we're unique because we spell it with a 'c', and we get artists to sell out to make us appear independent. Not that I'm an Apple fan, but look at Cingular rip off their ad campaign and George Foreman rip off their design. Accentone, different name, same bloated company. Still, "What are YOU doing?" was funny, but no comparison to THIS gem, muh Kobe Bryant no-look CONFUSION MAKUH! There's a whole series of those commercials...priceless, yo! Knickerbocker PLEEZ!
01M/25D/01Y: Am taking a semester of Spanish and got around to online Diablo 2... Plus tons of basketball and tennis... That'd be why site updates are slow right now.
01M/13D/01Y: It's so rare to find sites and magazines with consistently useful content, but I think I've found a couple. First, there's Red Herring, which, although it can follow the trend often, discusses relevant issues of the day for technology stocks, and tracks sentiment amongst VCs, angels, and insiders. ... At long last I found a game review site that didn't make me want to puke from puerile and clichéd writing, and that site is Happy Puppy. Yes, it's been around FOREVER, but the reviews are actually well-done and discuss the things you'll actually find important about a game instead of dwelling on each reviewer's individual quirks. And no, I did not forget Old Man Murray. It is one of the best sites online, but come on, game reviews are an (albeit delightfully written) afterthought...it's the diatribes and cutting insight into the gaming industry that make it shine.
01M/10D/01Y: What is IT? Sounds like a bunch of H.Y.P.E. to me. But since most of the hype has been battered out of the Internet for this round, fresh optimism about future tech is good. ... Check out this "100 Most Annoying of 2000" list. Very well put-together. ... Props to muh nigguh Leho Kraav from Estonia on his double double.
01M/06D/01Y: Traders pray to the gods of volatility and they've answered. ... Thomas Rusiak, a good musician, heard him in Sweden a year or two ago, new stuff is cool. ... Soapboxes, including the first of the New Year, and another one on pop culture's corruption of feminism.
01M/03D/01Y: Thank you, Greenspan!!!
01M/01D/01Y: Happy New Year! ... Ready for a fun-filled Q1 of hack journalists pushing the exaggerated "technology is dead" theme just because the Nazzie is down? Were they talking up tech death half a year ago, five jobs ago before their employers scaled back? So lame. ... Trish turned me on to some good shit: Diana Krall and Goldfrapp. Check it out on Napster. ... And because Cam always manages to get under my skin, let's review his '01 prediction blurbs: "The Pentium 4 chip will be a dud" and "Apple's stock will rebound, as will other tech stocks that make up the heart of NASDAQ". P4 bashing is still the fashionable thing to do, but seeing some benches, and watching AMD mess up (damn them), P4 may not do too badly, and it will certainly do better than AAPL/MOT's G4 trash. I don't particularly like Intel myself, but it's not like Apple is a "heart of NASDAQ" stock. All this of course comes from a guy who predicted the world would blame Microsoft for the coming Y2K apocalypse because it named its OS Windows 2000. I have some predictions of my own: Linux will continue to be the haven for hardcore programmers and the tagalongs who wish they were as well, and Microsoft will continue to be the big powerhouse in computing, especially when X-Box comes out. It makes me laugh to hear a guy bash dotcom stocks when what he does at work is help design skins for an open source project.


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