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news from 1999...
12M/25D/99Y: NASDAQ 4000. Amazing. Merry Christmas. I already got all I wanted as far as gifts go, and it came in the form of a woman. I'm off to Sweden in a few days, too, so things will be even more hectic with Y2K, packing, eating, unwrapping, watching the market finish off an amazing year with low-volume craziness. Let's wish for a terrible Christmas for Mr. John Rocker, shall we?
12M/11D/99Y: I just realized that I've been a dot com longer than almost all the companies you hear about today, having obtained this domain in '96. Where's MY screamer IPO? Good article on Internet Initiative Japan at TheStreet.com. It's my favorite stock right now. I just wish I knew a few months ago what I know now. Longs: Ditech, Accrue, Internet Initiative Japan, E*Trade, Proxicom, TenFold, ECCS.
12M/09D/99Y: ClearStation is my new favorite site. The Charles Barkley show continues -- this time he's injured and has to retire. Kind of sad, but hey, he talked too much. Two new Soapboxes: one on the state of piracy and one on the state of myself. Woohoo, I go home tomorrow!! Three finals today almost killed me.
11M/29D/99Y: The Cowboys delightfully surprise. :) Back from Turkey Holiday and have another two weeks or so of skewl left before Christmas. Soapbox detailing the recent episode with our complex's night watchman, who crumbled under the pressure of two roommates who were RIGHT.
11M/23D/99Y: Soapbox on Microsoft's bad date with the government. Have a nice Thanksgiving, everyone, and don't get your hopes up too much watching the Cowboys blow another football game, on Turkey Day.
11M/17D/99Y: Being John Malkovich is a fucking excellent movie; a pleasant surprise for a movie-watching excursion. Interesting things: the first Christian action shooter game (heh), Disney must halt using that ultra-annoying go.com logo, and nopiracy.com is busy teaching kids that laws, no matter how irrelevant, impractical, and outdated they are, are still enforceable. I'm very happy to see the Quake 3 Arena demo test still manages to carry on the Quake atmosphere and style. I NUB it!
11M/13D/99Y: The market rebounded after some heavy selling early in the morning... Extremely strong, and Qualcomm stock is going nuts. There's much money to be made going long on Naz stocks right now. :P Shaq got in a fight with Charles Barkley. Would someone tell me why everyone thinks Barkley is so good? Iverson and Shaq are right about him -- he's a loser.
11M/08D/99Y: Finally closed out my EBAY short once it gave me the opportunity, and now I am entering longs in undervalued stocks tomorrow. Will the bull keep running day in and day out, or does this post have current sentiment right? Is Microsoft invincible? It was barely dented on Wall Street today.
11M/04D/99Y: Amazon.com Soapbox, and just in time, too. I see the Rangers did exactly the opposite of what Raphael Palmeiro asked for -- they traded Juan Gonzalez in order to pick up some useless players from the Tigers. What boneheads! :P And what's worse, Pistol Petey got injured again...but at least Agassi took his place at #1.
11M/01D/99Y: Hope you all had a good Halloween. Is this the part where I chime in about how dumb Halloween is? I think I'll leave that to other cookie-cutter sites and just enjoy the festivities on my own. New Soapbox, entitled "Roots and Reintegration". Now I SERIOUSLY have more time to write...
10M/29D/99Y: "Gay panic" is such a pathetic defense. What's more sad? Using psychological distress as an excuse for a terrible crime, or lying that you were molested as a child just to argue your innocence? If these guys were trying to assert their manhood, maybe they should step up and take responsibility for the fact that they KILLED someone.
10M/28D/99Y: Is it just me, or do a lot of articles these days contain "Dutch tulip mania" and "South Sea bubble"? Salon has a good article about how the dot-com generation is ruining San Francisco. In my line of work, I'm surrounded by pretentious, spoiled, bull market kiddies who throw their overvalued salaries at net stocks and get even more money back. Arguably, I'm one of them. At least I'm concerned, and do my research. At least I despise the whole culture already. I disconnected myself from it years ago. Bill Fleckenstein, militant bear, had something funny to say: "The red-hot index was none other than the bank stock index, up about 6 percent in the early going, which was about where it closed. Maybe all of these financial stocks should merge and we'll have one company. We can call it the Intergalactic, Integrated Financial Supermarket." One of his big things is how all this "new era" talk is just complacency and blindness encountered just before crashes in years long past. I don't know, but maybe it's just smart to be dumb right now.
10M/27D/99Y: Fight Club proves how amazing Brad Pitt and David Fincher are together. Few movies I've seen have so much attitude. I loved it. In other news, I stopped working to concentrate on school. I've been smiling all day.
10M/21D/99Y: Excuse me, but WHY did we ever trade Rafael Palmeiro away in the first place?? THANK you for saying what fans have been saying for years. "Telling each individual man to 'Suck it up' is not particularly helpful, to say the least." Yeah! People never stop to think about what's been happening to the male psyche.
10M/18D/99Y: Friday's Harsh Realm was actually an improvement and, dare I say it, fun to watch. Wow. Now, if only the Red Sox and Mets could stage momentous comebacks and make the World Series at least mildly interesting...
10M/14D/99Y: Correlation between Dow in 1929 and in 1999. This article states, "The most bearish analysts point to similarities between today's environment and the 1929 and 1987 pre-crash periods, and note that in both of those years, stocks crashed exactly 55 days after the Dow hit a peak. This year, as in 1987, the 55th day after the peak would be Oct. 19 -- next Tuesday." It qualifies this by saying, "Many analysts note that interest rates were far higher in 1987. Moreover, the reasons for the market's crash in that year ... had much to do with portfolio managers' computerized selling that snowballed." Apple crushed earnings estimates today. While people may see this as positive, Apple already warned a few weeks ago or so that it wouldn't meet earlier estimates, so estimates were revised downwards. Will short-term memory prolong complacency? Apple, yet another victim to plunging breadth. The moment of truth is coming...will the bulls manage to defend their ground?
10M/13D/99Y: Yes, it IS October. Did you forget? Uh oh.
10M/12D/99Y: It's 6AM. Here's a bitchy review of Harsh Realm, Chris Carter's latest, á la the reviewers attacked in September 26th's 'Box. Need another reason why the Internet is so cool? It lets you get programs like Virtual TurnTable, which is da shit! Mix songs (even in MP3 format) together seamlessly and without blips, slow/speed up tempo, fade in/out, anything you need to put together a DJ mix. My roommate actually used this program to DJ a party, and he brought the house down... One of the best programs to come out in a LONG time. Also cool is this normalization plugin for WinAmp (AND Virtual TurnTable, since it can use WinAmp plugins). It will normalize the volume of all your tracks, for tracks that were encoded at too high or too low a volume. Also, you don't need to worry about adjusting the volume while you're busy DJ'ing. I love the 'Net. I want to have its baby. (to borrow from AmeriTrade's latest commercial)
10M/10D/99Y: New 'Box, sure to garner e-mails from people who don't give a shit and rarely communicate except for those rare times when they're worried they're the ones being referred to. Funny stuff... What's with the Rangers? They play like little girls whenever they meet up with the Yanks. Perhaps you've read this: Unplugged! The Biggest Hack in History. There's something scary about this list and I think it's how many votes there are total... She always makes me happy. Perhaps some first impressions on Harsh Realm soon.
10M/08D/99Y: CNBC.com has a nice audio feed of the popular financial channel... Work is overrunning my life right now, leaving no time for anything fairly worthwhile. Sorry. Soapboxes are forthcoming... Scottie was traded by the Rockets and the big bald loser Barkley, and the Rangers are folding completely against the Yankees. Sad, sad, sad.
10M/03D/99Y: I was skeptical going in, since people were saying it was "very good", but American Beauty was an amazing film. I was pleasantly surprised, and quite satisfied after seeing it. Spacey refines his role as ultimate badass of Hollywood. Oh, and by the way, at benturner.com, we're wishing for a Christmas of love, baby, yeah! That's all I want under my tree.
10M/01D/99Y: I am SO glad September is over with. The final day of the month tried its best to kill me. No dice, though, Chumpy.
09M/28D/99Y: Now all the market analysts are bearish. Ugh. Changing with the wind! At least I was right about the Sept. 10th update. Two Soapboxes have been posted: one on clichéd reviews, the other on bandwidth. Some cool sites: The Hunger Site, offering donated food for each daily click you submit; yugop.com, an awesome Flash site currently making its rounds through the web designer community (ooh, look, they move and flash!); 32-bit URLs, an oldie but goodie. Don't forget that you can also reach benturner.com at http://3484428550/.
09M/21D/99Y: Aww, poor Time Warner! One day, these digital monopolies will be crushed, and I will rejoice. I've been collecting ideas for Soapboxes -- just need to find time to write them. Apple is getting thrashed in after hours trading after posting an earnings warning. 3dfx got thrashed for an inside quote saying their next product won't come out for the Christmas season. And where's Intel's new .18 micron 64-bit chips? Come on guys, release stuff ON TIME. Check it out! $5000 Swiss banking accounts! I like the second to last paragraph, stating the SEC will block online trading using these accounts. Damn! ;)
09M/11D/99Y: YAHOO! Andre Agassi and Todd Martin reach the finals of the US Open, and Serena Williams beats Martina Hingis in straight sets to win the championship!! My predictions were wrong, but this is even better! What a great year for tennis! Let's hear Hingis's retort now.
09M/10D/99Y: If I know anything about the market at all, the market will reverse next week. Now it will continue to break new highs, making me look like a fool. At any rate, the 200th Soapbox has been posted.
09M/09D/99Y: Didn't want to post the latest Soapbox yet, but since it's late and I can't write one tonight, I'll just throw up this one, which is just a short afterword written by Ray Bradbury for Fahrenheit 451. The reason I wanted to wait to post the 'Boxes was because the next Soapbox will be my 200th!! Woohoo! That's 200 weeks of blood, sweat, and tears. It makes me sniffly to think about it. Check out this Star Wars theory. And what's up with Chris Carter's new show, Harsh Realm? Can it possibly fill Millennium's shoes?
09M/03D/99Y: I predicted that the US Open would have no surprises, with Davenport and Sampras looking strong going into the tournament. But then Pete gets injured! That bites. Now some hack is going to win. I don't know if Rafter or Agassi can seize the opportunity. This article has been going around today -- possible link between Microsoft and the NSA, for crypto purposes?
08M/31D/99Y: As usual for this time of the year, I've dropped off the face of the earth, much to the chagrin of my Soapbox. My senior year started last week and Southwestern Bell has once again bungled up the phone line installations. Combine that with gaming, working, clubbing, and trading, and this is one little neglected site. Sorry. Fun stuff: the iBrator, Old Man Murray's Asheron's Call beta testing log.
08M/15D/99Y: This article on the Internet Auditing Project demands your attention. Of particular interest are both the IDDN idea proposal and the description of one of the hacking attempts they received in the process of their work. Very fucking cool. I spooge. Rest.
08M/14D/99Y: RHAT was EXCEEDINGLY strong, posting three big up days. I suppose it helps if there's a lot of fresh money (from computer geeks) and also an upswinging market. I wish I had the guts to buy $30 ago! New Soapbox on what games I'd like to see. Funny stuff: mullet categorization. Summer's almost over, and I'm happy with what I've accomplished! Well, okay, that's not ENTIRELY true...
08M/08D/99Y: My father, Frederick Turner, has a bunch of new books coming out soon. Hadean Eclogues (a collection of poems, many of which I've read and enjoyed -- it's like a blend between modern everyday life and the near untouchable styles of poets like Wordsworth and P. Shelley) and Biopoetics: Evolutionary Explorations in the Arts are both already out, via Amazon.com (he's listed as "Frederick Turner"). I can't link to the search results there because Amazon.com doesn't allow it. Pretty dumb of them, huh?

Coming soon: Shakespeare's Twenty-First Century Economics: The Morality of Love and Money as well as The Iron Blue Vault (a collection of poems by Attila Jozsef translated with the help of his colleague Zsuzsanna Ozsvath). Fred's so p1mp, is he not? ;) I also need to update Fred's web site.
08M/07D/99Y: Soapbox on governments versus the Internet and crypto. I've almost finished Mary Freeman's site (just a couple more things to add), so go visit it and write her to say hello!
07M/30D/99Y: Week July 18th's Soapbox reports Ben Turner's (NYSE: FUQD) thoughts on Red Hat's upcoming IPO and how the stock market and open source advocates are hitting it off just SO well!
07M/26D/99Y: 'Box for the week of July 25th. Got a Xentor TNT2 Ultra and have been tweaking it to make sure it won't overheat or anything. I set up dual monitors. First major test of it is tomorrow. I had problems at first, but discovered the "Init video" setting in the BIOS, allowing me to specify AGP as my primary video slot. For anyone wishing to try out multiple monitors in Windows, read this page on some technical issues of multiple monitors. It answered some of the questions I wasn't able to find anywhere else on the 'Net.
07M/22D/99Y: Soapbox for the week of July 11th. Running a little behind; bear with me. Watch Steve Jobs's Apple keynote speech -- Jobs is always worth watching. Where's the QuickTime version of the footage?
07M/15D/99Y: What I am listening to: Atari Teenage Riot's 60 Second Wipeout, 187's When Worlds Collide. What I am playing: Hidden & Dangerous, Kingpin. What I am reading: Contrary Investing by Band, On the Genealogy of Morals by Nietzsche (STILL). What I am working on: summer courses, Mary Freeman's The Muse, The Official Austin Powers Collector's Club. Women I am loving: Anna. Yes, that's right.
07M/10D/99Y: Got my 19" monitor today. UPS was kind enough to leave it out on the doorstep in the heat so anyone could've stolen it had they been so fortunate. Monitor had no problems being detected and all I had to do was get the small driver file off Hitachi's site to get the newest driver and I was in business. This monitor is truly a joy to have! Running full-screen video on it is amazing. If you buy a monitor, I would STRONGLY recommend you get at least a 19"... Link of the day is the CAP Alert review of South Park, done by a site that reviews movies for content that is dangerous to kids and blasphemous to God. When you're done laughing, go to the table of contents and read their other movie reviews. Hands-down, it's one of the funniest things I've read in awhile.
07M/08D/99Y: I have this to say in this week's Soapbox. You know, just when I plug David Brin, he goes all pissy and seeks to milk Star Wars for exposure: see what he wrote for Salon.com (yes, I know it's an old link, but I didn't get around to posting it until now). Is Brin just an unfunny, stuck-up version of Weird Al, looking to catch the next wave? I ordered a 19" Hitachi 751 monitor. Ooh, baby... It's gonna be shweet! And I'm vying for a dual monitor setup, too. Finally, this hilarious link courtesy of Cameron Barrett: old people suck.
06M/27D/99Y: Hmm, I'd best not get behind on Soapboxes again... A new one posted, "On Relationships with Women". Ooh...steamy, sexy, intriguing! I'd still rather you read the Soapbox on my bid to make it onto next season's "The Real World" though. :p The Trader's Toolbox has tons of useful links for learning more about the market...
06M/23D/99Y: Where am I? I'm working. Getting plenty of projects to work on, which keeps me busy. And right now, I need that focus to keep from being distracted. The Phantom Menace is now #24 on the inflation-adjusted top 100 grossing movies list. Amazing, given the short time it's been out, and considering most of the movies at the top of the list have been re-released in theatres. I've still only seen it once. Review Finder was invaluable for helping me find reviews on scanners. Use it!
06M/19D/99Y: San Antonio Spurs looking for the sweep, Dallas Stars trying to close the series out tonight, Texas Rangers in first place, Wimbledon starts Monday. Whee! I finally got a scanner, a dirt-cheap USB Microtek C6 from Buycomp.com. Works great so far, for $85. And BuyComp.com has a distribution center near here so even UPS ground shipments arrive overnight. Cool... ;) Realization: it's scary having everyone you know, from parents to friends to employers, all reading your site. I guess I shouldn't say anything bad about anyone now. ;) Uh, not that I was going to...
06M/14D/99Y: Got my ass in gear and wrote the 'Box for May 23rd. It expresses my thoughts on David Brin's The Transparent Society. (didn't I start reading that six months ago or something?) Anyway... If you'd like to see me on "The Real World" (I'm trying to drum up interest, and no one cares :P), visit the Soapbox link below and then e-mail me with your thoughts! Final link: Japanese game title generator. "Super Panty Kitten Ramen"! Heh.
06M/10D/99Y: Soapbox for the week of June 6th: I want to be on "The Real World"! Don't hate me. Here's a compilation of movie video clips, for those who are interested in cramming their hard drives with poor-quality movie footage. :P NewGrounds.com has some fun Flash movies... (I like the opening riff)
06M/09D/99Y: Heh, just a sports update... The French Open this year was stellar: Steffi Graf beat bratty Hingis, Agassi completed a career Grand Slam (he's won on every surface...talk about an all-surface player), and the bulked-up Williams sisters beat bratty Hingis and looker Kournikova to win the women's doubles. Yay! I can't ask for better results than that! And seeing Hingis make a fool of herself...thank you. Graf's the true champ. I don't like the Spurs much, but I guess they'll win it all... I want the Pacers to beat the Knicks, even if the Knicks deserve it more this year. My picks at the beginning of the year weren't far off from the results: I picked Utah and Indiana, with favorites on the 76'ers, Knicks, and Lakers (with some reservations). Utah didn't win, AGAIN! Aww, too bad!
06M/07D/99Y: I apologize for the lack of updates. Been juggling hundreds of things in the air! I've almost gotten up enough energy to answer the 100 or so e-mails I have now... Do you use WinAmp? I think it's great that the 20-year-old author just made $80 million or whatever it was when AOL bought up his company, NullSoft. ShoutCast and WinAmp are both great products...I particularly like the variety of skins and plugins you can easily modify and change. One of the most bitchin' sites I've seen in awhile is this Matrix gear page. It has details about where to find the boots, sunglasses, and other attire worn by everyone's favorite freedom fighters in The Matrix. If you ask me, it was dumb for the Matrix folks NOT to release more memorabilia and clothing to go along with the movie premiere. Austin Powers, however, is not making the same mistake... ;)
05M/31D/99Y: May 30th Soapbox regarding a summer, 1999 update. Where's George? is a cool site, letting you track your dollar bills across the country (as long as a lot of people contribute to it). Desktops are cool, if done by designers. I never see my desktop, so I don't think about what it looks like too much... Both URLs pulled off CamWorld, which always has interesting links to visit. Don't bother getting that Beastie Boys WMA (Microsoft file format) music track. Blah, and the big music companies think they can push THAT format on us? I had to upgrade Media Player, install a new codec, and register my damn key just to play the song! Not to mention it crashed me a couple times. I will most certainly encode it to MP3 if anyone wants it...
05M/25D/99Y: The critics were dead wrong about Phantom Menace, in my opinion. Or perhaps they've become too jaded to enjoy it.
05M/24D/99Y: Soapbox for the week of May 2, "The Online Melting Pot". AustinPowers.com finally has a redesign. "An evil redesign?" "No, maybe like a more complete version of the promotional site." "An evil promotional site?" "YOU ALWAYS DO THAT!" Seth Green is the coolest... What else? Oh, yes, I'd like to thank @Home for the wonderful job they did screwing me over with tech support. At least there's this: 3:26AM CDT NSDQ100 JUN99 2130.00 +800.
05M/22D/99Y: Alright, the Matrox G400 MAX looks amazing. Check out the AGN review and the Sharky Extreme review. Two independent sources, both giving absolutely stellar ratings. Dual monitor support, 360MHz RAMDAC, bumpmapping (check out those Expendable screenshots!!), Direct3D performance that slaughters other cards. Only setback in my mind is the OpenGL performance. This baby has so much power on the chip, though, that its OpenGL scores SHOULD (if Matrox can just fix this one tiny thing, pleeeease) be up there with the other cards with a full OpenGL ICD, making it easily the best card available. This could be the card that is the clear winner in every way. I'm drooling. Photoshop is, too. Dual Head monitor support...ooh... Just the video card I'm looking for. Or at least, that's what these reviews lead me to believe. And you have to read those things with a grain of salt. Sigh...
05M/21D/99Y: Well hey. I'm back home in Dallas. Semester's over now. And guess what? I'm on a cable connection. I am no longer a digital bandwidth virgin. It's delightful. I read this little rant about how vital good spelling and grammar is to the health of our society. I never bought this argument, even though I make note of people who make few errors in their writing, simply because it's a bit sensationalist. Weeping for the future because of kids who make spelling mistakes? Come on...it's sad when a teacher of all people has no faith in students as a whole.
05M/17D/99Y: Soapbox for the week of May 16th. When it comes to violence, The Onion knows what's up.
05M/17D/99Y: People, get a virus scanner. And update regularly. Got the happy99.exe virus? Here's instructions to remove it. New Soapbox on the new 'threat' to entertainment. Finally, if you have a virus scanner like AVP, disable scanning for packed files and archives. I just found out that this was causing Q3Test to load maps slowly and also caused Netscape Navigator to load up Java applets verrrrrrry slowly. But now my system runs great. Miami Heat and Sacramento Kings, how could you guys lose? :( At least Iverson advanced to the next round, and Barkley was eliminated. Hahahaha.
05M/16D/99Y: No new Soapboxes for the moment... Swamped with stuff. Added another 128MB of RAM -- highly recommended if you're doing intensive work in apps like Photoshop. Anand points this out. Q3Test makes me want to go out and get a Hercules Dynamite TNT2 Ultra, just to run at high texture detail. Unsure about my timetable right now... I have e-mail that's getting older and older, and have Soapboxes that are piling up once again. Sorry. "Here, have a cookie. I guarantee you, by the time you finish it, you'll feel right as rain."
05M/09D/99Y: Okay, I'm back. Soapbox for the 9th, detailing my upcoming summer. The music collection has been updated, as has the resume. Other links: a pro-Linux Flash movie and a Neal Stephenson interview. This time tomorrow, will we be playing Q3Test on Win32? The world waits...
04M/27D/99Y: Soapbox for the 25th, on the reaction to the Littleton massacre. AOL shareholders, be happy! Here's the movie poster for James Bond: The World is Not Enough. I've said it before and I'll say it again. This is the year for cool movies.
04M/26D/99Y: Please pardon the lack of updates. End of school semester coming up, got a design project to wrap up, and I have a ton of fresh e-mail following the whole 'Trenchcoat Media' mess. Fresh content to come shortly.
04M/23D/99Y: Proving that any schmuck can get into the newspaper for saying anything, here is an article from the Dallas Morning News quoting me on the incident regarding my PESH pages. To those people who say that they can understand how people can go on a shooting rampage at a school if they've been picked on day after day by other people, I don't really know how to respond. I guess I'd have to say, yeah, bullying can cause you to go on murderous, sadistic rages...if you're INSANE. In other news, my Quake 2 clan won our opening match in another CTF tournament. Our clan, of course, is NOT full of psychotic killer mutants, but actually mostly married, financially successful men, one of which even just had a new child with his wife. I'm the youngest person in my clan, actually. Sorry to break the stereotypes.
04M/21D/99Y: If you're weird, you will find this cartoon site, Pokey the Penguin, immensely funny. If you're not, you won't. Don't ask me to explain this -- I don't understand it either...LOL.
04M/20D/99Y: Here's what happened, and I shit you not. Do you know about that Colorado school shooting? The shooters were purportedly part of a gang called the Trenchcoat Mafia. Well, on my "PESH site: why?" page, I have a reference to the "Trenchcoat Gang Mafia", which was a group of geeky, skanky AD&D players at my high school who wore trenchcoats (even in 100 degree Dallas weather) to school. Completely unrelated! But get this: reporters from the NY Times, Time Magazine, and the San Francisco Examiner e-mailed me asking for any details! Plus 4656 hits this evening to the page in question, plus 30-40 e-mails from curious individuals. Insane The Soapbox for this week is my write-up of the events here at benturner.com regarding the Trenchcoat Gang Mafia. It's a bizarre tale unravelling during a time of the utmost gravity. I did not ask for this.
04M/17D/99Y: Soapbox for the week of March 28th. I am busy. In the meantime, read this ridiculous article about piracy. Ah, but it's only half the picture... I for one am looking forward to a possible NASDAQ run-up next week. Buy low and watch 'em fly!
04M/11D/99Y: Finally saw the Matrix. Unfuckingbelievable! Badass martial arts, story, acting, references, special effects, the works. Plus the Star Wars trailer. Are the movies awesome right now or not? The Matrix was intelligent, and I appreciate that from an action movie. Shades of T2, the supreme movie, anyone? Soundtrack is cool, but has old singles on it...nothing for me to scalp. :/ More Soapboxes coming soon. Recovering from a slew of exams, projects, work, and my first week of trading.
04M/04D/99Y: Soapbox for the week of March 21st.
04M/02D/99Y: Soapbox for the week of April 4th, a little early. The topic? Dating and the idiocy of it all. Know who Jamie Zawinski is? He's one of the main guys who helped start Netscape and, later, the Mozilla Project. He says in his "resignation and postmortem" that he's quitting Mozilla. Granted, this was posted the night before April Fool's, so there is a slim possibility it is fake, but it's still worth reading. He's one of the good guys.
03M/31D/99Y: Am I the only one who's already tired of reading about how Linux should be used by anyone and everyone? (Neal Stephenson barely avoided falling into this trap) Sure, Win9x is buggy as Hell, but people like me still use it because we can get whatever we want for it. Besides, most people I know, young and old, haven't even bought the software they use. About the only thing they "bought" was what came with their computers. Needless to say, Linux WILL change OS's and software, but let's be realistic here...it's about as useful (right now) to most users as the Mac is to gamers (right now). Let's see some software.
03M/28D/99Y: Venus Williams vs. Serena Williams in the Lipton women's tennis finals...excellent! And Anna Kournikova, the other young tennis phenom, said she was much better than the Williams sisters in an interview a long time ago...hah. Something nice to think about, considering the anti-American sentiment growing because of the Kosovo situation... My opinion? Let Europe take care of it, since that's what they want. Sheesh. "Protesters tossed stones and eggs at the building, burned American flags and lit fires in the streets. The crowd shouted 'Clinton, fascist murderer' and 'Down with imperialism' as they gave Nazi-style salutes." Feel the love!
03M/26D/99Y: Soapbox for the week of March the 14th, calling for consumer education using the Internet.
03M/23D/99Y: Apologies for lack of updates. Who ever said both translating Herodotus and reading about mutual funds wasn't interesting? They are at least both quite time-consuming. By the way, you DO know the Kingpin demo (110MB) is out, right? No, not bowling; profanity, brutal violence, and see-through shirts worn by hookers. Tasteless, but also a solid game, FPS-style. And that's what we lurrve...
03M/16D/99Y: Soapbox for the week of February 28th, regarding something nice for me to think about. Recommended listening: NIN: "Terrible Lies", Lauryn Hill: "Doo Wop", Guns 'n' Roses: "November Rain", Portishead: "Only You", Hooverphonic: "Shake the Disease".
03M/14D/99Y: You know, with the Matrix, Austin Powers 2, Star Wars: Phantom Menace, and Eyes Wide Shut, this will be one kickass year for movies. Especially considering the fact that it'll all end with some killer year 2000 parties. On Spring Break this week, by the way! A week of relaxation.
03M/11D/99Y: The second Star Wars trailer is out. (that site should be slow for a week or two) There's also a South Park parody of the first trailer available. Must it be so long until May?
03M/09D/99Y: Remember, kiddies: when the Y2K bug hits, it'll be the Apple advocates laughing. You know, instead of offering support or sympathy. They want the Mac to be the most popular and user-friendly computer on the market, yet they insult Apple's potential customers and make them feel unwanted. Just shoot yourselves in the feet, Glammy Boys. Such poor spokesmen for an otherwise improving system.
03M/06D/99Y: Soapbox about knowledge vs. opinion, and stupid e-mail I get. This so-called "Rapture" sounds promising -- perhaps I'll have some time away from humans for once.
03M/05D/99Y: Added Go!zilla to the recommended software area. Okay okay, I know it's an old program... Recommended listening: Cold Krush Cuts w/ DJ Krush & Coldcut & DJ Food, Sneaker Pimps' "Becoming Remixed", and Meat Beat Manifesto's "Actual Sounds + Voices". This site has some good Win9x tweaking tips, particularly in its vcache and .vxd fixes.
03M/01D/99Y: An alpha version of the Quake 3 Arena test hit the 'Net last night. First impressions? I like it. I feel like I have better movement and control. The players are larger and the weapons (albeit ugly at this point) feel nice to cycle through and use. id is definitely taking advantage of the freedom this multiplayer-only game gives them... Let's hope for more and more good news. In other Quake news, my clan, Nobody's Children, won our first-round playoff match in ShrubFest. Whoo!

in the past...
02M/28D/99Y: Feb. 21st Soapbox, "Web Design, Stagnation of". If you're in a relationship, ENJOY EVERY FUCKING MOMENT OF IT, FOR TOMORROW IT COULD BE OVER. Don't think it can't happen to you. No one up there is looking out for you.
02M/26D/99Y: Menander said, "hon hoi theoi philousin, apothnaiskei neos." He whom the gods love dies a young man.
02M/24D/99Y: It's funny how people often write to me only to share their good news. Why do they think I care? Beats me. Another thing I dislike: cute proverbs. Yes, they're cute, and yes, they're proverbs, but they're proverbs because we've heard them too many times already. Stop it. A random quote: "Heaven was theorized in order to create a higher, more enlightened self-interest."
02M/24D/99Y: "Heaven was theorized in order to create a higher, more enlightened self-interest."
02M/23D/99Y: January 10th Soapbox. I'm virtually caught up with the Soapboxes now. At least that's something...
02M/22D/99Y: Soapbox for week of January 31st, '99. Not really in the mood for much else right now.
02M/15D/99Y: This week's Soapbox discusses the return of the National Basketball Association.
02M/14D/99Y: For those of you who enjoy it, enjoy it, and for those of you who hate it, hate it. Here at benturner.com, we love it, and we love Anna, so that front page is for you, sweetheart.
02M/12D/99Y: What will the 100 Senators do now? Actual work? Maybe the conservatives will join up with all the people who like to moan about how materialistic Valentine's Day has become -- that would be even MORE annoying than the whole Clinton thing. "How can you spend just one day treating someone special...when there are starving children in Africa?" Augh, I think my head's going to explode!
02M/11D/99Y: I wrote up a quick Soapbox for the week of January 24th, a bitchfest regarding high bandwidth connections like DSL and cable and how they're not as accessible as everyone makes them out to be. Chiefly using anecdotal evidence, this 'Box is sufficiently objective, I promise...
02M/08D/99Y: Whoo, did you see it? The X-Files does still indeed rock. But Millennium rocks harder. Tidbit for the day: Slashdot.org's discussion of a consulting firm's report on possible Y2K problems on the MacOS -- turns out the complications could only exist if the author of a program wrote shoddy code. But people jumped all over this one! In light of Apple's HAL commercial during the Superbowl, someone mentioned in a thread that each letter in HAL (of 2001 fame) is one less than that of IBM. Maybe this is common knowledge to fans of the movie, I don't know. Remember when IBM was the big boss and Microsoft was just a fledgling?
02M/07D/99Y: 'Box for December 27th, which means I can finally close the door on my Soapboxes for 1998. It details my experiences with a one-car accident. Did you know Lycos has a fast MP3 search engine? Why must basketball be so fun to watch? Urge...to resist watching...fading...
02M/06D/99Y: New 10GB HDD. Yay! Next week's 'Box is, well, de vita morteque, about life and death, and the sacrifices one must make to come to a greater understanding about his world and himself. I left this out earlier -- just wanted to give a front page thank you to all those who have produced Robin Hood web sites out there on the Web -- there's now tons of RH info online, thanks to you guys!
02M/03D/99Y: School + work equal <=4 hours of sleep every night. Music-on-demand? Good luck, you fucking record label leeches. Just protecting the artists from MP3s are you? Riiiight. They're already being screwed -- by you. MP3s give artists the wealth of mindshare. And, as the computer industry has shown, that's crucial.
02M/02D/99Y: It's Groundhog's Day. I can legally drink now. But seeing as how I never do, it's kind of an anticlimax. Next year I'll probably be allowed to eat fish or something equally unexciting. Marilyn Manson is decent sometimes, but his site, marilynmanson.net, is definitely worth seeing and hearing. Eye candy. If you're from one of these sorts of web design companies that field high-paying artistic clients, hey, hire me...would ya?
02M/01D/99Y: I spent all weekend working on redesigning the Robin Hood section of my site, which has long been left untended. Tell me if you see any problems with it. I have a lot of thoughts on the Superbowl, including impressions of yet another alienating Apple commercial, the NFL's cruel commercials, and more. Haven't decided if they're worth sharing, or how to share them yet. Thanks to Adam for lending me a keyboard after I...did something stupid with my old one. (keyboards are like cats...) You should always keep a spare mouse and keyboard around, kids. Final note to the Quake clanmates: do you feel bad after rooting for Atlanta and Minnesota so heavily? Heh heh heh...
01M/29D/99Y: There's a rockin' N64 emulator out there that I managed to take a gander at... Mario 64 and Zelda 64 at 800x600 using Glide is beautiful, and the games are ported true to the originals. Very, very nice. Poor support, though. And not much of a possibility for improvement of the emulator itself, because of legal concerns. Still cool!
01M/27D/99Y: "Spring '99 Semester" is the Soapbox for January 17th, 1999. Webmast.com's new design is mine. Do you like it?
01M/27D/99Y: Sorry about no new Soapboxes. Got assigned to a project and was hit by a mountain of Greek homework. And now I'm four weeks behind again. I'm eager to write a lot, and to redesign my aging site, but I seriously have no time. Wish I got paid to work on this. :P Added some programs to my fave software section, including Ulead Utilities, TimeTrax, Web Washer, FlashFXP, Waterfall, Thief: The Dark Project, Catz, and Half-Life.
01M/26D/99Y: If you disagree with the U.S. & English military strikes on Iraq, please keep in mind that the diplomacy efforts have not fared very well, and that you should present alternatives instead of just criticizing U.S. action. While I don't like the fact that innocent people are dying, I also appreciate the difficulties which are involved in the diplomatic efforts. I read a good post yesterday, one that I need to pay more heed to myself, which said that if you're going to get up on your Soapbox and speak your mind, you better contribute a better solution or else you're just wasting everyone's time. By no means an original comment, but I think this should be kept in mind.
01M/26D/99Y: I received this e-mail in response to my letter of displeasure sent to the Archie Comics folks. See earlier news for the story. I'm happy that Veronica got to keep her domain, and that the guy at Archie Comics took the time to send an e-mail to me. In other news, Lance Arthur, a man I respect not only for his designs, but also for his writing abilities, wrote a kickass article on A List Apart, exclaiming that personal sites should be where web designers take risks and show off the newest technologies, since they won't be allowed to on clients' sites. (and this is, unfortunately, the way it is) Hell, Lance couldn't have said it any better! And as for A List Apart 2, its design is the first by Jeffrey Zeldman that I've really liked... It even uses my new favorite color, yellow-orange. ;)
01M/25D/99Y: System Shock 2's coming out soon, and it'll have cooperative LAN play...will be fun to try it on this snesty new network. New site-wide navigation panel added -- please notify me of any inconsistencies.
01M/23D/99Y: Good news; my roommate, the ever-enigmatic ChinaManDan, got our local network hooked up, finally. After rewiring a straight-through twisted pair cable into a crossover cable, we were happily DM'ing in Quake 2 with 7ms pings. School? Oh yes, right... That's for a Soapbox soon to come.
01M/22D/99Y: Too...hot...in apartment...cannot...work... "But it'll be fixed tomorrow!" I've decided to upload absolutely all the crazy stuff I've downloaded over the 'Net in the last few years to my FTP server at some point. Stay tuned -- some of it's hilarious, some of it's stupid, some of it's vulgar. Collected from various sources, so you probably haven't seen most of it. (or maybe you have, since some of it is old and has made its rounds by now) Meek, slow Internet peasants!
01M/21D/99Y: Veronica of Veronica.org gets to keep her domain name. Yay! Her father and she were pressured by the guy behind the Archie Comics site to give up the name. Later, he reconsidered (after a lot of angry e-mail and deliberation between the two parties, I'm sure). Also, Lyrics.ch, one of the most useful sites to me because of its database of music lyrics that can be searched through, was just raided by the Swiss cops. Go read about it by going to their site. Let's hope they return soon. Show your support!
01M/20D/99Y: December 20th's Soapbox, written late. It's just a few words on how information and humans have tipped the balance both of our sanity and of nature. Just when you thought things couldn't get worse, this happens.
01M/18D/99Y: In a catchup Soapbox for the week of October the 4th, Catherine Intoinette has her own problems to deal with, even if she is on her way to prosperity and financial security. That's all for today. Semester starts Tuesday.
01M/16D/99Y: Is it just my imagination, or did News.com's actual content start to suck immediately after their latest redesign? Or maybe it's just that their external links are so bad because other news sites haven't been posting anything good... Oh well, at least there's still SlashDot. News.com DID have this story, though, about yet another company claiming a domain is infringing on its trademark. Read the article and show your support for the individuals being attacked. How soon until BenTurner.com is given a cease-and-desist by scores of other angry Ben Turners? I apologize for that one, guys, and if there were a better way to categorize my domain, I would use it. I would be happy to post links to other Ben Turners' sites, to avoid any confusion and lost hits. Maybe even share the domain!
01M/14D/99Y: Decided to stay up really late so I could get another Soapbox off my belt. For the week of November the 8th, "Translating and the Meaning of Words". I think languages are important to learn, and this explains why. I suppose it says nothing new, particularly if you dig languages yourself and you read a lot of novels on the subject, and commentaries on them, but I wanted to throw some thoughts out there for the Hell of it. Enjoy. Installed my network card with only one hitch that I hope won't come back once I re-enable that serial port for my drawing pad at school. :P It's gonna be cool, a two-computer network with massive bandwidth potential, both connected to the 'Net via modems. Sigh sigh sigh.
01M/12D/99Y: Viewed this on my dad's G3 laptop. He just got a cable modem. Bastard. Such as it is, networking my computer with his for cable access is unlikely. Sigh. I fixed the signature at the bottom, by the way. Actually, I fixed it a long time ago, but I forgot to upload it. So that poor job of making the background black is now corrected. You know, that laptop has damn good resolution...I saw some details in graphics that I never noticed before...and I made them. :P
01M/12D/99Y: Okay, Digiweb fixed the domain. They didn't offer a free month of credit, though. Oh well. Sorry about the downtime today. Remember, http://www.digiweb.com/~infinity/ works in those situations. Other tips on the Find Ben page, which looks fugly, now that I think about it. I wrote a review of Thief: The Dark Project for the December 13 Soapbox. BuyComp sent me two 3Com 10/100 EtherLink XL cards and I only ordered one. Dumbasses. RMA forms, whee!
01M/11D/99Y: Yes, my domain isn't working right now, and I've asked my ISP to fix it... Here's for the best. Thanks, Mithrandir, for alerting me. I usually don't do this, but Jon Katz wrote a rallying article on MP3s and the music industry. Given my interest in the effects MP3s will have on the multi-billion dollar music industry (I wrote about MP3s in February of last year), I'm glad to see it's finally coming down to crunch time for the distributors. Open your eyes, fools...
01M/10D/99Y: Christmas is officially over for me, now that Anna has gone back home. :( Time to be productive again. The theme for this year's Soapboxes is re-evaluation, so that is the topic of my latest essay. I am now catching up with e-mail, the site, and everything else.
01M/06D/99Y: Thanks for the correction on the date, "certified". :) Anna's leaving soon...terrible... Gotta make sure we don't waste these last few days. Did you hear some of the NBA players answer questions about whether b-ball fans would come back to the game? Those fucking pompous assholes...I'm proud of the players who stepped up and told the star players how spoiled they are. The players don't care about fans, but that's understandable. We just don't have to like it. Needless to say, I'm still going to watch. Lessee...Steve Jobs did the smart thing and redistributed some of his attention into the computer gaming market -- it's about fucking time. I don't like Mac evangelists all that much, but I do love the high quality and innovation of Mac software and hardware (G3 is killer, Adobe and Macromedia products rule), and if they can give us some creative games (please?) to play, I'm all for it. But wanting the Mac to be the best gaming platform, Mr. Jobs? Not anytime soon. But everyone wins if Apple tries. Looks like it's the Mac users' day in the sun now. Enjoy it.
01M/02D/99Y: After finishing Thief, with Anna, I must say that that game (by Looking Glass, makers of such excellent games as System Shock and Ultima Underworld) is easily as good as Half-Life, but in different ways. It's about fucking time someone made a good thieving game, and if I could show you the Thief movie available on the Eidos demo CD, I certainly would. Best damn movie I've seen in awhile. More on Thief later. ;) For those who find electromigration and shit like that as the best reasons to pay $200-$300 more for a P2 processor over a Celeron, my C266 overclocked to 448MHz is running at 33 degrees Celsius, while the P133 overclocked to 150MHz in the living room is at 44 degrees Celsius. Granted, the Celeron has more fans in the case, but still...same architecture as a P2, on-die cache, better cooling. A P2 is actually less safe.


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