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news from 1996...
12M/31D/96Y: New Soapbox essay. Has Ben lost it?
12M/30D/96Y: My choices for the best software apps are now online. The picks are mainly for Windows95, but, like all good programs, some are available on multiple platforms.
12M/24D/96Y: Mr. Ben is getting so much done! Ain't you prouda him? My resume has been put online for your perusal. That leaves about ten trillion other projects to complete before I go back to Austin...
12M/23D/96Y: New Soapbox article dealing with the importance of the ritual. It's not a comprehensive look at rituals, of course, but it presents some interesting ideas for you to expand in your own mind.
12M/23D/96Y: Made a lot of little tiny tweaks as far as links go. I ran my site through Linkbot and found all the outdated links for all my pages. What a program! It costs $50 to register though.
12M/19D/96Y: A minor Christmas theme added. Enjoy.
12M/18D/96Y: Plenty of small updates on the Robin Hood (index.php, Who is Robin?) and on the music pages. Many local Dallas band links added. Long live Funland! Long live Dallas music!
12M/17D/96Y: I meet plenty of people through the 'Net and through real life. About the same ratio, actually. See what I've encountered so far.
12M/12D/96Y: While I should be doing other things, I decided instead to post a couple articles I enjoyed on the 'stuff I wish I had made' page. One is by Michael Kinsley, socialite, and the other is by my dad, Fred Turner, the technodweeb of the family. Heh. Disclaimer placed on the "Mendax Cavus" article on the 'stuff you wish you had made' page, since some people obviously have never read anything metaphorical before.
12M/9D/96Y: Added The Fresh Web Page to the links. New Soapbox essay, this one about misunderstanding. I've written an essay about Sierra On-Line's The Realm, arguing against paying the fifty dollars for its CD version. That's about it for today. Maybe I should study for finals now.
12M/7D/96Y: Simplified look for the main menu. It was just getting too cluttered, don't you agree? Mood patterns and expression of my theory of life pages added. As said before, software app list coming soon, as is a collection of zMUD settings. Oh yeah, fixed the Javascript on the main page. Forgot to comment out the code. *innocent*
12M/2D/96Y: Found a bug in the path for the random link script. It's been fixed and you can now visit random links from the links page. You're welcome. ;)
12M/1D/96Y: New article added to the Soapbox. It discusses why people feel the human imagination has stagnated and why people feel so nervous, so afraid of being idle.
12M/1D/96Y: Got back to UT today after going home for the holiday break. No studying was done at home -- I do not feel guilty. I shall now indulge myself in updating benturner.com every day in celebration of December. Be prepared for a Christmas update of this site in a couple weeks. Also be on the look out for a software app recommendation list and Xeus's Lab, an exercise in arrogance for an imaginary character in an online game.
11M/26D/96Y: benturner.com premieres. There's a new soapbox essay, this time dealing with the subject of words that can kill. Spicy, eh? Bring on the Pepto Bismol -- it may upset your stomach. Hey, write me if anything on the site's not working, 'kay? I may be a perfectionist, but I can't catch everything.
11M/24D/96Y: Stayed up late checking pages through various browsers. Spend this morning running pages through validators. Now for the Lynx test! I don't think I'll add many new graphics -- some of the newer pages look better with a pure textual look. I keep pushing myself to finish this thing, so I've been making updates on the other directories of benturner.com fairly quickly. I think I'm almost done, unless I want to redo some graphics or somesuch.
11M/20D/96Y: The "Stuff You Wish You Had Made" and "Stuff I Wish I Had Made" pages have been completed. They probably won't be updated all that often.
11M/15-18D/96Y: It's a damn good thing I don't have anything to study for. No hours have been wasted trying to complete this site so that I can premiere it. I'm excited about this one. Really I am. Been imagining a day when I knew enough to run a web site by myself. The front end of the site is being redone at the moment.
11M/14D/96Y: I bribed Internic and they registered benturner.com in two days! Amazing what a little cash will do for you on the side, eh? Now what will I do with this thing...?


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