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Some MUDs, particularly those based on the old ROM 2.3 source, do not have good support for being Away From Keyboard (AFK) or Away From Window (AFW).

The RobScript allows you to go AFK without using the MUD command 'afk' to do so. Supported in the RobScript is the saving of tells received while you are away. The script informs the person who sent the tell that you are away with a message and then records his message to a text file.

You can set your AFK status using the zMUD button "AFK on". When you go away, it records the time you left in your title. When you return, you just click the button again and the script asks you if you would like to load your previous title, enter a new one, load a random one, or whatever.

The script also outputs the contents of your saved message file and asks if you would like to delete the contents after reading.


There are some convenience buttons to go along with the right-click menu in zMUD. The "Invis on" button toggles whether you want to be invisible or not. Other speed buttons take care of simple commands which you may not want to type, like "score" and "who imm".

The right-click menu (right click on the screen) has some shortcuts for really lazy people.


Your character goes through a lot as he or she or it goes through the rounds on the MUD. Triggers and a good MUD client can get rid of these headaches by taking care of them for you.

Lose your weapon in battle by a disarm? zMUD will detect this and reequip for you. Lose link? zMUD will reconnect for you (provided that you allow it to automatically enter your name and password).

The RobScript also tracks whether you're sleeping or not, whether you can see or not, what your vital statistics (hp, mana, mv) are, and some other things. If you take advantage of this, you can do some cool stuff: for example, if you try to use a command while you can't see, your client will cancel the command and save you time.

If you're hungry or thirsty, you can automatically create and eat or drink food or water. If you don't have the creation spell group, you can configure the trigger to get something from your container to solve your problem.

Automatic sneaking for thieves and casting 'detect invis' when Someone says something is also in there.


The RobScript has color and font settings which I happen to prefer when I'm mudding. It enhances readability and cleanliness of the screen for me.

Alternative color support has also been added for those MUDs which have ridiculously complex color codes (like Stick in the Mud). Here are the colors:

Use these by typing `{W1}<text>. The curly braces are for expanding the variable.


There are examples in the RobScript which explain how to make actions be performed after specific amounts of time. As examples, there are triggers for different messages for each class on Stick in the Mud.


IRC has commands built in which MUDs usually do not. For example, 'ping', 'whois', and so on. zMUD can't do Internet-based networking commands unless it uses DDE to interact with other programs. But the RobScript does have some interesting commands to simulate IRC. You see, the benefit is that people can get information about you without your having to type it. This is particularly useful for generic info that a lot of people may ask.

These commands can have sensitive information so I have included support for security levels and user lists which require people to have clearance to access a command.

The 'addmember' command lets you add a member with his own individual password. This person can access any Autonomy-class command he wants (unless you modify it). 'Deletemember' removes the member.

The 'addsec' alias lets you add a member to a security level list. You determine which access level this person has and then you give him the password. Anyone on his security level has the same password, but he needs to be a member still to access the Autonomy-class commands at or below his security level.

'Deletesec' removes a user from the selected security level.


The RobScript has some specific number keys bound to perform certain actions on the MUD. For moving around, turn on Num Lock and use the numeric keys:

You can bind any sort of command to a key if you so wish it. Perhaps toggle AFK using F1? Up to you.


By clicking the "Prac on" button, you can enable spell practicing. Anything, from Stick in the Mud, suggested this one for inclusion in the RobScript.

What skill/spell practicing does is allow you to automatically cast spells at fixed intervals in order to practice and hopefully increase your proficiency. You can select which spells you want to cast and which skills you want to use from a listbox. You then select the interval for how long between each skill is used and each spell is practiced (since skills don't delay after use like spells do). If you run out of mana, click the button. When you're ready, you can resume your previous practice session.


The RobScript contains a decent list of paths to get to specific areas. They serve as examples for adding your own paths.


Here is a list of some aliases which should be supported on more MUDs than they actually are.

For more information on how to use aliases and how to determine script aliases from user aliases, please read the alias help section.

acid <target> & disp <target>

'Acid' and 'disp' cast the acid blast and dispel magic spells, respectively. Little shortcuts for casting frequently-used spells can help deter Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. ;)

bulk <quantity> <merchandise>

'Bulk' buys items in bulk, and even though you can use the zMUD command #x (where x is a variable number of your choice) to repeat a command a specific amount of times, 'bulk' is a good example of how to make a convenient alias.


'cs' was an idea sent in by Stasis. In fact, he made most of it himself. It was added to for the RobScripts. It brings up a listbox of all the spells for you to cast at once. You can also use this alias by right-clicking on the MUD screen and selecting 'Cast Spell'.

door <name of door>

'Door' is an alias set up to handle any specific sort of door you may encounter. Use the alias on a door and a listbox of actions you can perform on the door will pop up. Select the ones you like and you're done.

explode <optional target>

You can't add your own socials on a MUD unless the IMPlementors choose to. Well 'explode' is an example social for you to use as a template for creating your own.

ignore <target> & listen <target>

Most MUDs don't allow you to ignore specific people on the MUD. If you're being harassed, the best thing you can do is turn off all your channels and hide.

You can gag input from specific people with the RobScript. If you decide you want to hear from that person again, 'listen' to him.


'Leave' is an example of a silly message to output before recalling. You can change this as an exit message for normal movement, if you like.


All 'spellup' does is cast your favorite pre-battle spells all at once so you don't have to belabor yourself by typing it all out. The list is of course easy to change and update as you get better spells.

robscripttell <message>

Kind of stuck with the channels the IMPs decide are appropriate, eh? Create your own channel by adding users (use the 'addrobscript' alias to add a user to the channel) and then using the 'robscripttell' alias to send your message to the people you have on your list. 'Deleterobscript' removes the member.

The channel relies on the fact that the people contributing are capable of responding in a like manner, preferably through zMUD. It is a cheap hack for a channel, but it's the best one can do through scripts. Besides, it keeps the content just amongst those who are interested.

Of course change the name and all references to that name instead of using the RobScript channel. It is merely a case example.

trash <object in inventory>

'Trash' will sacrifice and drop any item in your inventory at the same time. A small overlooked command by the ROM author.



If you have any corrections or additions, e-mail Rob. If you want specifics, please consult the other pages on site for information.

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