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The FAQ serves as a guide for the most common questions people are likely to ask when trying to use the RobScript.

What are some known issues with the RobScript?

Because of the way the scripts are parsed by the MUD and by the zMUD client, there are going to be plenty of flaws. The main flaw is lag -- sometimes if you set a delay in your triggers or aliases, your original command may not have made it to the MUD yet so your script will work wrong. As an example, the script takes down the server time with a delay, so it can read the output of the 'time' command and save the time to variables. If you're lagging, the output may not be processed before zMUD continues. Be aware of using #WAIT and its problems.

The ^[Hit ENTER to continue] trigger can insert extra carriage returns (extra lines) if you turn "Verbatim" off under the trigger's options.

Why am I getting extra line breaks/carriage returns?

This is addressed in the known issues, answered above. The reason you're getting extra carriage returns is because of the trigger ^[Hit ENTER to continue]. You've probably unchecked the setting "Verbatim" under Options for the trigger. Check it again and you should be fine.

Which aliases can I use and which does the script use?

If you click on the Aliases button and look at each individual alias I've created, it should have "#NOOP Script" or "#NOOP User" or "#NOOP Script or User". What this means is that aliases which are used only by the script are marked as Script. Aliases only you use are marked as User. Aliases which can be used as both are marked "Script or User".

I did this for your own information when you wanted to add or remove aliases or whatever. Didn't want you trying aliases which don't work independentally, either.

How do I set up the file settings for my character?

This is perhaps one of the most confusing aspects of setting up the script, partially, I think, because zMUD is buggy here. I've often have changes I made not show up when I tried them out because for some reason, zMUD didn't save.

When you extract the RobScript from its self-extracting executable, extract to your zMUD directory for starters. Leave your script file (rsx.mud) there too. Copy the rsx.mud file to your player's directory (mine would be ManaMan) and use it as the inherited settings. Use your character's settings file (mine is manaman.mud) as your primary settings. The difference between inherited and primary is that only the primary settings are changed when you edit your character's settings. That is, the inherited settings never change because the only way they are ever used is picked up by the primary settings file. See below:

[ screenshot of how the menu should look ]

If you edit your settings and you somehow screw up, you can narrow down where to look by ruling out the inherited files and only looking at your primary files, because they're the only ones you can edit. Save a backup of your primary settings file periodically for safety in case something happens to it.

How do I set up the script? It's confusing.

After extracting to your zMUD directory and setting up your player's entry in the character database, as discussed above, there are some more steps needed.

Unfortunately this is necessary since the way the zMUD client works doesn't make it easy for first-time customization.

Under the General settings, uncheck the eval [] box. Turn Strip " quotes on. There is a screenshot of how your General settings should look, available.

Now edit the special characters. Since the script is written using the special characters I chose, there's little flexibility with these. However, the characters Zugg chose were not good for ROM-style MUDs, since the ; separator character in particular is also used for the immortal channel on Stick in the Mud. I've changed all the characters to less likely used ones for your convenience. Here is how the characters should look:

[ screenshot of special characters ]

Your buttons won't show, by default. You need to go to the Actions -> Make Button... menu and select the Location tab. Set the location of the buttons to anything except "None". I personally prefer my buttons at the top of the screen.

Go to your Variable list and delete the "Rob" variable. Go to the "Tester" and "Member" variables and remove the name "Rob" from them. This was put in as a testing value for the variables, but it needs to be removed for security purposes.

After all that, type the word "configure" into your zMUD prompt and it'll bring up an alias which configures your script to you. Just follow the instructions! That's it! You're ready to go!


If you have any corrections or additions, e-mail Rob. If you want specifics, please consult the other pages on site for information.

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